Best DJ Turntables 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Monster GO 2. Pioneer DJ 3. Pioneer CDJ-2000-NXS
Monster GO DJ Portable Mixer Digital Turntable with LCD Touch Screen Best DJ Turntables Pioneer DJ Direct Drive DJ Turntable, 10.80 x 18.60 x 22.30 (PLX-1000) Pioneer Digital DJ Turntable Black 10.50X19.9X15.90 CDJ-2000-NXS

The digitalization of music has lead musicians to use their laptops and other tech devices for sound mixing and production. However, nothing can beat the feeling of scratching and turning the vinyl discs with your own hands to create good music. Fortunately, there are many out there who still believe in the ability of a turntable and to scratch and mix using ears.

Hence, a lot of the young DJ’s are falling back on turntables to enhance their technical skills as a DJ. The best DJ turntable is the basic equipment for all sorts of young DJs; be it professionals or beginners. There are now a very few who use CDJs and traditional DJ mixers because turntables are one of the best devices to use for scratching and mixing.


Why Are Dj Turntables Important?

A turntable allows a DJ to exert full control over the music he or she wants to mix and scratch. It is also good for sound manipulations, beat-matching and beat juggling to create mesmerizing sounds. There can be no replacement for the amazing feel that a DJ gets from playing Vinyl records on a turntable to a group of music enthusiasts.

How Does Turntablism Work?

Turntablism involves manipulation of sounds and the creation of new music, different beats, creative and sundry sound effects usually by employing two or more turntables plus a crossfader equipped DJ mixer. A turntablist manipulates records on a turntable by moving the record using their hands or by moving the platter to stop, tone down, speed up, or turn the record backwards. Generally, turntablists prefer using two or more turntables with headphones to prompt desired beginning points on different records.

Scratching and scrubbing are two most important skills of a DJ. Scratching is a skill which is honed through a lot of practice and professional DJ’s engage in several competitions to showcase complex scratching techniques.

In this article, we will be giving a lot of important information with regards to the best DJ turntables. So if you are a beginner and want to get into this field then please keep reading because till now we have only discussed the basics, there is a lot more to turntablism.

In this guide, we have not only compiled our recommendations for some of the best DJ turntables for beginners but also highlighted a number of crucial factors to be considered before shortlisting a model. We have also included information on some other crucial DJ equipment.

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Dj Turntable 

In this section, we have explained certain factors that you should look at before buying the best DJ turntable. Buying a turntable is no simple task. You would be spending a considerable amount of money and you have to make sure the one you select is perfectly suited for you. Sometimes it may happen that you have spent a huge sum to buy the best DJ turntable manufactured by one of the best brands, but when you start using the product regularly you realize that it is not able to meet your requirements.

Therefore it is always good to read up as much as you can about what you are about to buy and then crack the best deal. Here are a few factors which you need to keep in mind before browsing online shopping sites or stopping by a huge electronics retail store:

1. Belt-drive Or Direct-drive Turntable For Scratching

Scratching involves a lot of back spinning and the traditional belt-drive turntables are not suited for such strenuous activity. A belt-drive works with an elastic belt subsuming the motor noise and vibration, so that it does not get transferred to the audio system. Belt-drive turntables have a slow startup time, which means that they take considerable amount of time to start plus scratching leads to wear and tear as well as subsequent damage of the belt.

Therefore, the general rule of thumb while buying turntables for scratching is to opt for direct-drive turntables. In a direct-drive turntable, the motor rolls at a steady RPM with a greater torque even when the DJ plays the record in reverse. It has a rod which is attached with the motor which holds the platter.

This allows for the platter to be systematic at holding pitch and imparts it with the ability to be spun backwards. These are easy to operate as well and for this reason, direct drive turntables are the best turntables for DJing as well as scratching.

However, many DJs prefer using belt-driven turntables because for them the latency from release to the required speed is not that big a problem.

2. Cartridge Of The Turntable

DJ turntables can have either of the two; a moving magnet cartridge or a moving coil cartridge fixed into it. The moving magnet cartridge is cheaper than the other one and is often marketed to deliver a similar kind of performance. However, if you demand sonic clarity, then moving coil cartridges are a better option for you. You just have to be prepared to spend a little more. Both these cartridges further have either of the 2 types of needles attached inside; spherical or elliptical.

Spherical needles are preferred because they offer better tracking and low chances of skipping. They have a low drag due to smaller contact area and thus it makes them more suitable for scratching. The only problem with spherical needles is that due to their lower contact area there is high record wear and less high-frequency response. In spite of this some of the best turntables for DJing usually come with spherical needles.

Elliptical needles offer larger contact area which leads to less pressure and hence less record wear. Due to its high contact area it offers better high-frequency response. However, you should know that it is more expensive to make and not as popular as its spherical counterpart because it is not quite suitable for scratching due to its higher drag.

3. Tonearm

This is an important part which helps to stabilize the cartridge while it slides across the album. Tonearms come in two different types; S-shaped and straight. The S-shaped ones are known to produce better sound while the other one is better for tracking. No matter what you choose, ensure that the tonearm is stiff, dependable, and light. Preferably go for tonearms built of materials like aluminum or carbon fiber.

4. Phono Preamp

This is a crucial feature that can enhance the signal produced by the turntable needle when it is in motion, so that the sound volume is low enough to be heard by a speaker. This is the reason why DJs prefer turntables with a built-in phono preamp. If you don’t want to buy built-in ones, you can buy an external preamp and attach it to your system.

As always, both these methods have their own pros and cons. Add-on preamps if aptly selected are known to be better in terms of sound quality. On the other hand, built-in phono preamps are much more affordable and avoids the hassle of setup or installation. Therefore, built in ones are recommended for beginners who do not want to spend much and are not familiar with the technicalities of attaching an external preamp.

5. Manual or Automatic Turntables

Yes, you have a choice in this too. Manual turntables require you to move the tonearms to a position you like and then switch on and off the device using your hands. On the other hand, if you use an automatic turntable, you will only need to push a few buttons and the tonearm will go to where it was last left off.

6. Torque

When choosing the best DJ turntable, torque is an important yet debatable factor. While there are some DJs who believe that higher torque helps to get back to normal faster, thereby causing very low distortion, others feel that a few milliseconds difference does not affect much or cause any problem as is generally thought. There is another advantage which a higher torque provides; that is that the platter speed will be less prone to external forces like stylus or a hand.

7. Pitch control

Not all turntables in the market offers pitch control even though many professionals claim that a pitch control is an important feature, necessary at times. While it is not essential for scratching, professionals use it for beat-matching. Hence, if you are a beginner, it is not that important a feature and you can purchase turntables without pitch control. However, it is always good to know everything about something you are planning to buy.

8. Make A Budget And Follow That

Before purchasing any kind of item which costs a couple hundred dollars, make sure that you first decide how much you are willing to pay for a desired product. So make a list of certain features you want and then short-list products based on that list, keeping in mind your initial budget.

Do not shop around for something that fits within your budget and needs, but is a compromise on quality. If you have a low budget then make sure you cut down on certain features and adjust your expectations accordingly, rather than compromising on quality.

9. Determine Your Purpose Or Your Intention Of Buying A Turntable

We recommend that you first consider where and how you are planning to use a turntable before buying the best DJ turntable. If you just want to learn scratching and beat mixing as a hobby then you may find a device which is optimized for said functions rather than buying something as expensive as a DJ turntable.

Your purpose will also determine whether you will need to buy just one turntable or more for your DJ setup because professionals generally need 2 turntables. So if you are thinking about professionally entering this field, you may have to buy two DJ turntables.

10. Find Out Which Features You Deem The Most Important

Some of the best DJ turntables for beginners are filled with different features; we suggest you to figure out the ones you really need. There are turntables with built-in USB connectivity so that you can easily transfer, convert, and archive your vinyl record collections. On the other hand, a model which has RCA allows you to comfortably sync it with different electronic devices.

Some people want to buy a turntable with a built-in light so that they can easily find the grooves in the vinyl they are playing. There are many other features which different DJ turntables offers and you need to be clear with regards to what you want in order to get a good deal.

These are the 10 some crucial factors which you need to keep in mind before purchasing any DJ turntable. So first of all make a budget, read up more on the different kinds of features offered by distinct brand models to get more detailed information. Figure out the features you want and then keep browsing online to find the model which best suits your needs and also fits your budget.

Keep in mind your purpose of purchase, tonearm requirements, cartridges, and phono preamp as these are some crucial factors. Now we move on to the next section of our guide where we will be listing some of the best DJ turntables available online as well as in retail stores.

Below we have listed some of the most popular DJ turntables available on popular sites like Amazon. Keep reading because in this section you will get detailed information on the models’ features and functions. One of these models may be the ideal one for you but you don’t have to limit yourself to this list only. You can search for similar models online and read up more about a model you like by visiting the manufacturer’s official website.

Top 20 Best DJ Turntables 2021

1. Monster GO DJ Portable Mixer Digital Turntable with LCD Touch Screen

Monster GO DJ Portable Mixer Digital Turntable with LCD Touch Screen Best DJ TurntablesThe first one on our list of best DJ turntables 2021 is a compact portable mixer by GO DJ. It is much more than a controller, it is actually an intuitive music production studio, which is accompanied by numerous features. The two touch-screens, allow you to cut, scratch, work EQ effects, trigger samples, as well as make edits with its attached sequencer.

Its internal and external memory is up to 2GB with extra 2TB SD cards. It offers general 320*240 resolution color display 2EA. It comes with internal Li-Polymer battery which allows you to play it for continuous 12 hours with a support sleep mode. It costs under $500 and is a great deal if you want maximum amount of features and portability.


2. Pioneer DJ Direct Drive DJ Turntable, 10.80 x 18.60 x 22.30 (PLX-1000)

Pioneer DJ Direct Drive DJ Turntable, 10.80 x 18.60 x 22.30 (PLX-1000)This model, by the renowned Pioneer brand, offers a quick start time in addition to a high torque direct drive motor. Remember the torque we discussed previously? Well it is an important feature and this model is a popular choice among professional DJs. This brand’s name is famous all over the world as the industry standard for media players, like their amazing CDJs and their groundbreaking DJM mixer series. Hence, there are a lot more expectations from every model that the company launches. The same goes for the PLX 1000.

This DJ turntable flaunts a smart modern black-brushed appearance with blue LEDs. It offers removable power, ground and RCA cables. This brand has been making improvements in its models since the beginning and thus PLX 1000 also comes with a few new and altered features like an improved multi-pitch control which allows you to change tempo +/-8, 16 or 50 at the press of a button. This model gives you the option of beat mixing between records which have greatly distinct tempos. If you are particularly a scratch DJ then there are a lot of intriguing performance techniques you can try on this turntable using the wide pitch range, invoking melodic pitch effects on test tone vinyl.


3. Pioneer Digital DJ Turntable Black 10.50X19.9X15.90 CDJ-2000-NXS

Pioneer Digital DJ Turntable Black 10.50X19.9X15.90 CDJ-2000-NXS

This is yet another model by Pioneer. One of the best features of this model is its Wi-Fi source connectivity allowing you to use an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any other android smartphone as a source. It comes with free rekordbox music management software. It has been redesigned and now includes a full 6.1 inch color LCD display with latest graphic user interface. Its performance functions include slip mode, quantize and active loop.

Other features it boasts are Beat sync, Wave Zoom and slip including certain advanced features like a selection screen interface for a more intuitive music search experience, higher visibility of the needle search pad, and better master tempo sound quality. It is the market’s first DJ player with wireless source capability as highlighted before. You can use different music sources from a SD memory card to USB thumb drive or a hard drive as a source . You can also use the brand’s rekordbox application to make playlists, loop or cue points, waveform analysis, and beat location settings, etc. Use the rekordbox music management software to be on the top of your game.


4. Technics SL-DZ1200 Digital TurnTable

Technics SL-DZ1200 Digital TurnTableThis is the world’s first direct-drive digital turntable. It gives you the feeling of spinning a vinyl on a classic turntable while at the same time working with digital formats like CD, MP3 and AAC. Technics have been producing other direct-drive turntables which were loved and accepted by many professionals in the field, but this latest model stands out due to some newly introduced features. The 10 inch platter it comes with replicates the feeling and sound of scratching and spinning albums but offers you the liberty and versatility to work with digital files on CD or SD memory cards.

It also offers a Vinyl sim feature which can take digital audio and impart it the analog sound which comes from a turntable so that whatever you play sounds just like an album. You can load up either a CD or a SD card with AAC or MP3 files and begin looping, matching, beat mixing, and scratching. This model can also store up to 50 sets or 10 cue points and within these sets you can set loops, effects, cue pads as well as auto functions which are then automatically called up every time you load the SD card. It is also equipped with 4 sample pads for editing and playing back recorded samples. Through this editing function you can also use the pads like a device to create new music.

There is also a huge display which is located on the center of the deck to indicate you BPM (beats per minute), remaining time, lost time, and other play data, etc. You can adjust the viewing angle so as to easily read under any conditions. The pitch control of this model is very effective and this is what makes it one of the best DJ turntables. The pitch lock allows you to alter the track tempo without influencing the pitch. There is also a free wheel function which allows you to spin the platter comfortably, similar to analog turntables. Digital outputs, that allow you to record your music to digital media, line out and headphone jack, are also a part of the set.


5. Reloop AMS-RP-8000 RP-8000 Advanced Hybrid Torque Turntable with Upper-Torque Direct Drive, Black

Reloop AMS-RP-8000 RP-8000 Advanced Hybrid Torque Turntable with Upper-Torque Direct Drive, BlackThis model, by Reloop, is built keeping in mind scratch DJs. It is equipped with a straight tone arm rather than S-shaped one. This straight shape helps to accurately track without skipping, making it an ideal shape for all the professional DJs in the field. The RP 8000S also offers features which you would usually find on a controller like a cue, sample, loop and slicer (all that are compatible with Serato DJ software). This deck comprises of a rotary encoder which enables you to skim through your software playlists, while using the deck with DVS timecode vinyl at the same time.

You can try a lot of new techniques with this deck, for example; it comes with a turntable link mode which enables you to attach up to four decks together using only one USB port on your laptop or computer. If you require a wide pitch control then this DJ turntable will deliver pitch ranges of ∓8, 16 and 50 percent plus a segment-style advanced display. This model also features a set of fully-customizable MIDI trigger buttons plus Serato Scratch Live mappings which allow you to use the turntable like your controller. The dual performance mode it flaunts, allows you to allocate trigger buttons for looping and cueing with the touch of a button.

You can also receive direct feedback on the BPM of your present track, which is a useful feature when performing smooth mixes for longer period of time. If you are trying to find a deck which suits your physical needs as well as vinyl and laptop DJing needs, then this model is an ideal one for you. It is especially made for intermediate users and therefore is mentioned on our list of top 20 best DJ turntables 2021.


6. Stanton ST.150 MKII Professional Direct Drive DJ Turntable

Stanton ST.150 MKII Professional Direct Drive DJ TurntableThis is one of the best turntables for DJing available on the market today. The ST150 model by Stanton has a different design altogether when it comes to its overall looks and technology. A lot of latest features are available on all top end DJ turntables by Stanton and certain characteristics have changed since the company was first formed. The Stanton ST150 is an apt example of that change which DJ turntables have been through in these few decades.

After Stanton introduced turntables with reverse buttons and dramatic pitch range shift, a lot of other brands started manufacturing products with similar features, but no other brand has ever been able to match the quality promised by trademark Stanton rounded buttons. The brand offers some of the bulkiest turntables on the market, weighing approximately 42 lbs per unit with standard navy blue panel and light grey buttons and switches.

Solidity is provided by the all-steel upper body and the huge lower portion so you don’t need to worry about the model’s durability. The model is built that way for damping and isolation purposes. This particular model also offers different pitch control ranges, up to 50 percent, 25 and the more standard 8 percent option. It also features an additional start or stop button located for optimal use in a battle mode situation and also distinct start or stop speed adjustment knobs.

The pop-up light it features is built for comfortable replacement. Other features include: internal grounding (so there is no need for unhandy earth-connecting pre-gig), a reverse play button, and a Stanton 680.V3 cartridge which is included within the whole set. This model is indeed the most solid as well as reliable device which is ideal for professional as well as intermediate DJs trying to find a heavyweight, high-level tool to master their craft.


7. Technics SL1200MLK2 TurnTable

Technics SL1200MLK2 TurnTableThis is yet another one of the best DJ turntables. It is an advanced model which allows you to play all your favorite LP records. It features a quartz locked direct-drive manual turntable with less mass tonearm (equal to 33 and 45 RPM). It also comes with all quartz-locked variable slide-type pitch control, fast startup, one fast braking, wow and flutter o.o1 percent WRMS, a pop-up stylus illuminator, and a strobe illuminator.

Additional features include a tonearm with vertical tracking angle adjustment and an aluminum based die cast cabinet. Please note that this model does not offer a cartridge. It is silver finished with clear cover and weighs about 31lbs. All these fabulous features make it one of the best DJ turntables but it costs a lot more than the previously mentioned turntables. Hence, if budget is not a deciding factor for you, this may be the best option for you.


8. Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB XP Direct-Drive Professional DJ Turntable (USB & Analog)

Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB XP Direct-Drive Professional DJ Turntable (USB & Analog)This is one of the most durable professional DJ turntables as it is specially designed to be used in clubs, touring and mobile DJ apps. If you are a music enthusiast and do not mind spending a couple hundred dollars, then you can play your favorite record collections at home using this turntable. It is sleek, classy, matte-black and silver in color, and can fit into any stereo music or home entertainment system. It features a built-in switchable photo-preamp which enables you to use it with a number of different receivers, powered speakers, or A/V components.

Additionally, this turntable has a USB output which allows you to directly connect it to a computer for easy LP to digital conversion. It promises to deliver great music reproduction even under the most challenging situations of professional use. It is equipped with three-phase motor for fast startup, unflinching speed stability, easy back-cueing, forward and reverse play, and a smooth operation system. It is designed to be easily used by beginners trying to get into this field.

It also features an S-shaped tonearm with adjustable tracking force plus anti-skid adjustment. It comes with AT-XP5 DJ phono cartridge which offers a distinct combination of high-fidelity performance and precise tracking capability. Extra features include a damped cast-aluminum platter with stroboscopic speed markings, slip mat, speed indicator, adjustable pitch control, dual start or stop buttons, detachable stylus target light, a hydraulically damped lift lever and a locking tonearm rest which helps to keep the cartridge in the desired position during transport or travel.


9. Denon DN-S3700 Direct Drive Turntable Media Player & Controller

Denon DN-S3700 Direct Drive Turntable Media Player & ControllerIt is one of the latest direct-drive turntables introduced by Denon. This media player cum controller is an amazing single-deck portable DJ instrument which offers a variety of unique features for great mixing and remixing capabilities. It flaunts a large 9 inch spinning platter design which allows you to scratch your CDs like you are spinning on vinyl. It also features an attached vinyl record for surface control by the brand’s high torque direct-drive motor.

This sleek and elegant design offers waveform display with multi-line text and icon support 3 hot stars. Additional features include quick loading slot-in drive, USB device hosting and midi interface control, internal 24 bit processing and USB audio, a DVS system, auto loop functionality as well as a manual loop functionality, deep pitch resolution, key adjust and time-code to control the scratching while live.


10. Reloop RP-7000 Quartz Driven DJ Turntable with Upper-Torque Direct Drive, Black

Reloop RP-7000 Quartz Driven DJ Turntable with Upper-Torque Direct Drive, BlackThis one is another great model by Reloop which is a DJ turntable par excellence. Its boxy metal design is quite similar to Technics SL-1200 series model, but this one has much more advanced features. Although not like the brand’s top range model RP8000, this one is instead rich in assignable MIDI controls and other unique features. The RP 7000 in short is the world’s most desired club-ready solution.

It is one of the best turntables for DJing because of its slight improvements, technically controlled pitch range, and different start and stops buttons which fulfill distinct purposes. The pitch range ranges from 8, 16 to 50 percent. The starting speed of the device is also adjustable making it ideal for beginners. You can choose any starting speed between 0.2 seconds to 6 seconds, which allows for more control of the direct-drive motor.

Other features include a reverse button, a pitch slider for more exact beat-mixing and matching, a quartz zero percent pitch lock, and a small safety lid around the on and off switch button to evade any accidental shutdown. It comes with two RCA sockets (with no earth) rather than hard-wired cables plus a switch between phono output levels and line ones. You can use this DJ turntable in combination with mixers which do not have phono inputs. To sum up, it is a durable, reliable, and a professional club turntable which offers great value for money. You certainly won’t regret buying this one.


11. Rane DJ Digital DJ Turntable Twelve

Rane DJ Digital DJ Turntable TwelveThe Rane DJ turntable is a model controlled by a motor and brings an exceptionally accurate, true-vinyl performance experience to digital music software. It sets the DJs free from the annoyance of damaged tonearms or needles and does away with unwanted audio feedback, hence bringing back sub-bass into their music. It may seem similar to a vinyl turntable but includes a hot-cue and track search capability at the press of a button.

It does not include damaged or skipping needles and delivers pro club, scratch, and battle with no errors. It promises solid and secure performance environment which is paired with the 100% essence of an authentic vinyl DJ experience. It features Twelve’s twin torque, a 12 inch motorized platter which delivers 3.600 ticks of resolution, that too per single vinyl revolution. Till now a lot of professional DJs have had to compromise on their desired levels of sub-bass frequencies, buzzing it back in fear of feedback, noise, or echo at live shows. However, now with the Rane Twelve model they can reclaim the bass and perform what they like at full frequency range.

It boasts an all-metal body and the control elements that are very simple to learn and operate making it an ideal model for beginners and intermediate DJs. It features 4 deck-select buttons and the multi-function touch strip for setting up hot cues, track searching, positioning the tonearm. It is for sure a great model which has brought about a revolutionary movement in DJ turntable technology.


12. Pioneer DVJ-X1 Pro DVD CD 32 MB SD Movable Memory Card Real-Time Digital video manipulation, Realtime Seamless Looping and Instant Cues Video and Audio Streams Video Deck Player

Pioneer DVJ-X1 Pro DVD CD 32 MB SD Movable Memory Card Real-Time Digital video manipulation, Realtime Seamless Looping and Instant Cues Video and Audio Streams Video Deck PlayerYet another model by Pioneer, this one offers real time video manipulation, hot cue sampler, instant reverse mode, realtime seamless looping, re-looping, extra DS memory card, loop aDJustment features, backup loop or cue memory and probably the largest touch-screen jog dial pitch bend extensive touch and brake control adjustability. Its Legato link conversation regenerates frequencies which are above 20 kHz, which is exceptionally higher than other models. Its tempo control multi read format and multiple cue options make it a popular DJ turntable in the market. It offers shockproof memory as well as anti-vibration construction.


13. Pioneer DJ PLX-500-W Direct Drive DJ Turntable, White

Pioneer DJ PLX-500-W Direct Drive DJ Turntable, WhiteThis model by Pioneer shares some features and design elements of PL-1000. The layout of both the models is similar and it is available in two different colors; black and white. There are very few turntables in the market which come in white color so this one may appeal to you because of its unique look. It is a direct-drive turntable which offers brilliant sound design and generates high quality vinyl sound. Pioneer’s DJ PLX-500 has been regarded as one of the best DJ turntables for scratching as well as mixing.

If you are a DJ who likes to listen to a lot of vinyl or continuously play mixes, this may be the one you need. You can also use this device to record your personal mixes through USB output as it allows for easy digital recording by connecting the turntable to your computer or laptop. You can also use it to mix and scratch your vinyl records and connect the turntable with rekordbox DVS or RB-VS1-K control vinyl to play your digital files.

It is equipped with exceptional tonearm balance control, high torque, direct-drive motor, with regular pitch adjustment. It also comes with a unique feature called cover art display, so you can put you record covers on display, listening to your vinyl at the same time because of the sleeve stand which is placed inside the dust cover. It is a great turntable for both professional as well as non-professional use.


14. Mixars LTA Straight Arm High Torque DJ Turntable – New

Mixars LTA Straight Arm High Torque DJ Turntable - NewThis DJ turntable by MIXARS is a direct-drive model which offers high torque and combines evergreen features with advanced connectivity. It offers about 10 pounds of torque and this model can find its lace with any modern scratch artist, a regular turntablist, or any professional mixing DJ. It is equipped with double outputs for joining two mixers without the extra cables or splitters which are generally crucial to use two mixers with a single turntable. It is ideal for performing with a band, in a club, or with a DJ group. It comes with a fully adjustable motor which makes it easy for you to change start and break times on the go.


15. Mixars STA S-Arm High Torque DJ Turntable – New

Mixars STA S-Arm High Torque DJ Turntable – NewThis one is also by the same brand MIXARS. One of the best features of this brand is that it offers top-end features at a reasonable price. It is priced under $500, so those with a low budget can actually consider this model and look into its features in detail on the manufacturer’s official website.

The MIXARS STA is a direct drive model and shares some of the features of the previously mentioned model. It offers high torque and is a combination of classic features with modern connectivity. It offers about 10 lbs of torque and thus can be used by different scratch artists, young intermediate DJs or professional club DJs. It comes with two outputs for connecting 2 mixers without the additional cables or splitters that are usually important to use one turntable with 2 mixers. It features an adjustable motor and hence makes it easy for you to begin and stop very quickly. It is indeed one of the best DJ turntables of 2021.


16. Numark NTX1000 Pro High-Torque Direct Drive DJ Turntables+Mics+Headphones

Numark NTX1000 Pro High-Torque Direct Drive DJ Turntables+Mics+HeadphonesNumark is one of the renowned brands in the industry and is known for producing high quality DJ turntables which promise exceptional durability and strength. This particular model is a professional high torque direct-drive turntable which comes with different kinds of accessories. This product is unique because the whole set comprises of other important items required by a DJ. The extra items included in set are; headphones with detachable coil cable, case, extra ear pads, 2 Rockville RMM-XLR dynamic professional metal microphones with an added 10 foot XLR cable.

If you think that just because this turntable is accompanied by a lot of accessories so it will be on the higher end with regards to its cost, it is not the case. It is very much affordable and we recommend you to check this model out on Amazon because if you select this model, you will cut a good deal. The additional accessories are not the only perks of this model; it offers a variety of advanced features like an S-shaped tonearm for accurate tracking. However, take note that the cartridge is not included with the set. Tonearm allows you to adjust its height with anti-skate control. The pitch range is also adjustable to ∓8, 16, and 50 percent. It also features adjustable counterweight for suitable tonearm balance.

It has a pitch fader with a reset button, start and stop time knobs for adaptable time ramping, a 45 RM adapter, and a die-cast aluminum turntable platter. It features ergonomically designed large over-the-ear swivel cups and delivers supreme sound isolation so you can listen to your records without any interference. Its accurate sound reproduction will give you an edge over other professional DJs. It also features solid and durable steel head bands and arms, a soft leather headband cover, and interchangeable leather and soft suede ear cup covers.

The detachable coil cable which accompanies the turntable is made of 100 percent oxygen free copper. It has a rugged metal construction and sleek black finish which gives it a classy look. Numark NTX1000 with its great price, elegant appearance, and multi-features is indeed one of the best in the market right now.


17. Gemini TT-1100USB Belt Drive Vinyl/Digital DJ Turntable+Bluetooth Mixer+Case

Gemini TT-1100USB Belt Drive Vinyl Digital DJ Turntable+Bluetooth Mixer+CaseThe price of this model makes it one of the best turntables for DJing. It is priced below $400 but that does not mean that it offers less advanced features and compromises on quality. It is the brand’s latest belt-drive digital turntable with USB/RSA connectivity so you can attach it with your Mac or PC. It is a classic plug and play turntable which promises the most inspiring hands-on experience you could ever have. This model is built on a tough enclosure and efficiently removes any external vibration feedback. In addition, it comes with an aluminum tonearm that gives it durability, makes it travel ready and allows exceptional tracking even in the toughest situations.

It is ideal to be used by both professional DJs as well as beginners because of its familiar design and compatibility with the latest digital vinyl system. It features adjustable knobs on each channel, offers mic volume control as well as individual volume control. It offers easy locking fit with high density foam interior support and casting. Other features include spring action recessed handles, heavy and powerful steel ball corners and dual anchor rivets.


18. Numark TT250 USB DJ Turntable

Numark TT250 USB DJ TurntableThe brand Numark has made a name for itself in the DJ equipment industry producing high quality turntables and functional DJ accessories at nominal rates which won’t make a dent in your pockets. The TT250 USB continues that great tradition. This model features all the basic features you would find in any classic DJ turntable. It is a direct-drive turntable with high torque and is specially built to keep the platter rolling at a steady speed. Its pitch range is also very vast as it can reach to ∓10 percent.

Its height can be adjusted and also comes with a magnetic, built-in headshell so you do not need to set up and arrange your cartridge. Rather you can jam with this turntable straight out of the box. The model does not only boast such basic features but also offers a unique feature which is not found in traditional DJ turntables. It allows you to hook your turntable to your PC or laptop through its special USB port.

Hence, you can convert your vinyl into digital files by using the brand’s free EZ vinyl and tape converter software. If you own a compatible mixer, then you can make great use of the built-in remote start port because it allows movement of the fader on your mixer to turn on the turntable. This design feature was introduced keeping in mind radio DJs but it is nevertheless a great model to be used by beginners also.


19. Stanton T62

The second last model on our list of best DJ turntables 2021 is by Stanton and is often referred to as one of the best turntables on the market today. The overall look and technology employed in this model is without a doubt exceptional because the brand has been skillfully maintaining its position as one of the top brands in this industry. This model is all about simplicity and this is what makes it ideal for beginners and intermediate DJs.

It features everything you would find in classic DJ turntables and when the brand introduced this model the idea was not to launch a model with typically new features, it was to go back to the essentials and create a re-designed model for modern use. It is a super affordable and reliable direct-drive turntable for those who want to make it big in the professional world of DJing. As compared to Stanton’s ST150 model which is highly priced, this one was specially launched for those with low budgets but offers similar features and a promise of top quality. It comes with strong motor, pro-level torque, and a fast change capability.

It also has round buttons and the brand’s trademark dark blue and light grey tones. This model includes only the customary 33 and 45 options, not like the ST150’s triple choice of RPM (rotations per minute). The pitch control of the model is also placed at a standard level; the single options of plus-minus 10 percent pitch range. It comes with two start/stop buttons which are usually found in costly models, and is equipped with a straight tonearm for better stability during exhausting scratch routines.

Outputs are standard RCA sockets which are so much more efficient than wired-in cables. The best part is that this model comes with the brand’s famous 500.v3 cartridge and a top quality slip mat which make this deal more delightful. If you are looking for something affordable as a beginner, we suggest you check out this model online or at a nearby retail store.


20. Crosley C200 Direct Drive

Crosley C200 Direct DriveThe last one on our list of best DJ turntables for beginners is by Crosley and this specific model is a serious step-up in matters of durability and quality from other models. This is manufactured by an American company which is still trying to make its name in the industry but this product has been a game changer for Crosley. The C200 is a turntable with improved build quality and every aspect about it appears solid and sturdier than many other models by the same brand. It is cleverly designed using better quality materials and boasts a strong frame, a matte black finish, and a reliable tonearm.

The tonearm comes in the typical S-shaped design and includes adjustable counterweights for greater needle pressure on the record’s grooves. It is equipped with the brand’s very first direct-drive motor, leading to a much quicker start and stop of the turntable. It offers two playback speeds; the standard 33 1/3 and 45 RPM options, an adjustable anti-skate knob and a pitch control slider. It also flaunts a holder for a 45 RPM record whole adapter plus RCA output sockets with line or phono switch. It is ideal for using with mixers that do not have phono inputs.

It is a great turntable for beginners as it is quite affordable and provides all the necessary features required by an intermediate DJ artist. It is also a great choice for vinyl collectors on a house use tip and a suitable starting point for the first timers.


These were our top 20 DJ turntables specially selected for you, keeping in mind the various needs of different people; be it professionals or beginners. You can also check out other models and their reviews. The next section of our guide is on other important DJ equipment and gear which is required by beginners.

The Best DJ Equipment and Gear for Beginners

This guide is basically for beginners as DJ turntables are not the only equipment required by budding DJ artists. This is the last section of this guide which is an all-inclusive guide on each and every piece of DJ gear you need to start on your own.

1. Mixer

A mixer is the main piece of a DJ setup. It is used for transitions from one song to the other, for a smooth mash up and for some alterations when it is about creating unique sounds and tracks. You can integrate the slider to scratch in a proper way but some people prefer using it to control volume levels, for panning, FX or tone. You can also plug in your DJ headphones into the mixers or your speakers if you are performing for a large audience, to preview what is next in the line.

They also help to provide the interface or sound card to analyze the music you are presenting to your audience. Most top quality mixers come with great built-in sound cards with greater sample rates but do note that such mixers cost a lot. You can also connect your mixers with your PC or laptop to create a hybrid setup altogether.

2. Controllers

DJ controllers are also one of the most important equipment if you are looking to enter into the DJing world. Now with all the information you have about turntables and mixers, you will be able to understand the function of controllers. Imagine something which joins all these things into one and also enables you to control other features, thereby allowing you to customize the settings using special software or a computer. Generally MIDI controllers for DJs are considered the best, all-in-one elements of DJ equipment.

There are all sorts of different controllers available today in the market to suit everybody’s needs. They come in sundry shapes, sizes, colors, functions and feels. Some models are ideal for tweaking track settings, some for changing volume or panning. Some of the latest controllers come with built-in drum pads which allow you to play around with some sounds (which can be accessed directly from your computer).

3. DJ software

This is the main gear of a digital plus hybrid setup, basically its backbone. All you need to do is attach your controller to your computer through a USB port and then your software will let you mix, edit, cut, copy, add, FX, paste, alter the tempo, organize files, change playlists, scratch using MP3’s and also allocate sounds to your controller if it includes MIDI functionality. If you do not possess good software then your DJ capabilities will not be able to reach its full potential. Not having software can also make your workflow tougher when it is about getting into a rhythm.

There is some really interesting software available today which are far better than any typical music software. If you are a beginner in this field and haven’t got a hang of any particular software then we recommend that you only go for the best ones. As a beginner you will be learning new software from the scratch so it is better that you invest your time in something which is exceptional as it will help you in the near future. Don’t get swayed by DJ apps or smart devices and start running your entire set ups depending on them. It is always better to rely on good software.

4. Speakers

Speakers are an essential DJ gear for those who plan on playing live and travelling with their whole set up. When you are looking to buy good DJ speakers, ensure that they are powerful enough for the audience you will be playing for.

If you plan on setting up a DJ corner near your house, studio apartment, or in any small setting, then you can go for smaller, less powerful speakers or purchase a pair of studio monitors. If you already own speakers then consider using them if it works out well rather investing money in the new ones. There are certain speakers which are good to be used in homes and are both portable and powerful enough to span across regular sized DJ settings.

5. DJ headphones

While speakers are an optional equipment, DJ headphones are a must and you cannot do without them, no matter where you are playing, be it your home, a high level club, a concert, or for a small gathering. They are necessary for hearing what you are playing and also allows you to listen to what you will be playing before presenting it to your audience. There is much more to headphones than just looking cool. We bet you may have seen a professional DJ at some party or in movies, holding one side of the headphones to the ear with their shoulder and the other side hanging by their neck.

By using mixers, you can use the slider to control where you want the sound to come out from. Placing headphones in a particular way allows you to listen to the track you are presently playing as well as hear what you will be playing next. It helps to time your songs correctly so that you are able to create a proper mash-up with great track transition. This is a stable point of any sort of DJ setup.

Tired Yet?

We hope that this guide has been able to answer all your queries with regards to buying the best DJ turntable. Keep all the factors in mind before shortlisting any model you like and make a budget to make things easy. After that go through the details of all those models you like to get a better idea of all the features they boast and how they function. As a beginner, do not forget to check other DJ equipment if you are planning to professionally get into this field. All the best and we hope that you make the best choice for yourself!