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Welcome, you are here because you eat and breathe music like us. This is why we created a website which is dedicated to all types of music. The amount of music available online is increasing as we speak. It is great that each day several artists come up with hundreds of music numbers.

While this means that we get to listen to versatile music, it can also mean that some great music may get lost in the crowd. If that happens, then it is a loss for the cause of good music. To ensure that it doesn’t happen we try our best to keep track of the latest releases.

It could be MP3s, DJ tracks, Jazz, Pop, Ragae, EDM or any music genre, we aim to cover all the new releases. You can listen to the songs and even rate them. This ensures that the list is unbiased and user-driven. We will not give an order to the list, it will be updated weekly and will be in the order of their release dates.

We also allow you to download and store the songs locally, but this would be at a premium cost because each of the songs would have copyrights and cannot be sold for free. While we try our test to check all the latest releases and update our list, there are high chances that we miss songs because hundreds of songs are released every day.

This is why you can submit songs on our website, before you do this please search our site and submit the song only if it is missing otherwise your submission may be rejected by our moderation team. We hope that you will help us in discovering all the talented artists and play a role in popularizing songs which otherwise wouldn’t be a hit.