Best DJ Mixers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Behringer DJX900USB 2. Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 3. Rane MP2015
Behringer DJX900USB DJ Mixer Best DJ Mixers Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel Mixer for Serato DJ Rane MP2015 DJ Mixer

Are you an aspiring DJ looking for the best DJ mixer but confused to choose from so many options? As DJ you would know the importance of having this DJ equipment. Do not worry anymore. In this guide we are going to cover a wide aspect of DJ mixers. These would include; What is a DJ mixer exactly? How to use it? What are the features to look up to. Also, I will be discussing a considerable number of DJ mixers available in the market for you to choose from.

What Is A DJ Mixer?

Dj mixer is a device used by disc jockeys to modify, control or manipulate the music. The main use is to make different sounds or to play records or even for the transition from one track to another. Every DJ has his own preferred DJ mixer. The best DJ mixer is the one that is most handy for the DJ to adjust the levels and beats of the music while performing live.

Dj mixer takes input from the CD or the laptop attached. It then performs the function of adding and mixing the soundtrack with some other transitions and beats to make it sound amazing. Dj mixers are extremely crafted devices and valuable addition to your DJ set. It will let you mix multiple soundtracks and make a brilliant mix out of it.

The quintessential image of the DJ table is the Best DJ mixer with two turntables. These DJ mixers usually come with two turntables and only a few of them can accommodate four turntables. A typical DJ mixer will have two to four inputs so that the DJ can listen to the other song prior to playing and find the best part for transition, which keeps the party going.


The DJ mixer is connected to the PA system or the audio console depending upon where it is being used if the DJ is performing it in a party. It is connected to the reinforcement system to amplify the weak signals. If the DJ is playing on radio or television, it will be connected to the audio console to broadcast it simultaneously. At clubs, DJ may use monitor speakers connected to the DJ mixer and adjust the volume as required.

How To Choose A DJ Mixer?

For a music enthusiasts, DJ mixer is one of the primary tools to learn. The best DJ mixer is the one that fulfills your needs and meets your budget. Hence, choose very wisely from an ocean of available products for what you exactly need. If you go for the cheap alternatives as the cheap crappy decks it will make your learning process and DJing experience a nightmare, and you might not want to do it again and for that, a good DJ MIXER is needed which will bring you to the peak and make your DJing experience remarkable. The main features which you should consider before buying a DJ mixer is.

1) Number of Channels

This will let you know about the number of channels you can mix from each deck, it can be two, one from each deck and even more than that depending upon the DJ mixer. All though one channel DJ mixer is a waste, what would you do with a one channel DJ mixer. Don’t waste your money on a one channel DJ mixer.

2) Number of Inputs

A DJ mixer will be able to mix two sources at once but can still have almost four inputs, one can be a CD player and the rest can be turntables on either side of the mixer. They will have a switch which you can turn on and off when needed as you get the signal.

3) Mic input

Not all DJ mixers have a mic input. However, it will let you hook up the microphone and it is super fun but you can learn to DJ without it also. With a mic input, you are better able to communicate to your audience and keep them excited.

4) Channel EQs

Channel EQs Helps in blending frequencies and help you make a smoother track by mixing all the frequencies according to how you need it. It brings all frequencies to a unified level to provide you with an even-toned output.

5) Level Meters

Level meters lets you know about the volume of the track playing, it is a stip of LED light flashing back and forth with the beats of the sound playing. It also lets you know about the volume of individual channels and which is more preferable.

6) Gain Controls

It has to be in a DJ mixer to set the level of all the channels, a separate knob for each channel is more preferable, and will come in handy for better mixing.

7) BPM Counter

Some DJ mixers might have a beat per minute counter. It lets you detect the rhythm of the track playing automatically. This is an additional feature and not necessary for beginners. However, when you are at an expert level or start mixing professionally, might need one.

How To Use A DJ Mixer?

If you are purchasing a DJ mixer for the first time, I am sure you are very excited yet nervous. Even the basic DJ mixer with two turntables has to be understood and unless you know the science of it you wouldn’t be able to use it properly. Now how would you start? Before anything else you need to set it properly so that it will be functional. Your aim must be to make effective use of the mixer which starts with the process of setting it up.

A) Setting Up

The first and the foremost thing you have to do after getting a Dj mixer is that you need to set it up properly. Now, how would you do that? here is how you can set it up and make it work. You will have to plug in all the equipment you have including the decks or the speakers, everything into the mixer. Every DJ mixer has a line input that lets you connect your mixer to the following:

  • Turntables
  • CD player or multiplayer
  • Other digital tables

Make sure the same color plugs are connected and the right deck to the channel one line and the left one to channel two. Then connect the power plug. There are many other things for the initial set up that has to be taken care of, including the volumes. Once you have set the volumes right, your DJ mixer is ready to use. You will also have to make sure that the channel knobs are set to the 12 o’clock position.

Once you start playing the tracks you will have to increase the volume by slowly moving the knobs in the clockwise direction. If you are using a booth monitor for increasing the volume you can still do the same until you are happy with the volume.

Now that you have set the volume, turn the volume down and plug the earphones in and now start increasing the volume until you reach a comfortable level. However, don’t overdo it to a level where it harms your hearing. Now that you have set the volumes you know they will need only minor adjustments in future.

B) Music Mixing Control

You will find a crossfader on front side of your DJ mixer. When you adjust it to the center, it makes both right and left decks audible. Furthermore, If you move the crossfader to the left the deck, the right side becomes quieter and vice versa. The DJ mixer will also have a fader which ensures the fading in and out of the music. You can easily set the speed of fading.

The channel fader on the DJ mixer will control the volume of each channel as set by the master knob. Move the channel fader all the way from left to right to output the full volume. If you push it all the way down to the left, it will cut off the volume completely. Now when you are mixing, press play and move the crossfader from left to right and then the channel fader up and down. This way you will be able to know how the sound mixes.

C) Trim and EQ Adjustments

Now there are some other knobs on the DJ mixer. If you want to control the volume of the channel separately you will have to use trim and this way you can easily adjust the sound. Also, while mixing you will observe that some sounds are recorded on a slightly different frequency which happens because of this knob on DJ mixer known as trim. It will let you keep the volume same for all the channels or a different volume across channels according to what you need. It also prevents the high level of distortion caused due to all the heavy mixing.

The EQ section is responsible to blend the frequencies of the different soundtrack and this plays a very important role if you have to make an amazing mix. It is used to blend the frequencies to make a perfect and smooth mix. Using the EQ is very important and vital for making a beautiful track.

D) VU Meters

These are the lights that keep jumping on and off with the beats of the music. Sometimes the audio levels might clip and cause distortion and can also damage the equipment you have but how will you know that? When you see the light going red on any channel you know something is going wrong and you need to fix it. Now that you know something is going wrong you need to figure out the way to fix it. You can fix it by adjusting the trim and EQ adjustments knobs until the red light goes off and your equipment is free from the danger. Ideally trim and eq adjustments should be at 12’o clock.

Why You Use Headphone To Mix?

When you are playing one mix on the speaker, you can listen to two mixes on your headphones. This way you can listen to and fix a mix prior to playing it. The headphone section on your DJ mixer has a cue mix, either a crossfader or a knob. This cue mix lets you adjust and make a mix predominant. If you keep the cue mix in the center, both mixes will be played on the same volume. The channel you listen to, in the headphone will not be affected in a way if you change the EQ. However, it will change the frequency of it on the main speaker.

Features of DJ Mixer

Before becoming a DJ mixer you need to understand the equipment and explore it properly and know all the features to use them correctly in ideal situations. A DJ mixer is the most primary tool of a DJ. You can only perform your tricks and create heavenly mixes on mixer if you are super handy with it.

Hence, knowing your DJ mixer inside out is super important. As DJ, you must fully understand the features your DJ mixer has to offer, to make the most of out of them.

1) Input Switches

Input switches enable you to choose the input signal access. The foremost knob that any input signal from turntable will encounter is the Gain (also called Trim).

2) Trim

As discussed above, trim lets you adjust the volume of the channel separately so that when the mix is being recorded it is possible to record different channels at different frequencies and will also help in maintaining the volume of all the channels alike. Its sole purpose is to adjust the sound on the two channels playing together to come out on the same sound level so that it’s not discomforting and this small thing makes the mix standout.

3) Understanding EQ

I mentioned a brief introduction to EQs above. It blends different frequencies for you. Hence, it generates a mix for you that is super smooth to listen to. You can blend the frequencies in three different ways that are high, mid-range or low.

4) Channel Up fader

This channel up fader gives you the ability to decrease the sound once the signals hit up. But when the DJ is transitioning the track they use it to lower the sound or increase it when needed. When the channel up fader is off the sound of the track will decrease and when it is open the sound will increase. This is the feature most DJs work with.

5) Monitor Knob

The monitor knob lets you record all the output coming out of your DJ equipment. Hence, it is very important to keep the levels adjusted at this knob.

6) Master Knob

This mater knob is where your amplifier is connected. Hence, it lets you create and record the master output. If you have been tired of searching and wasted so much time already searching for a DJ mixer, or maybe you have got no time to research and find what is best for you, we have made it easier for you.

You don’t have to worry about searching for the best DJ mixer and the qualities and the pro and cons, this is the right place to search and find the top DJ mixer without getting confused in the plenty of options and then ending up wasting money on something that is not even worth it.

If you are investing in a DJ mixer for the first make sure you read about a considerable number of products and their features. List down the features that you’ll be needing and then go for the rightful option. You see, everyone wants their first to be best, same goes with the DJ mixer. You want the first one to be perfect in all the aspects with the best and upgraded technology being used.

Here we have made it easier for you because we don’t want you to get something which is not worth the money and experience.
But we don’t want that, we want you to enjoy mixing and make the best mixes. Here are all the best possible DJ mixers that might fall right into the list of the best DJ mixers which is all picked precisely keeping in mind the requirements of the DJ mixer you wanted and also based on the best reviews.

DJ mixers these days have superb features such as beat per minutes, onboard effects, connectivity, filters, and LCD display and many more which a good DJ mixer has. We are listing the DJ mixers that have all of these qualities and other added qualities which let them make their place in our list of best DJ mixers.

Top 10 Best DJ Mixers 2021

1. Behringer DJX900USB DJ Mixer

Behringer DJX900USB DJ Mixer Best DJ Mixers

This is one of the best DJ mixers for SERATO DJ pro. It is a fully configurable crossfader. It has customizable FX buttons too that help the DJ is trying different mixing styles. It is built to withstand the energetic performances and the concerts with the high-quality sound and mixing qualities. It has a high audio circuitry of a grand 4 channel DJ mixer.


The key features which will convince you to buy this amazing DJ mixer have been discussed below.
Margvel Fader pro

It smoothes the mixes and delivers a remarkable output. It will not only increase the quality of the sound but will also add in a great mixing experience.

You can fix the level of crossfader according to your preference and can adjust it again when mixing some other track. This mixer also comes with a shock absorbing feature.

Performance Pad

It has an interactive performance pad which lets you feel comfortable while creating your mixes.
It is a highly responsive and interactive performance pad that consists of all the multicolors. This display pad shows the EL display that shows the mode in play. You can also use Serato DJ Pro to allocate or map colors to modes according to your own choice.

Customizable FX buttons

It also has customizable FX buttons which have 6 Beat FX buttons and accompanied with 6 Serato DJ Pro FX buttons, and it also has plus 2 banks, which will not only give you unprecedented choice but also a great experience. You can fire up the pre-set Beat FX or you can replace them with any other popular onboard FX which is available. You can also map the Serato DJ Pro FX according to your own liking and parameters that are available to the right and have 6 buttons.

FX filters

The filter is always a big add on and is no doubt essential for the DJ during mixing. It will take care of the noise and the pitch. You can rotate the dial to add a high or a low pass filter to the FX on each of the channels you are using the channel. Also, you can use Serato DJ Pro with which you can switch to any other filter FX and adjust the Dub Echo, the Noise which is not so cool to be in the mix and the Pitch of the mix.

Enhanced MIC input

Like I mentioned earlier mic input is super necessary. However, if you have it available in your mixer, you are going to have a lot more fun while performing.

This MIC input feature will reduce the Echo and the high-quality circuitry will help you to eliminate all the unwanted distortion.

Clip display

This key feature is also a source for you get a smooth and distortion free mix and will show you when the volumes are on extremes.
The clip display is a feature that shows sound level and input levels. It also has a peak limiter to eliminate distortion in the output.

MIDI controller

In this DJ mixer you will have all the other external devices like CD Player, laptop, amplifier e.t.c. It is a fully MIDI assignable mixer via USB. Hence, it is able to send all the control information to external devices connected to the DJ mixer.Who wouldn’t want a melodious mix with all the rhythm on point? Pad drumming these days has become a trend for DJs. It adds an extra touch to the track and makes it more enjoyable.

Hence this DJ mixer is no doubt one of the top DJ mixers with a wide range of features. You can easily get it from Amazon and has a really good rating which makes it undoubtedly the best 2-channeled DJ mixer. And you wouldn’t regret buying this amazingly functioning DJ mixer.


2. Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel Mixer for Serato DJ

It is another remarkable DJ Mixer which will provide you will all the fun and experience. It is designed to withstand the intense and complicated performances. It comes with a margvel crossfader to provide you with the best quality, even leveled track. Hence, you don’t get distracted from the distortion and enjoy the performance at its full.

This DJ mixer will let you enjoy and experience different textures by turning the knob. Each time you turn the knob at a different position you get a different texture of the track. Isn’t that amazing? It has an amazing build in the sound card which makes it a more appropriate pick for you. It also has an accurate fader which will let your track be smooth and durable for more than 10 million movements.


Now I am going to discuss a few features that make it the best DJ mixer for beginners. Read thoroughly about the features and assess if you need them or not.

Built-in sound card

It has an amazing sound card that too built-in, which will increase the functionality of the DJ mixer. You can easily connect your PC or laptop with a single USB cable which will enable you to use Serato DJ Pro. It is very easy to make mixes from scratch with the help of your turntables. The Serato DVS can control Vinyl or compatible multiplayer.

Magvel crossfader

This another very exciting feature makes the scratching and blending easier and effortless with the help of this highly responsive Magvel Crossfader. It shares the same quality of magvel crossfader as the DJM-900NXS2. The quality of this fader is that it is accurate and makes your mixes smooth. It is also very long lasting and durable which will work for more than 10 million movements.

Independent channel filters

You can turn the filter knob on each channel if you want to create unique textures at each of the different position at which you place the knob. You can do it by twisting the parameter knob and also you can adjust resonance with that, and not only that it will also add tension to your performances. How cool is that!

High-quality sound

It is known for providing the high-quality sound and which also makes it the top DJ mixer 2021, it will provide the high-quality sound of your tracks. If you’re playing from digital or you are playing from the analog sound sources, you should thank the mixer’s dithering technology which makes it possible for you to provide a high-quality mix.

Flexible connectivity

Who doesn’t want the flexible connectivity which will help you even more? The XLR terminals on this DJ mixer will deliver the premium sound quality which is what all the DJs want. And the signal GND can firmly hold all the ground wires from the analog turntables.

This DJ mixer is no doubt one of the best among the many DJ mixers you might have seen, having all the necessary features and a few extra features too. It is available on Amazon and also has some amazing ratings which ensure that this DJ mixer will not let you down with its performance. It will let you enjoy the most during the mixing and the performance, which will no doubt make your skills even better.


3. Rane MP2015 DJ Mixer

Rane MP2015 DJ MixerThis is a new age mixer for classics. This DJ mixer lets you create mixes that are old school and conventional. It all started in 1999 and with that evolution began and now it has been reached to a very different level with latest features. With a vast variety of design and various input levels it is easier to create smooth classic mixes.

It has four volume knobs that are at the bottom of the DJ mixer, it is also topped by a filter knob. There are three EQ controls and trim is also located on each channel. It is composed from a very familiar yet basic architecture which is found in a lot of the top professional club mixers these days. The added three knobs are the oscillators that are located at the top of the DJ mixer, accompanied with crossfader that controls the frequency.

These knobs also help in reducing the distortion. All of this is completed with send or return circuitry for FX, which is another feature available in the DJ mixer. It also has a mic input feature is which is a great addition that lets you have fun with performances.

There are two USB ports with two corresponding audio interfaces. It also has an extra fifth channel which again is an extra addition which will let you make create amazing mixes and it can be used as a sub mix. These mixers are known for the exceptional sound quality they have been providing. Even though the MP2015 is a digital mixer and not an analog one, the sound it provides is stunning. It is mainly due to the high-quality components. It has an analog-to-digital signal converter this DJ mixer uses in its manufacturing, to achieve low distortion and wide dynamic range.

This DJ mixer is undoubtedly one of the best DJing mixers to meet your need and requirements and all set to perform its jb fully without letting you down in a possible way.


4. Denon DJ AB Box Clean (AO7) DJ Mixer

Denon DJ AB Box, Clean(AO7), 18.10 x 2.00 x 11.10 (DNMC6000MK2)It is a sound mixer of the new generation having all the latest features used and to withstand all the high quality and heavy beats. It is made with the precision to give off the amazing mix with all the frequencies adjusted and sound levels on point. It is undoubtedly the greatest DJ mixers among the many other due to its 4 deck functionality and multitude connectivity. If you’re searching for something that is from the new generation and works amazingly it is the one for you. That is why I consider it as the best budget DJ mixer.


Along with the newage features, it also offers few classic features too. Let’s have a look at its features in depth.

4-Deck Functionality

It is one of the most newage features available only in modern DJ mixer. 4-functionality is not very common in regular DJ mixers. Most of the mixers only have a 2-deck functionality. The 4-decks functionality increases the sound levels.

It is to open up the creative possibilities which will come with 4-deck mixing. The unit has top panel places where all important features such as transport, pitch, EQ, loop, hot-cue are present so to ensure you an optimal, error-free, smooth and accurate live performance.

A Multitude of Connectivity

It also has a multitude of connectivity and is another new addition in the feature. The MC6000MK2 accommodates table top where the CD and Vinyl decks are placed. Also, the auxiliary input sources that are present can easily be integrated, with the help of USB audio input routing. It adds even more flexibility and makes it even more successful. MC6000MK2 ensures you fast and very efficient DJ hand-overs too. Isn’t this more than what you wanted?

Transparent Accessibility

Another feature is the transparent accessibility which makes it even more worth it. This new MC6000MK2 will give you the confidence that all faders, dials, and buttons are exactly at the position where they need to be – allowing them all to work together and produce an amazing soundtrack.

It is one of the best DJ mixers and it is easily available on Amazon. The Amazon rating of the mixer is quite satisfying for you to go for it. What else would you want to convince yourself! This is one of the recommended best 2 channel dj mixers.


5. Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 Ultimate 5-Channel Digital DJ Mixer

Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 Ultimate 5-Channel Digital DJ MixerIt is a super cool DJ mixer will all the setting that is easy and will let you enjoy the learning process. You can hook up to the turntable and spend all day mixing and making music and it all seems to be easy with this really amazing DJ mixer.

This DJ mixer is one of the best DJ mixers for live performances. The features such as independent channels and crossfader, let you smoothly manage your sound and frequency levels while performing in front of the crowd.


This amazing DJ mixer is so full of features and a few of them are listed below.

5 independent channels

It has 5 independent channel out of which channels 1-4 are crossfader assignable and are suitable for both vinyl and CD decks. It is possible to adjust each channel separately with the help of headphones and can be monitored easily.

A separate mon channel is also provided which is not crossfader assigned and it is the dedicated mic channel.

Crossfader functionality

After all the review you might have understood that crossfader is an important feature of any DJ mixer. For more accuracy and smoothness it provides the better mix for your audience to enjoy. Hence, the crossfader has to be super intact.

All the core functionality of any of the best DJ mixer lays in its crossfader. The DDM4000’s crossfader is assigned to any of channels 1-4. It also sports a 3-band EQ button which is present on either side of the DJ mixer. The crossfader’s curve sensitivity can be adjusted easily and in the unlikely event when you can wear it out. The crossfader of this DJ mixer itself is replaceable and makes your mix the best so that your effort pays off.


Another feature of the amazing DJ mixer is that it has a filter which is essential for all the DJ mixers and it is that one quality that every DJ wants in his mixer.

This DDM4000 DJ mixer features a stunning dual FX section which includes the patented BPM counting technology. This technology will allow the mixer to read/display the beats per minutes of 2 different inputs and to also apply BPM-synchronized effects. These effects include an echo synced to the beat of the music.

With all those positive features how can you not consider it before getting a new DJ mixer? It is available on Amazon and has a good rating. It is one of the top DJ mixers which is why it has made it to my list of best DJ mixers.


6. Numark M6 USB – Professional Four-Channel USB DJ Mixer with 3-band EQ & LED Metering per Channel

Numark M6 USB - Professional Four-Channel USB DJ Mixer with 3-band EQ & LED Metering per ChannelNumark is a brand that has been producing the best DJ mixers for many years. The brand always comes up with remarkable features. This DJ mixer is revolutionary with all features that work really well for beginners. It has various features that can be utilized by professional DJs. This brand will give you the best revolutionary, the classic and smooth experience you always strived for. This DJ mixer is one of the best picks for you need if you are a beginner or a professional.


Some of the revolutionary features of this amazing product are being discussed so that you don’t have any confusion left.

Audio Inputs

This DJ mixer is taken audio inputs and whatever your setup demands, this arsenal of inputs makes this DJ mixer ready for anything and everything! It comes with multiple line switchable RCA inputs and along with that it also comes with two mic inputs. There is also a USB which is primed for turntables, and CD players and virtually it is compatible with any other audio source.

USB Connectivity

Who wouldn’t want a USB connectivity? In fact, it is essential in the DJ mixer to have a USB connectivity, this way you can get more out of your mixer. It has this seamless plug , with which you can easily plug and play USB and enjoy the connectivity for Mac or PC. This USB lets you mix in more music from different sources such as from your laptop and will also let you record your sets to play them later.

Core Control

Every DJ needs a strong crossfader which is provided in this DJ mixer. This mixer has all the tools which are necessary and you will need for perfect mixing, every time you want to mix. There are three-band EQs on each channel that is available. There is also a replaceable crossfader which comes with slope control. This DJ Mixer will give you all the essential tools that you will need to give your audience what they are there for. You can create and enjoy the most with all the smooth and accurate frequencies and an even better sound quality.

It is robust and reliable. It is no doubt one of the best functioning DJ mixers which makes it part of my top listed and best DJ mixer. It has all the qualities which a beginner will require to learn. And not just that, it has all the features which a professional DJ will need to perform in a concert.

It is available on Amazon and has really great review which ensures that the users are satisfied with the product. This mixer will not let you down for sure!


7. Pyle Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board Console

Pyle Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board ConsoleIf you are just a beginner and don’t want to get an expensive DJ mixer this is the one for you. It is a cheap alternative for all the expensive DJ mixers and yet providing all the necessary features which make sure that the mix you make is no less than amazing. It is one of the best DJ Mixer and most feature oriented even when it is not that heavy on your pockets. It is one of those DJ mixers which provides you with the best quality of soundtrack and will also let you and your audience enjoy the mix to the fullest.


Some of the main features that are the most important ones and the ones you are looking for in a DJ mixer you wanted are listed below. It is to make it easier for you to choose among the other the best mixers

FX amazing effect

If the DJ mixer is providing FX analog effect then it tends to provide you with the best quality of sound. It will let you and the audience go crazy with the sound effects it has been providing and along with that making is a great mix.

Bluetooth wireless receiver

It also has a built-in wireless receiver which will let you mix more music without any hassle and fuss. You just need to connect the laptop to the DJ mixer via Bluetooth and enjoy your mixing experience.

USB Connectivity

It also has a USB interface where you can easily connect your PC with it and enjoy mixing and making more and more tracks. This USB interface has made it easier for the DJs to make tracks as it makes the music making hassle free and then you need to worry about essentials while performing live.

Stereo level crossfader

It is one of the most important features of the DJ mixer, to maintain or to make the quality of sound any better. You will need a strong crossfader and with this you will be able to provide the best and accurate sound. This sound has even frequencies and hence takes your mixes to a whole new level.

It is easily available on Amazon. I have found the product for you that is not only cheaper than the other DJ mixers but it also has so many features which will let you enjoy creating mixes a lot more. There are no major complains about it in the reviews and has a fairly above average rating.


8. Allen & Heath ZED-6 Compact 6-Input Analog Mixer

Allen & Heath ZED-6 Compact 6-Input Analog MixerIt is a package full of robustness and all the really amazing features that make your DJ mixer functional. It has a multifunctional system which makes it a perfect choice for all the musicians and DJs. It definitely worth the money and will not make you regret your choice. It will be a versatile companion whether it is about performing it at home or a concert or a party. The system is engineered to reduce your adjustment timing. It is a robust and reliable system which let you embrace every point of creativity you have.


Here are some of the few features of this amazing DJ Mixer which will compel you to buy. Even though, the price of this mixer is a bit higher, it is very well worth it.

Studio level reverbs and delay

These studio level reverbs help you in adjusting the frequency levels and adding delays to your mix. Also, it will also let you record the track in a much better way and will enhance the quality of the recorded track. The dynamic model of reverbs and delays are provided by the multi-model effect provided uniquely by this DJ mixer only.

Crossfader and FX effects

This DJ mixer is also accompanied by a crossfader which will let you enjoy and your audience enjoy a high-quality sound mix and can go crazy over that so that the party gets started.

This crossfader will let you enjoy the track with accuracy, smoothness and great quality of sound. It will not only smooth the soundtrack but will also blend in the frequency. Hence, the mixes by this DJ mixer are super smooth to be played live.

This DJ is available on Amazon and you should get it without having any second thoughts or at least consider it in a list of Best DJ mixers. It is one of those DJ mixers that add life to your live performances. A lot of professional DJs who perform in huge crowds more than in the house, prefer this mixer. The best part about this mixer is that the system is not complicated at all. Hence, you can avoid unnecessary delays in your live performances. The rating on this DJ mixer is also really good which means it sure is an amazing DJ mixer.


9. Rockville RDJ3BT 2 Channel DJ Mixer

Rockville RDJ3BT 2 Channel DJ MixerAgain, it is a powerful, durable and robust DJ mixer and no doubt it is one of the best among the many other DJ mixers. It comes with a strong set of features which let you enjoy the mixing process and live performances. It doesn’t make your mixing experience monotonous, boring or complicated. Hence, I mentioned that this mixer is preferred for outdoor performances where you have keep the audience vitalized. Also, it’s easier tuning and setup save a lot more time and from you to getting exhausted while adjusting the sound levels.


Here are some of the features which will help you decide whether or not it is suitable for you to get this DJ mixer. I am going to write briefly about each feature so you can gauge the performance of the mixer inline with your requirements. Some of the features of this DJ MIXER are written below.

Built-in Bluetooth

This DJ mixer is by Rockville and it is a very compact yet greatly powerful DJ mixer which has a built-in Bluetooth. Built-in Bluetooth makes it so easy and hassles free to enjoy the mix and play more sounds from you pc anytime. The Bluetooth also enables wireless transfers, hence you can avoid so many unnecessary tangled cables and connections. Whenever you are in a mood to, then just connect it and explore the different source sounds you have on your PC. Similarly, the Bluetooth makes recording and transfer of output a lot easier too.

High-quality sound

This DJ mixer has 2 channels each of which has a separate gain, trim, bass, and treble controls. The main advantage which you will have is that this DJ mixer is made with the premium materials and it also offers extremely high-quality sound. It is built very tough and extremely rugged so it can withstand all the loud music and not skipping a single beat. This is why it is one of the best DJ mixers for outdoor performances and parties.

USB input

USB is again one of the hassle-free ways if you are want to do the mixing and don’t want any fuss. Alongside USB and bluetooth, there is an LCD display that lets you choose from the source tracks super quickly.


Other advanced features of this DJ mixer are talked over, cue controls, which is another important feature, and a switch. The switch is there on the front panel so that you can select which inputs you want to play or use for channel 1 and channel 2.

If you want a DJ MIXER that is top in sound and the quality that has no match this is the one for you. From the amazon reviews, I deduced this system is perfect for larger sets of audience. With a huge crowd, you need to keep rotating your mixes. Hence, this mixer with its quick and easy system lets you keep your performance alive.


10. Behringer Pro Mixer DX626 Professional 3-Channel DJ Mixer with BPM Counter and VCA Control

Behringer Pro Mixer DX626 Professional 3-Channel DJ Mixer with BPM Counter and VCA ControlIt is a professional 3-channel DJ mixer and it has a high-quality sound system which will let you enjoy the mix most, either making it or listening to it. It is one of those high-quality DJ mixers which works with a super strong crossfader. However, this mixer requires a very high-quality source input for you to create equally amazing outputs.


There are many features worth discussing in this mixer. However, I will shadow some light on the one that can influence your buying decision. The features of this world-class DJ mixer is undoubtedly the best.

Long-life crossfader

It has this multiple thousand cycles of life which make it good to go for years and blends the frequencies and provide the sound in high quality. It provides accurate and smooth track and lets the DJ and the audience enjoy it the most.

It is available on Amazon and also has a great rating ensuring that the product is satisfactory and not a waste of cash.



There are many features and many products available in the market for you to choose the top DJ mixer from. However, the final decision can only be influenced by your requirements, practices, desired outputs and of course, budget.

Hence, while buying the perfect DJ mixer for yourself, make sure you first understand your requirements in details. If you are more of an outdoor performer, you will be needing assisting features such as bluetooth connectivity and USB ports. However, if you are in-house performer, ou will needing more of strong crossfader and output features. Hence, choose very wisely from the wide range of products for what you actually need.