Best DJ Speakers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Yamaha DXR8 2. QSC K12.2 3. Alto Professional TS310
Yamaha DXR8 Best DJ Speakers QSC K12.2 QSC K12.2

The most important equipment for a DJ is the speakers. It may seem like a no brainer but it is extremely important to ensure that their music is being heard the way it is intended to. Thus, it is important to have quality speakers that will provide the ultimate output to ensure the appropriate sound mixes at any point of time, regardless of whether one is looking for a simple speaker or an elaborate home theatre setup.

There are specific things to look for in the Best DJ speaker, which we will be elaborating on to help you pick the right equipment for your setup. The 10 best DJ speakers of 2021 available in the market are built using the latest technological advancements in the sound industry.


Important Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best DJ Speakers

Studio Speakers/PA

Studio speakers are designed mainly for accurate playback at low and moderate volumes. These speakers are designed mainly for studio or room use and not suited to play music at loud volumes over a long period. On the other hand, PA speaker can play at louder volumes and are designed for venues with larger crowds and are preferably used for actual live events.

Passive/Active Speakers

Passive speakers require an amplifier to generate a more powerful sound and are an affordable option. Active speakers don’t require an amplifier and have everything inside the system. But it can be a hassle to adjust the controls since they are located in the speakers themselves.

Bass Sound

The speakers are able to produce a bass line that can be heard well. The bass generated by speakers can be extremely disturbing at times when the subwoofer starts acting up while playing a song or a film. This disturbance has been created due to the lackluster design or high power supply in an oddly-conceived setup. The bass is an important factor while talking about music as it adds the foundation to most tunes that we hear in today’s era.

Stereo Fold

Stereo fold should be good enough to differentiate the various elements put in a track and determine how well they are placed in the mix. Ambience, bass, dialogues, and the actual tune of a song can be heard clearly as a cluster whenever you play your favourite music video on your device. Stereo fold enables users to categorically differentiate and identify all these sounds clearly.

High Frequencies

A good DJ speaker should have high frequencies that sound crisp and clear. The plus point of having speakers which can play high frequencies is that you are automatically gifted with clarity and proper audibility.


DJ speakers need to have a varied range of frequencies so they can reproduce all the sounds in the track that is being played. They should thus have both a low-range woofer for the lower frequencies and tweeters for the higher frequencies.


A 400 watts DJ speaker is suitable as home-based equipment. But for larger venues, 1,000 watts is a wise option and should be calculated as the bare minimum in terms of power.

Portability vs Compatibility

A necessary question to ask yourself prior to starting with your PA search is “How transportable do I want the system to be?” Traditional PA systems are created from kits of separate items for every individual function: a standalone compounding board, outboard signal processors, dedicated power amp(s), and a variety of individual PA and monitor speaker cupboards. Such systems need a good amount of area to move, store, and start onstage.

If you wish to move your PA often between completely different venues that have modest amplification requirements and crowded performance areas, there are transportable, compact PA systems to satisfy these desires. In fact, there are even complete PA systems that embrace all the required instrumentation in one enclosure that’s roughly identical in size as a regular PA speaker.


Deciding a budget and looking for a set of speakers in that particular bracket is quite essential if you’re starting out as a DJ. Not only should a beginner pay attention to this little detail but also focus on becoming seasoned musicians who would want to deliver optimum sound.

The machine that takes the input and converts mechanical signals to electronic output is really important to get an extremely rich tone with the listener being able to enjoy the music regardless of the pricing of the said product. Having said that, cheap speakers might not always be able to deliver the best quality of sound required in a live setup. Here is a list comprising of the most economic yet professional and best in class speakers for DJs.

Top 10 Best DJ Speakers 2021

1. Yamaha DXR8

Yamaha DXR8 Best DJ Speakers

This is your go-to speaker if you’re looking for high-quality functional speakers for your DJ gigs. Yamaha has made it their goal to stay at the forefront of the technology curve not only by utilising cutting-edge technologies, but also by creating them. Housed in durable, compact ABS enclosures, the 8″ DXR8 two-way speakers represent Yamaha’s latest sound reinforcement technology. These DXR8 speakers are extremely compact and the most efficient in the whole series.

They get very loud without breaking up and the DSP offers enough protection that you don’t have to worry about any chance of them blowing up. Touring-grade technology incorporated in the speakers has succeeded in making this one of the most powerful and dependable high-performance, active loudspeakers.

Their built-in three-channel mixer makes it perfect for those times when you need sound reinforcement but don’t need an entire PA system. Whether you’re playing pre-recorded music or performing for a crowd, you’ll love the transparent sound of the powerful Yamaha DXR8 loudspeakers. The DXR8 steam-powered loudspeakers makes for an excellent piece of electronic equipment, particularly once paired with a Yamaha DXS subwoofer. You can turn the DXR8 around and connect it to a few microphones or line-level signals for quick amplification. The versatile nature of the DXR8 makes it the perfect choice for solo musicians, and also for colleges and concerts that require a versatile electronic equipment for multiple uses.

DXR8 provides a sound which is very well-balanced and plugged by a microphone and acoustic guitar straight. DXR Series loudspeakers are equipped with rigging points, with square-rigged applications incorporating customary eye bolts (not included). When the positioning of sound is needed without changing the internal settings, you have optional U-brackets which enable easy and straightforward rigging in horizontal and vertical configurations. They have one of the best sets of rear panel controls and connectivity, and the quality is top notch at an affordable price. These speakers are as efficient as you would expect from any Yamaha product.

All DXR Series speakers were thoroughly examined before delivering the final performance. The carefully-designed characteristics and behavior of each device were meticulously analyzed and evaluated with refined portable computer simulations. With due assistance, they are able to reach their full performance potential. The high power output woofers deliver very low distortion and deep bass, whereas the 1.4″ accurately-placed compression drivers help the manufacturer achieve midrange and high frequencies up to 20 kHz.

In general, a typical system comprising passive loudspeakers, power amps, and signal processors mandates the effort to line optimum parameters for each half which could also be a daunting task. One of the advantages of active loudspeakers is that the mixture of transducers and amps is completely optimized. Throughout the fabrication of the DXR series, Yamaha measured and tested the durability of each device and the amp output through numberless listening tests. Supporting the check results, they were able to set the optimum setting for each model which uses precise DSP management.

These speakers also use several of the identical protective functions employed in their top-class TXn Series. A micro chip and high-energy DSP both monitor various parameters in order to guard all aspects of each constituent. As a result, these speakers will perform to their full potential while at the same time guaranteeing reliable operations in even the most demanding circumstances.


  • Inclusion of mixer with 3 channels.
  • Independent PA system
  • Wide frequency response from 57 to 20,000 Hz
  • 1100W of class D power
  • DSP controlled for maximum output and protection
  • Innovative input panel provides maximum connectivity flexibility
  • Weight 29.8 pounds
  • 2-Way bi-amped Class-D power amplifiers
  • Dimensions: 280 x 458 x 280 mm
  • Weight 13.5 kg
  • Pole socket: 35mm with 2-way options (0 or 7)
  • Accessories: UB-DXR8 (U-bracket)
  • Others: Material: ABS (Matte end, Black)

2. QSC K12.2

QSC K12.2

The QSC K.2 Series™ represents the best-in class loudspeaker for today’s hard-to-please audio professionals. This speaker is a wonderful and clever design which allows digital display and presets for performance and an option to enhance your sound. It has the best-in-class audio performance, low-noise, and variable speed fan. What makes it stand out is its elegant style and rugged reliability.

Improved DSP management exhibits unprecedented clarity and allows you to cover just about any application you can think of. This lightweight powerhouse is ideal for bands, DJs, and more, and its wide dispersion ensures that your entire audience experiences top-notch sound. In both a portable or installed application, the speakers help you achieve superior output.

The K12.2’s class D equipment produces a clean 1000 watts of continuous power (2,000W peak). This is for you to enjoy the music deeply, with tight lows and crystal-clear highs for clear sound at volumes that seem nearly unimaginable for its size. With the highest SPL of 132 decibels and a frequency that varies all the way down to 45Hz, you’ll swear you’re paying a very little amount for a box that could possibly be one of the loudest in the markets.

Equally spectacular, the speakers are extremely lightweight and compact, making transporting and fixing at the venue nearly effortless. But don’t be fooled by its portability—the K12.2 packs a chest-pounding punch and is created strong to confront the trials of delicate use. Because of QSC’s best materials and unyielding accomplishment, this speaker is meant for unwavering dependability and certainly falls under the category of the best DJ monitor speakers.

This lightweight enclosure hits that sweet spot for live performers, mobile DJs, and various entertainers where powerful and clean sound at high volumes merges with mobility and convenience. Fabulously versatile, the K12.2’s DSP and 11 contours enable you to adapt to any venue and notice your sound dialed in quickly. You are able to put together custom scenes to recall settings like input, delay, equivalent weight, and crossover. The speaker’s bass-oriented “dance” and “live sound” DSP presets deliver further power to the lows as well. But that’s when you do away with your subwoofer and let this be your sole warrior.

With almost a ton of power under the hood, the K12.2 is suited to FOH and stage observation. In fact, there’s a unique DSP setting that’s specifically designed for using the K12.2 as a monitor in live events such as TED Talks, debates, award functions, etc. Although, if you’re running a bunch of K12.2s as mains and pair them with a QSC subwoofer, you’ll have a killer setup that will effortlessly handle a demanding variety of events and venues. Significant rigging points mean the K12.2 merely adapts to all kinds of mounted installations. Whether or not you’re a mobile DJ, the manufacturer truly advocates an indispensable and versatile tool that lives up to its name for quality and reliability.

One of its groundbreaking qualities is its Intrinsic Correction which ensures that the speaker performs consistently across the entire sound field. It achieves this by mapping spatially-averaged measurements to IIR and FIR filters that actively adjust time, frequency, and amplitude response. The market is blown away by the K12.2’s reliable performance which sounds great in every situation and scenario.


  • Powerful active PA speaker with 12″ LF driver and 1.4″ HF driver.
  • 2,000W, efficient and lightweight Class D power module.
  • Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) and Intrinsic Correction DSP for accurate, undistorted performance across the entire sound field.
  • Doubles as a high-performance floor monitor.
  • Dual pole cup mounts (straight-firing and down-tilt) and M10 fittings for flown applications.
  • Width: 14″ (356 mm)
  • Height: 23.7″ (602 mm)
  • Depth: 13.8″ (350 mm)
  • Weight: 47.8 lb. (21.7 kg)

3. Alto Professional TS310

Alto Professional TS310

This extremely productive and functionally-designed product has been created keeping in mind versatility and longevity that are required in a speaker. They feature a sturdy, light-weight plastic enclosure that’s stand-mountable, making the speaker suitable for any possible use. The specially-crafted trapezoidal design immensely decreases the resonance of the stationary wave within the cupboard for true and authentic reproduction.

The Truesonic TS310 is the perfect solution for musicians and DJs on the move as well as for halls, malls, schools, churches, and more. Rigorous testing and thousands of hours of listening to various sounds have gone into making sure that what you pump into a Truesonic speaker is exactly what you get out of it. The drivers at various intervals of the Truesonic TS310 are designed to make sure that the energy being consumed isn’t being wasted at all. That leads to plenty of power from the equipment to urge sound rather than heat, giving the speaker higher performance than speakers with comparable specifications.

The manufacturer has designed these speakers in such a way that the quality of the sound played is exquisite. It falls under the category of a class D electronic equipment integrated into the cabinet. The class D amplifiers are typically lighter than category A and AB equipment designs and provide a good amount of power to supply your performance with a strong punch. The Truesonic TS112 delivers 800 Watts of power and offers an XLR cable or a TRS cable input with level control.

Offering flexible connection options, the Alto TS310 could be a performer’s dream. Everybody from solo singers/songwriters to bands and DJs will notice all the equipment they would require for their setup. On the rear panel, you’ll notice an attempt of balanced set of keys and switches along with the XLR female and 1/4″ TRS connectors with the independent switches available for the increase in gain and adjusting the treble as well. The first one is furnished with selectable MIC/LINE level input. Every input is connected to XLR/M turnout connectors.

This allows you to attach them to a special audio device. A 3.5 mm TRS input jack with completely independent controls permits you to attach sources like smartphones, computers, and MP3 players. You can put together a line-level output with mixed signal from all inputs for the TS310 to be deployed as a mains or monitor. Mount it on a subwoofer pole or speaker stand to pattern the dual pole cup vogue. The standard cup maintains the speaker vertically.

The other option is for a downward tilt of 7.5 degrees which allows you to direct the sound toward the audience once the speakers are based on higher ground, like a stage. M10 fittings permit you to put in the TS310’s configuration. The cabinet’s compact type makes it a one-of-a-kind speaker at this price point and definitely fall under the category of the best DJ speakers for home.

Whether you’re at a wedding, temple, church or another medium-sized venue, the Truesonic TS310 is the one of the best options for all kinds of events. It’s easy to place your Truesonic speakers at your event thanks to their carrying handles and lightweight design. Once you’re at the venue, you don’t need to be a tech genius to figure out a way to operate the speakers.

Thanks to the array of switches which will facilitate the required settings for live events. Once you’re connecting everything, the Truesonic’s twin XLR/combo inputs produce easy work of your setup and each speaker’s independent level controls give you the pliability to dial everything in your approach in seconds.


  • 800 Watts Class D power
  • 10” low-frequency electrical device, 1” driver
  • Two Mic/Line dance band inputs with independent volume controls
  • XLR output to link speakers
  • Lightweight, quadrangle racks with handles
  • Use as a standard upright electro-acoustic transducer or as floor wedge monitor
  • Stand and pole-mountable or flyable
  • Clipped electrical circuit with a red-colored light-emitting diode (LED)
  • Ground carry switch
  • Contour switch for elevation management, generally during installation
  • Accurate audience coverage, not simply on-axis
  • Designed and tuned within the USA

4. Electro-Voice ZLX-12P

Electro-Voice ZLX-12PThe black Electro Voice ZLX-12P-US 12″ Two-Way powered speaker is a compact and versatile loudspeaker that includes custom-engineered drivers in an exceedingly rugged enclosure. The speaker comes with a grille made of 18-gauge steel with a black powder-coated finish. The speaker matches the specifically developed drivers with a custom-built Class-D equipment module and powerful DSP. Whether or not the said speaker is pole-mounted or used as a floor monitor, it still delivers a powerful sonic impact and enhanced audibility even at high volumes that make this product a must buy on this list.

Electro-Voice is one of the best DJ speaker brands that various DJs can be seen using. What makes it special in this competitive market is its price, great sound, and diverse features. The compact, lightweight ZLX-12P has been designed to offer you power and performance on the far side of the scope of alternative loudspeakers, creating a standout alternative for smaller-venue sound reinforcement or stage-monitoring. Bang for the buck, none of the other equally-sized speakers come even remotely near this particular beast.

In the case of ZLX’s tidy board, the placement of all the switches is smartly done. Although the multiple dials and switches on other battery-powered loudspeakers might counsel a lot of practicality, its powerful DSP engine can be operated using a single switch placed on the back of the panel. With the addition of an LCD display, the manufacturer offers you the best management and configuration. Use the presets to optimize ZLX in all steps together. You will be able to hear the excellence in seconds. Smartly designed along with a straightforward operational module, these speakers have the tendency to automate when it comes to toggling between equalizer settings.

Three modes optimize the EV ZLX-12P for any kind of event. You could easily place these speakers on a pole to elevate the music in order to accommodate a larger crowd. Place it wedge-style on the bottom and use the monitor set to manage the stage as a live monitor. You could also set the speaker to just simmer down on excess bass buildup by placing it on a different spot at any of your events, with the help of the switches on the panel.

Another way to put the ZLX-12P to work for your club or venue is with the inherent Application Mode presets. People will be tempted to get on their feet to groove and move to the music played on these speakers. Because of the equivalent weight curve (exciting bass and treble), the impact of the speakers in a closed space is far more intense than it is outside. You can customize the speakers according to your events with certain presets on the panel as well. You can set it to anything from a book launch to an EDM concert. You’ll be able to upgrade to room-shaking bass whenever you’re ready with the Electro-Voice ZLX-12P, that’s already been optimized for the ELX-118 (passive) and ELX-118P (powered) subs. Do you already have a sub that does that? No worries. Simply dial within the inbuilt mixer to seek out the simplest match for your speakers.

ZLX combines decades of verified pro-audio engineering power with a bold new look along with simple choices that give you ample amount of management over your sound – all with the famous unit of measurement, the toggle switch. The ZLX-12P is perfect for use as either a mains or monitor and represents a replacement that’s appropriate for musicians, DJs, and each entertainer who looks for the best possible DJ setup for their events.


  • 1000 W (Class D); 126-decibel easy lay SPL; fifty Hz-20 kc
  • 12″ speaker and 5” high-frequency Ti compression driver
  • LCD show and distinctive single-knob DSP management with presets that quickly optimize ZLX to suit your performance layout and space
  • Input level meters and a completely independent equipment management guarantee that has an optimum gain structure which can be achieved in seconds
  • EV-engineered components are matched with a customized 1000-W Class-D equipment for best-in-class sound
  • Lightweight, 34.3 lbs (15.6 kg), super-durable composite construction with distinctive hi/lo grip design for simple pole mounting and portability
  • Exclusively designed and the doubled sonic impact and quality

5. JBL EON615

JBL EON615This 15-inch two-way speaker system containing 1000W of class D-amplification is another beast on this list. This speaker has multiple roles in terms of its usage. It can be used as a floor monitor or a one-way speaker in a stereo setup, or even as a house speaker. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to the EON615. Being a bigger model in comparison to the JBL EON612, this product demands more space and delivers a slightly better output than its former model. Featuring JBL’s advanced waveguide technology, this speaker boasts an array of options when it comes to its specifications. JBL used the EON600 series as a groundbreaking tool to build a speaker system from scratch in order to deliver the best and the most desirable output for its consumers.

The inclusion of bluetooth to remotely access these speakers was a wise choice made by the company because it saves the hassle of wiring the entire setup, which then again takes up a lot of time. The enclosure design was chosen to give an acoustic-like resonance to the listener which was done by mechanical shaping and, what the JBL engineers call, injection molding. A user friendly device that’s also a professionally-used speaker is one of the best in the business right now. This system’s setup is one of the most portable and desirable speakers in the market as of now.

These portable speakers are not the easiest to carry around but are significantly lighter than the ones you see at your friend’s wedding. The JBL EON615 offers a great deal of features with an impressive sound quality that makes the listener feel a thing or two about the natural sound in their surroundings and even in a closed space.

The inclusion of custom transducers and mega wattage increases the chances of this setup being a strong contender due to its performance in a live stage setup while delivering the quality of a more expensive studio monitor. The access to bluetooth also makes things easier for the user. You just need to download the EON Connect application available for iOS and Android for access to the 3 PEQs, output mixing, a Hi and Lo shelf, and delay and preset creation. This application can also be used to update your firmware from time to time in order to deliver the best sound to listeners.

JBL also offers a dust resistant and/or a water resistant cover that protects these precious speakers. The cover is made of nylon fabric which prevents all kinds of dirt, dust and water from seeping into the setup in any season. The all-weather cover is the one you should go for in order to protect your system from any natural strikes at any given point of time.


  • System Type : Self powered 15″, two-way, bass-reflex
  • Max SPL Output : 127 dB
  • Freq. Range : (-10 dB) 39 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Freq. Response : (±3 dB) 50 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Coverage Pattern : 90° x 60°
  • Amplifier Design : Class D
  • Power Rating : 1000W Peak (700W LF + 300W HF), 500W Continuous (350W LF + 150W HF)
  • Dimensions : (H x W x D) 707 x 439 x 365 (mm) ; 27.8 x 17.3 x 14.4 (in)
  • Net Weight : 17.69 kg (39 lbs)

6. Bose F1 Model 812

Bose F1 Model 812The Bose® F1 Model 812 versatile array speaker unit is one of the most formidable speakers among the transportable loudspeaker bunch that provide you with complete management of a vertical coverage pattern, which keeps it at the top of the list. The included “flexible array” can configure your speaker to form into four different shapes, allowing for the most acoustic creativity possible. There are many edges to using a line-array system for your PA setup.

As an example, you get to control frequency separation in the simplest way but on a larger level. Also, you get the powerhouse performance along with an LED panel. You can mount the speakers onto a pole or place them around your house during small gatherings, for example, a house party. Luckily, the engineers at Bose found a way to urge everything that you’re keen on; a pair of expert arrays throughout a system that’s no larger than your current PA speakers.

Their F1 812 flexible-array speaker packs eight 25″ vertically designed high/mid drivers and a 12″ low-frequency driver. You’ll be surprised with what magnitude sound is created and the manner in which all the management is achieved. You definitely will be compelled to get the best possible output from the nine separate drivers among the F1 812. You get 1000-watt bi-amplifiers that fall under the category of Class D speakers, along with an array of drivers that are powered by these bi-amplifiers.

An alternative system powers the 12″ low-frequency driver to achieve the perfect combination across the whole frequency range. The bi-amped design offers a lower crossover, guaranteeing that the clarity of the high/mid drivers isn’t compromised. Also, the Bose F1 812 offers a huge

It is fully equipped to play for a smaller as well as large audience. The PA can be adapted to match the room and once set, the system can be tailored to your situation. The Bose F1 Model 812 uses Flex technology that lets you manually change the coverage pattern on the F1. By easily moulding the speaker array into C, J, Reverse J, or a straight-on pattern, you can control your coverage pattern.

Bose can forever be relied on to deliver a crystal-clear sonic experience. Moreover, they’ve brought that exact same quality to pro-audio markets with merchandise like their L1 movable PA systems. With a history of providing their customers with immaculate sound to any format, you could easily understand that their F1 Model 812’s versatile array will offer stable and optimum performance, every single day.

The speaker unit and subwoofer are strategically placed with the handles on the side for easy transport. These speakers are also highly durable and lightweight with composite enclosures to ensure convenient portability. It does all this in a package that can be easily broken down and carried. There shouldn’t be anything holding you back from exploring this product’s full potential. A mounting bracket using which the speaker unit is integrated right into the body of the subwoofer is one of the best features offered by the manufacturer. So you mostly need not worry where it is placed and are free to get busy with setting it up quickly with ease.

The stand even includes cable channels that showcase the neatness hidden within the wires. Most of all, the whole subwoofer package weighs below 60 lbs, making it your mobile rig’s dream sub. Also, there isn’t anything that is left to your imagination since the F1 subwoofer comes with an intrinsic bracket for mounting Bose’s F1 812 array speaker. This makes everything a lot more hands-on about the speaker.

This speaker helps you reach out to a diverse audience everywhere you go, be it live music performances, bands of all designs, solo musicians, mobile DJs, schools and universities, resorts, or business presentations, with impactful and mesmerising sound.


  • Powered PA speaker
  • Speaker drivers: One x 12″ low frequency, 8 x 2.25″ (Mid/HF)
  • Number of Mixer Channels: Two
  • Number of Mic Preamps: One
  • Inputs: One XLR/TRS, One1/4″, One Stereo RCA
  • Outputs: One XLR cable
  • Power Amp : One Thousand Watts
  • Frequency Response : 48Hz-16kHz (-10dB)
  • Mounting Options : Tripod Mount with 1.37″ socket, Stackable (with F1 subwoofer)
  • Height : 26.1”
  • Width : 13.1”
  • Depth : 14.6 “
  • Weight: 44.5 lbs

7. Mackie Thump 12A

Mackie Thump 12AMackie Thump 12A follows the THUMP-12A 12″ 1300-Watt supercharged Active DJ PA Speaker, falling under the Class D category of speakers. Delivering a tested, chest-thumping volume with Dynamic Bass Response technology in all-new, skilled enclosures, the 1300W Thump loudspeakers take the series to an entirely different level. You could get the most out of the integral mixers and application-specific speaker modes and hone the craft of the advanced DSP and wireless technology in Thump Boosted models with channel equivalent weight, wireless streaming, and user presets. All of these are controlled with the Thump Connect app.

Also, for maximum room-shaking bass, try the Thump speakers with the 1200W Thump18S Subwoofer. These speakers are redesigned from the bottom up and are the most versatile and powerful Thump loudspeakers ever with class-leading performance as per the general mass’ request. One of the best DJ speakers available on the market right now, these speakers deliver a chest thumping sound that qualifies for a highly expensive studio setup.

Built-in 2-channel mixer options Vita pre-amplifies the sound with Wide-Z technology that handles microphone, line, and instrument signals with ease. XLR output permits a straightforward wired affiliation to alternative Thump loudspeakers. Versatile mounting choices include stand and pole-mounting, and a twin-angle style can be used as a stage monitor. There are four application-specific speaker modes for immediate system improvement, accurate digital crossover, and electrical device time alignment. Universal power provided (100-240VAC) with the appropriate correction technology ensures consistent performance even with unstable AC supply. Loading in and out is also simple with a handle made for portability and accessibility.

The company also offers a Mackie water-resistant speaker bag/carry case for Thump 12A & Thump 12BST, which is the perfect accessory to hold your fresh purchase. With its significant heavy-duty build quality, both in interior and exterior, this case can shield your speaker from wear and tear or any impact from injury that may occur once you are on the go.


  • 1000W Total System Power
  • Gig-ready, high-output design
  • Ultra-efficient Class-D amplification
  • Class-leading, Chest-thumping Low End
  • 12″ High-output woofer [Thump12]
  • 1.4″ Dome compression driver
  • Dynamic bass response delivers marvelous lows within the slightest degree of volumes
  • Complete System improvement
  • An end-to-end 2-way crossover
  • Electrical device time alignment
  • System protection / limiting
  • Class AB
  • 3-band equivalent with sweepable middle to change or toggle at regular intervals
  • Mic/line input permits a direct association of transducer
  • Versatile mounting selections similar to stand and pole-mounting
  • Perfectly angled design that’s efficient to be used as a stage monitor
  • Lightweight and movable
  • Rugged and durable plastic construction designed for important use
  • 29.0 lb / 13.2 kg

8. Peavey PV215D

Peavey PV215DInfused with DDT compression/anti-clipping protection, this setup offers a new-age clarity designed to please a large group of people in cozy house concerts. Signal input via a jazz band female XLR/1/4″ telephone jack provides balanced operations and a heavy crossover network with high frequency driver protection. Other features include tetragon enclosures, steel handles and protective corners, full-coverage heavily-perforated steel grill with powder coating, and a T-Nut speaker mounting.

The microphone built into this setup is of a condenser type that delivers optimum quality that also performs like a studio quality microphone. A premium condenser capsule is tuned beautifully for detail and powerful vocals. An innovative bolstered chassis guards the capsule while permitting maximum airflow for swish, open sound.

The phantom power circuit is chosen for the delivery of consistent tone and made to pick up even the smallest of noises. This system follows the cardioid polar pattern to deliver substantial off-axis noise rejection and maintain its presence. Blue’s proprietary floating capsule mount is used primarily for noise cancellation and even the smallest of disturbances cannot be heard through the pads or filters.

The PV® Series, one amongst the foremost-enduring loudspeaker system enclosures, is currently power-driven with category D technology. Peavey® proudly debuts the PV 215D – two light-weight and moveable loudspeaker systems utilizing Peavey’s legendary features and sophisticated D power amp technology to deliver uncomparable performance and worth. An extended tradition in sound reinforcement, the PV Series unit is housed in a sturdy picket and carpet-covered enclosures. The new PV power-driven enclosures deliver 400 watts of bass-pounding, distortion-free sound through Peavey’s DDT™ compression.

Peavey PV215D 400W power-driven PV Series’ electro-acoustic transducer delivers the best-in-class sound at a fairly cheaper rate. These speakers fall under the category of best cheap speakers. Priced at $599 on Amazon, Peavey PV215D is a powerhouse that uses an electro-acoustic transducer with two 15 inch woofers that are Class-D amplified. There’s also a quasi-three-way power-driven sound reinforcement enclosure. The RX14 consists of a diaphragm compression driver that is both compact and powerful at the same time. The constant radial asymmetry speaker unit horn is angled at 60° x 40°. This Class-D power-driven system boasts an 800 W total peak on the market.


  • 800 Watts “peak” available power
  • Quasi-three-way powered sound reinforcement enclosure
  • Constant directionality speaker system horn, 60° X 40°
  • Class-D powered system with up to 800 W of total peak power
  • DDT™ compression/anti-clipping protection
  • Signal input via jazz group, female XLR/1/4″ cable, telephone jack, providing balanced operation
  • Heavy-duty crossover network with high frequency driver protection
  • Carpet coated quadrangle enclosure
  • Steel handles and protecting corners
  • Full-coverage heavy perforated steel grill with powder coat
  • T-Nut speaker mounting Peavey® exclusive twin 15″ heavy woofers with two 3/8″ voice coil & 50 oz. magnet
  • Contour switch provides bass and treble
  • Weight: 86.00 lb
  • Width: 20.5″
  • Height: 50″
  • Depth: 17″

9. Cerwin Vega CVE15

Cerwin Vega CVE15Cerwin Vega CVE-15 is a 15” 1000 Watt powered Active DJ PA Speaker with Bluetooth and DSP. It comprises Rockville’s Adjustable Light Stands on which you could mount your speakers for optimum delivery of sound. Along with the speakers, you get two 20 foot XLR cables. This is a full-range powerful loudspeaker that falls under the 1000-Watt category D electronic equipment. It has a frequency response of 45Hz – 18kHz (±3 dB) and frequency range of 41Hz – 23kHz (±10 dB).

In addition, every CVE speaker permits audio streaming via Bluetooth from any smartphone. The lightweight polymer is enclosed and combined with 128 dB of headroom that makes the CVE-15 the best solution for live applications. The manufacturer’s 65 years of promise guarantees sick beats without being taxing on your ears.

Even though the CVE series is driven by an advanced DSP and loaded with technology, the simplified and effective device permits a quick, economical setup. There’s no sophisticated show, dial-knobs, or endless menus to scroll through. Simply access all controls with the push of a button to tailor your sound to the atmosphere and your style. Stream audio from any smartphone or connect via Bluetooth, in mono or stereo-paired mode. The CVE Series is light-weight, integrated, and suitable for gigs wherever mobility overrides.

The CVE-15 full-range polymer enclosed cabinet principally delivers sound with exceptional clarity, wide dispersion, rich bass, and adequate headroom once the party gets going.

Cerwin Vega CVE15 relies on the quality of sound when it comes to delivering the optimum output with regards to a larger setup that’s slightly bigger than an intimate house party. The overall flexibility of this system is seamless and the accessibility of the system is built with near perfection. The deliberate inexpensive pricing of this product caters to a larger group of consumers in order to spread its benefits without much of an investment among both beginners and professionals.

The rigid construction is also pretty impressive. The ability to bear a heavy object mounted onto it and still be firmly attached to the ground without any external support is commendable. The engineers at Cerwin Vega have invested quite some time in order to perfect this model with steel rods and custom construction that has been offered to the crowd. The stand is also sturdy and relatively light enough to place on any type of footing and carry around.


  • Full-range powered loudspeaker
  • 1000 watt Class D amplifier
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz – 18kHz (±3 dB)
  • Frequency Range: 41Hz – 23kHz (±10 dB)
  • Max SPL: 128
  • 1″ High Frequency Driver and 15″ Low Frequency Driver
  • Dispersion: 90° X 60°
  • Inputs: Two jazz-group XLR/TRS
  • Outputs: 1 XLR
  • Controls:
  • DSP Mode Switch
  • Bluetooth Pair/Link Switch
  • Channel Toggle
  • Bluetooth Toggle
  • Enclosure: Polymer
  • Switches: 5 modes enabled or disabled by one switch
  • Dimensions(HxWxD): 27.2 x 16.5 x 15
  • Weight: 34lbs

10. Alphasonik All in One

Alphasonik All in OneThis is a complete DJ party loudspeaker that comes in a box with one passive and another active speaker, along with a power supply for both. The box also includes two rack stands with AR engraved onto them to mount your speakers. In addition to that, the speaker has a high-quality electro-acoustic transducer memory card and an STC cable to connect every speaker. This package has everything you’d like – integral Bluetooth, USB, Auxiliary, RCA, XLR, FM radio inputs, and various other items. This product is also a smart choice for indoor and outdoor events.

You can play your music wirelessly from any bluetooth-enabled device like an iPhone, iPad, tablet, etc. A complete hands-free operation is possible using these wireless tools in order to play your music. You could also play tracks from your preferred digital platform for hours by plugging an SD card or a USB media drive. These speakers are compatible with analog devices, with a 3.5 mm output jack to play your audio via the AUX input. Play live music or content with the integral FM Radio. With a mere amendment of the sound and operation of the system with the LED screen that comes in handy, you have an extra management utility with the encircled IR wireless device.

Impress your audience with the integral (on/off switchable) LED lights that sparkle with the beat of your music. You can also fine tune the system with the precise Alpha Q bass and treble equalizer for quality output. Use the Echo for speech events, vocal music parties, or several other occasions. Try out various styles of audio connections like AUX, Stereo RCA’s, and XLR to play your music.

The high-quality precise vocal electro-acoustic transducer is mounted on the motherboard to deliver a loud and clear sound. You can add vocal effects with the integral echo. Plug any stringed instrument (guitar, or even its electronic counterpart) and you could easily outdo the others in the game by simply delivering awesome sound with apt resonance and echo. You could also change the angle of the speakers by altering the volume of the sound with the encircled rack mounting stands.

Rugged and durable AlphaTough cabinets are made to last longer in all kinds of environment. STC (speaker twist connector cable) efficiently permits you to connect the two speakers and prevents accidental cable-unplugging from the cabinet. You can enjoy some high quality music without sacrificing on sound. The twin acoustic ports completely tune the system for optimum bass reproduction. The clever enclosure also incorporates a handle that permits for easy speaker portability along with hassle-free usage.

You’ll be astounded by how loud these speakers can sound with their wide coverage horn speaker system and the sheer amount of bass. The output, with finely-tuned mechanic ports, is impeccable. In addition to the flawless sonic capabilities of the system, the rugged and sturdy AlphaTough cupboards stand up to nature’s wrath and is even able to face harsh mobility. STC (speaker twist connector cable) style permits you to attach each speakers along and prevents any accidental unplugging of the cable from the cupboard.

Don’t be afraid to turn up the volume. With the only 2-channel consisting of electronic equipment, you’ll simply be managing the quantity of output from one location for each speaker and supplying a significant amount of power to play your music as loud as you wish for an extended period of time. But this still isn’t the priority of your system when playing low frequency sounds. No matter your scenario or means of application, you’ll certainly be impressed with these Alphasonik active twin speaker systems that perform without sacrificing or compromising on the quality of sound that you deserve. These speakers deliver unimaginable output in your next performance or event in line.

With the dual band equalizer on the board itself, you can easily control and toggle between tracks and finally deliver a flawless track on the podium itself. These speakers also boast a built-in amplifier which helps the volume reach a high even before you turn up the knob. You need not worry about handling this with extreme care as you would with a ribbon microphone. These speakers are built for rigorous and rough usage from a durability standpoint. But that also doesn’t mean that you throw these speakers around. Nevertheless, these are certainly one of the most robust and durable products on the market right now.


  • 15″ 2500 Watts Amplified PRO DJ ALPHABASS Complete Speaker System
  • Complete party package ready to go
  • (1) Active Speaker – (1) Passive Speaker – (2) Tripod Stands – (1) STC Cable (20 ft)
  • Two Heavy Duty Steel DJ Speaker Tripod Stands Included
  • (1) Multi-Directional High Quality Wired Microphone Included
  • STC (Speaker Twist Connect) Cable Included (20 ft) – Use to connect both speakers together
  • Built-in Bluetooth with Audio Streaming
  • USB / SD Card / AUX Inputs (USB/SD Support up to 32GB)
  • Built-in FM Radio and MP3 Player
  • Digital LCD Screen with Full Controls
  • Dual Sided Air Ports Design for Optimal Sound Quality
  • Multi-Functional Wireless Infrared Remote Control Included
  • Guitar Amp – Plug any Electric Guitar and You’re ready to Rock!
  • Direct Karaoke Compatible
  • Echo Effect Control
  • Alpha-Q – Bass / Treble Equalizer
  • White LED Ring on both Woofer Surrounds with ON / OFF Switch
  • AlphaTough Cabinet – Durable and Rugged Material Made to be on the Road
  • Industrial Strength Rugged Protective Cabinet Grill
  • LED Indicators: White LED for Power / Orange LED for Clipping
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary Input
  • XLR Output
  • XLR Inputs
  • Composite RCA Audio Input
  • Banana Plug (1/4″) Input for Wired Microphones / Electric Guitars
  • 60 Oz. HQ Graphite Y-30 Magnet
  • 2″ VC Kapton 2-Layer Copper Voice Coil
  • High Compression 1″ Titanium Driver with Horn Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20Khz
  • Sensitivity: 114dB
  • Impedance: 8-Ohm
  • Operation Voltage: Switchable 110 – 240 Volts

In selecting PA speakers, the key trade offs to think about are unit movability versus performance. Whereas full-range speaker racks that contain a speaker unit, mid-range amplifier can be easily moved from one place to another giving you the best in class portability across all platforms. They generally won’t deliver an equivalent performance as high-end speaker arrays. Measured in sound units (decibels), the sensitivity is one of the most vital albeit unnoticed speaker specifications.

A speaker’s sensitivity indicates the loudness of a speaker – in either a non-echoing atmosphere or an echoing atmosphere. Some makers specify the sensitivity measured in a medium-sized environment, whereas others take into thought a non-reverberant atmosphere. (Sensitivity measured in echoing atmosphere can have results inflated by a pair of speakers over a non-echoing atmosphere.)

The higher the sensitivity rating, the louder the speaker actually is. A median speaker comes with a sensitivity of around 87 to 88 decibels. A speaker with a sensitivity rating over 92 may be considered extraordinary. So we hope you’ve thoroughly scoured the above list comprising the best DJ speakers for DJing, best DJ portable speakers and best DJ bluetooth speakers.

A good speaker with a somewhat dicey rack might spoil the quality of the sound. Therefore, the standard of the rack equally matters when you’re shopping for a speaker. Make sure that your purchase is made of dense material like wood since any lightweight component interferes with the sound created by the speaker. Although it barely has any effect on the highs, it can significantly influence the speaker’s bass. This doesn’t mean that your speakers ought to have a wooden rack. They could probably have one fabricated from dense material.

Well, the specifications that a speaker provides you with may induce quite a lot of thought-provoking questions concerning its performance. While these may perform well in theory, the practical usage completely depends on the standard of its drivers, racks, and other vital elements.