Best DJ Controllers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 Controller 2. Numak Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller 3. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR-2 Controller
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 Controller Best DJ Controllers Numak Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR-2 Controller

Are you an established or aspiring rookie DJ? Stuck in a tricky situation and can’t decide which equipment to start your DJ career with? Don’t sweat folks! Read this article for a complete guide to your starting your dream of becoming a DJ and finding the best DJ controller for your mixes.

Let’s discuss a brief overview of the best DJ controllers to understand the concept better. A bit of background knowledge will help you make a good decision while making an investment in DJ equipment like DJ controllers. Keep in mind that whenever choosing a DJ controller, it is important to do a little research and identify the expectations you have with your DJ controller.

Ask yourself a few important questions. Such as, what type of controller do you need? Do you prefer a portable one or not? Are you looking for dedicated knobs, buttons and other hardware which helps you spin that perfect mix? It is all about what fits your need and expectation!

From experience, we can tell you that most DJs look for controllers and hardwares like buttons, keys, knobs that have sole purpose when controlling the DJ software like the Serato DJ or the Rekordbox DJ, so that you have more access and hands-on control over the software features, and trust us when we say that this design will make your life much much easier!


Through our guide, you can easily identify the features and factors to look for when going for your DJ controller shopping online and also we have ranked the best DJ controllers of 2021 to make your decision easier. Always do your research and never make an uninformed decision, because a single bad decision can take your DJing aspirations down the drain.

DJ controllers and the likes of it are growing at lightning pace and the industry is moving towards morn technology leading to great designs. The modern high-tech approaches engaged in both hardware and software design of a DJ controller is setting the bar as high as ever.

There are numerous varieties of DJ controllers out there in the market presently and the number keeps increasing each day. You get to choose from a huge list of hardware and software options, which is significantly improving user experience every day. With the developing market for DJ controllers, specifically the hardware, you as an enthusiast now have more options. Such as, deciding which DJ controller matches your needs in terms of budget, powerful performance, user-friendliness, portability, and choice of software.

But the diverse choices also come with its cons and downsides. The increasing options have also made the decision making process complex, and all the counterfeit products making false promises and claims are not helping the cause at all.

Let’s face it guys! The decision-making process has become really hard due to the increased number of products and brands in the market. While the needs of every individual DJ will vary, this guide is meant to help you make an informed decision, so that you can feel confident when spending your hard-earned money.

This review has listed down the top 12 best controllers in the market presently and this review is multifactorial. From budget to innovation to hardware to software, we have considered every aspect that may help make the right decision.

First off, here is a brief division of the best controllers in 2021, categorized on the basis of their price range, where the high-end products have the highest prices and the low range products have the economical rates:

High-end: Pioneer DDJ-RZX, Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8, Denon DJ MCX8000.
Mid-range: Numark NVII, Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2, Reloop Terminal Mix8
Budget: Pioneer DDJ-SB3, Numark MixTrack Platinum, Numark PartyMix
Choose wisely!

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best DJ Controller

Now, you may have a high-end budget set for your first DJ controller, but, nevertheless, keep these factors in mind whenever you go looking at the best DJ controller. Let’s go through them one at a time:

1) Features & Attributes

Okay so starting out your DJ career is hard and the hardest part of it all is choosing the right gear to start with. The first and foremost factor to consider is the features, functionalities and attributes of the DJ controller. We cannot stress this more, but this is the most important factor to look for.

If you’re a rookie then judging the right features and functionalities and knowing which features matter more than the other can be tough, but to solve your problems here is the list of most important and impactful features you should be looking for and considering when buying a good DJ controller.

You should look for the type of Performance pads being used, the type of software compatible, the connectivity options, the number of dedicated keys present, the type of display offered, the kind of turn-table for scratching.

2) Design

It is rightfully said that first impressions are the last. And this statement fits our situation perfectly. DJing is all about impression and the user’s personal identity. Nobody’s asking you to fall heads overheal for the outer beauty of your DJ controller, but it is definitely an important feature to consider.

Does the device identify the type of personality you have? Will it leave the type of impression on your audience that you wish to have? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. If you look at the DJ controller and it matches your artistic niche and has the features you are looking for, bring it home instantly! After paying for it, of course.

3) Turntables And Mixers

You may think that with the modern tech now available, what is the need of considering traditional features? Well, the answer is that you start at the bottom. You cannot become a professional DJ without knowing the traditional DJ controllers in and out. You rookies need to start with the most important and basic mechanics of DJ controllers and the art of DJing before moving onto something bigger and more complicated.

To learn the basics, the first things to consider in your DJ controller is the size, type, and material of your turntable, platters, pitch faders, the number of the cue and play buttons and mixers. Let us check out an example of a DJ controller that has the best of all these tools for beginners.

Yes, folks, we are talking about the Traktor Kontrol S2, which has spacious layout and design, a durable quality material and large turntable to play around with. The software of this device may be outdated compared to our Serato DJ software but it is great for beginners and will help them grow gradually into a pro.

However if you are aware and well-versed with the basics of DJ controllers, scratching, turntables, etc. then we recommend going for DJ controllers from Pioneer, Denon etc. which have Serato DJ software and top-quality high-tech hardware to match. These DJ controllers offer a wide variety of turntables, mixers; jog-wheels that may help you achieve sky-rocketing success in your DJing journey.

For beginners, we do not recommend going for DJ controllers that do not have jog wheels or pitch faders like Native Instruments S5, which may look mesmerizing but you would be a bit more of a stretch for a rookie DJ. Once you are well-versed with jog-wheels, pitch faders, turn-tables, you can move onto complicated designs but knowledge of fundamentals of DJ controller is always the first step you have to take.
The bottom line is to never go for DJ controllers that have small jog-wheels and pitch faders.

4) Price

Everything has a price, my fellow DJs! But the key is to assess if your investment is worth it. Budget is, therefore, a crucial factor to look for when going to buy the best controller that fits all your needs. A rough price range of DJ controller is between 100 to 3000 dollars, in other words, the decision-making process is very important. The key is to match your features with the price range of your DJ controller and analyze whether both are complementary.

If you are a beginner, you should start with DJ controller which is low end like the pioneer DDJ-SB3, Numark MixTrack Platinum, Numark PartyMix. You may be confused. But trust us on this one, even if you have the cash for it, you shouldn’t make a big first investment on your first DJ controller.

However, do look around for options amongst the low end and medium end DJ controllers and go for the controller that fits your need perfectly. Make sure that turntables, jog-wheels and pitch faders are of appropriate size and the compatible software is Serato DJ, for a worthy experience. As a rookie, you might be looking for the best DJ midi controller that efficient yet economical.

If you are an expert or at least have basic knowledge and practice of DJ controllers, then it is a completely different story for you. You can explore pricier options like the Pioneer DDJ-RZX, Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8, Denon DJ MCX8000. Do not hesitate to spend up to 3000 dollars if you are an expert DJ because the mentioned products may be a bit expensive, but the features these DJ controllers offer are worth every penny of your investment.

All in all, it is all about your need and how far along in your DJing career you’re really are. Bottom line is, go for budget DJ controller if you’re an amateur DJ and for pricier options, if you are an expert.

5) Software

Many people tend to focus and fixate on the hardware they are buying, the turntables, knobs, and whatnot without paying heed to the software offered by the DJ controller. Well, we cannot stress more, but the software is a key factor that lands a DJ controller its rightful spot in the best controllers list. Some might even say that software is even more important than the hardware you choose to buy. Read through this guide to know which software is worth investing your money on.

Always do your research before making an investment and in this case, always try the software vis the trial versions available. The most flexible and popular DJ software in the market that make up the top-ranked DP controller currently are Traktor Pro, Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ or Virtual DJ. You may be a rookie or an expert, but by default, you maybe end up playing on the formerly mentioned DJ software as they are most popular and rightfully so.

But, nevertheless, use an online trial version of any of these prior to making a buy. Going for a trial version will help you decide which of the 4 DJ software suit your personality and you may find your niche. All the leading and the DJ controllers especially mentioned in our list work with Serato DJ and Rekordbox, so these are our personally recommended software, from one DJ to another!

The top DJ controller in the market currently that has everything a beginner would need is the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3. It works with Serato DJ software and amazing hardware to match.

Top 12 Best DJ Controllers 2021

1. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 Controller Best DJ Controllers

This DJ controller has managed to land a top spot in our best portable DJ controllers list possessing the most natural design and layout. All the specs are designed specifically for seamless user experience. That is what we look for in the best DJ controllers.

DDJ-SB3: 2-Channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ Lite

This portable DJ controller is a mixture of DDJ-SB2 and is one of the best Serato DJ controllers, and have taken to another level. Now, you can have easy access to practicing to be a DJ with the topper in our list of best Serato DJ controller, the DDJ-SB3.

No need to sweat if you are an amateur, it is never too late to start polishing your DJing skills with this perfect beginner’s tool. You start navigating with this affordable and handy controller. After you have enhanced your skills, you can move on to more complex devices like Serato DJ pro.

This amazing DJ controller offers a smooth shift from track to the other, to and fro, owing to its FX fade attribute. Not only that, it is one of the best controllers for scratching with which you can experiment scratching without the need of a turntable owing to the added Pad Scratch Function.

Now add a scratchy tinge to your DJing even if you are a beginner with as simple as a touch on the pad. The highlighting feature of this remarkable design is that it is a collaborative project with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Here is the detailed list of reasons why we are loving this DDJ SB3 and are ranking it # 1 in our best controller list.

Smart Design

The design is intuitive and exactly what you would need at any time and place. The inspiration of the design comes from DDJ-S DJ controller chain. It has a performance pad, job wheels, buttons for cue and play, auto-looping options. The design and layout of all knobs are user-friendly and they are positioned in a manner where they are super easy to be reached. So, feels like a pro tool that is light on the pockets.
Add scratch effects to cued and currently playing songs without a turntable thanks to Pad Scratch. Even though the price is super affordable, this DJ Serato controller is used state-of-the-art durable aluminum metal for its jog wheel and weighs only 5 pounds.

The circuitry of this remarkable DJ controller is divine and made from the finest quality materials. The latency of a jog wheel is very low and in turn, you get precision in your scratching. I know it is hard to believe that a budget controller can be packed with so many features and has made the top 12 best portable DJ controllers list of 2021, but the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 has proved everyone’s expectations to be inaccurate owing to its high-power and rich quality. This is why the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 is our personal top choice of the best controllers for beginners and people on a budget.

Easy Scratching

Now you can smoothly create that scratching effect to your songs with the help of its highlighting Pad Scratch feature that has made the need of turntables obsolete. You can bring out your inner artist and express yourself to the fullest with amazing and reproducible effects and patterns. Now you will always be in rhythm with the best portable DJ controller in town owing to the automatic speed and BPM balance control.

Fluent shifting between tracks

FX Fade feature makes this a paradise for both amateurs and pros, as you get flawless mixing in this Serato DJ controller. Those clashing genres will not seem difficult anymore to pull-off as you can get a perfectly smooth mixture of tracks with the FX Face feature and volume control. You can select from eight combos of four FX patterns – high pass filter, low pass filter, loop playback, and backspin.

Robust design

The material used in making this amazing DJ controller out-matches its pricing range. The aluminum used to make job-wheels, the high-quality circuitry and material give this a highly robust and durable design. The styling and layout give this DJ controller a sleek and pro look.
With the super compact and light design, this topmost DJ controller of 2021 can be carried anywhere and is very portable.

Serato sound card

Another thing we love about this Serato DJ controller is that you don’t need an external sound card for it to work. You can connect it to your PC via a UDB cable and voila! The magic begins.

Crystal clear sound

You get distortion and disturbance-free crystal clear sound from this DJ controller due to the high-end mic circuitry. This works great even where there is a greater level of inputs.


2. Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 | USB DJ Controller with Trigger Pads & Serato DJ Lite Download (Includes Built-In Sound Card)

Numak Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller

The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is a well-deserving candidate for our #2 spot in the list of Best DJ Controllers of 2021. In a nutshell, the features that have contributed to its ranking are:

Single plugging: A simple plugging in of the USB cable to your PC is enough to get you started with your DJing journey.
SERATO DJ LITE: You get controller registry without any payment and can easily download software.
Sound: Headphones, microphones, and speakers can be plugged in easily through a direct connection.
Perfect beats: Beats are always in perfect synchronization and match owing to the pitch faders.
Professional feel: Display of volume, jog-wheels made of metal with a super-sensitive touch, touch-strip with multiple functionalities, backlist.

Here is a detailed list of reasons why the Numark Mistrack Pro 3 has made it to #2 on our list of best controllers of 2021:

Control over mixing

Control is the most important feature to look for in the best controllers. The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3
DJ controller revolves around control and approaches it like blood circulating in your body. Yes! That important! To achieve that level of control, this amazing device comes with all the essential mixing tools the perfect DJing experience demands.

It is fixed with a crossfader, filters for its sound blenders possesses dual channels, job-wheels which are super sensitive touch, and EQ controls and other necessary tools for smooth and flawless mixing with a user-friendly approach. So better get creative!

Sound Interface

You can now go for complex set-ups easily with this amazing DJ controller. This DJ controller brings a professional level, on-board auditory interface. Additionally, you will get two headphone outputs for smooth transitions and finish, as well as a high-quality resolution.

With the Numark Mixtrack Pro, your tracks will always be super precise and accurate with very little effort. Not only that, this device connects to any type of speakers and recorders.

Limitless creativity

ou may get deceived by the compact layout, but don’t let looks cloud your judgment because this DJ Serato controller gives a banging performance owing to its controls. The control features take the performances to another level. It offers multiple functionality backlit pads, and not just 1 or 2, but 16 of them! Better believe it! You get several modes for your pad to get maximum control over transitions, of cue-points, looping ( be it automatic or manual) and sample playback.

Immersive performance

The crowd will focus on your beats and tracks now with this amazing DJ Serato Controller. Make your audience be immersed in the deep ocean of your performance and keep begging for more owing to the Mixtrack Pro 3’s dynamic work over FX control through touch strips having superior functionality. The smart touch feature makes access to your tracks and sets super easy and smooth, as opposed to the old controls and designs.

Sample loops toolkit

Kick-start your DJing career, like a boss, with this Portable DJ controller, the Mixtrack Pro 3, as it offers the finest sample tracks and content from PrimeLoops. The package contains 6 sample packs that have more than 380 top-rated loops, single shots, and drum kits.

Serato DJ inclusion

You can now become a full-fledged DJ and enhance your features to Senator’s complete version. In the beginning, you get Intro of Serato DJ compatible with your PC and is pre-mapped. The high-tech Serato DJ design makes this DJ controller one of the best amongst the top rated DJ controllers of 2021, owing to its many attributes, durability, reliability and expressive performance. From our side, it is definitely five stars!


3. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR-2 Controller

The Serato DJ DDJ SR2 has many specialized buttons that control functions which are key-related. You can easily move in-between Key sync, Key shift and Reset with the same temperament and flow. Not just that, you can now achieve hot cues, roll and sampler attributes owing to the robust pads that trigger the mentioned. These performance pads are large and possess many colors.

With the touch of a pad, you can now see multiple colors showing the mode and status of your play. The light-weight and compact design make it easier to carry and portable. It is provided with handles to make your mobility easier.

You can connect via either a USB or an AC source. You can get connected to a pro PA system owing to the fairly controlled XLR outputs and you can even examine your mixes and blends.

Here is a list of details why you should choose Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 as our #3rd among our best DJ controller 2021:

Harmonic control

In this controller, Serato DJ Pro software has been assigned controls that are solely added for that purpose, meaning that you can just press a button and control the DDJ-SR2’s software. Not just that, you can have absolute control over the key functionalities in DDJ-SR2 due to the addition of buttons for each key function that is there for sole purposes like Key Sync or Key Shift, thus jumping between tracks will be a smooth sail without any change in tempo.

This DJ controller holds dual channels giving it a professional feel. Another thing that makes this device look like a pro gear is the multi-chromatic Performance pads. The layout is very user-friendly and gives you room to move around your fingers easily. It is great for mobility and transportation owing to its lightweight and compact design. No wonder it is one of the best controllers of 2021.

Performance Pads

The Performance pads are designed to be larger than other DJ controllers and are multi-chromatic, giving the pads a robust design. You can easily go into different features like Hot Cues and Roll flawlessly. With the single hit, the colored display of the status of your performance is visible on the screen.


The size of the jog-wheel is large even though the overall size of this DJ controller is compact for portability. With the large job-wheels, you can accurately and precise scratching.

Audio mixer and controller

Due to the addition of this feature, this super DJ controller can easily control the sound from both players and turntables through the trims, channel faders. These trims and faders can control sound from other sources as well even when your PC isn’t connected to the device.

Dual-Level Meter

Through the level meter you can view all channel levels anytime you want to.

Fast searching

You can now search at lightening with this amazing DJ controller owing to its needle search feature which has a touch strip. With a single touch to the strip, you can move to any track or even any part of that track.


4. Numark NVII | DJ Controller for Serato DJ with Intelligent Dual-Display Screens & Touch-Capacitive Knobs

Numark NVII DJ Controller for Serato DJ with Intelligent Dual-Display Screens & Touch-Capacitive Knobs

We have selected some of the DJ controllers to make things easier for you when you go buy your gear. The Numark NVII deserves its spot as the #4 in our list of best controllers. The features of this DJ controller speak louder than words.

This portable Serato DJ controller has a dual-screen with professional touch and design, especially owing to its remarkable display, so you won’t need to keep your laptop with you all the time.

Through this amazing DJ controller, you get complete feedback of your operation owing to the design of its knobs with that touch-sensitive and markings on the device which is super clear.

This DJ controller is operated through the Serato DJ control software giving you an opportunity to mix different sounds, tracks, and layers. The light and compact design make it super easy for anyone to carry and during travels. The main focus of the design of this outstanding DJ controller is to engage with the crowd and what they want which is achieved through the dual display. You can keep your eyes away from your laptop and connect with your audience to give them what they need. This had raised the bar for other DJ controllers in the race.

Here is the detail of why you should be going for this DJ controller and considering it as one of the best DJ controllers of 2021:

Easy mixing and sensitive touch

You get absolute control over your audio through this DJ controller, the Numark NVII, which contains filters and touch-sensitive EQ. Not only that, you control and connect with your sound through the tips of your fingers owing to the multiple adaptive touch platters which are 5 inches, making them easy to touch.

Performance Pads

Now through this DJ controller, you get feedback which is backlit. These features can be enjoyed owing to the amazing performance pads that are 16-velocity sensitive. These incredible performance pads have several modes that helps you to smoothly do loop slicing, finger drumming, hot cues and much much more.

Multiple Decks

Through this DJ controller, you can now achieve an absolute control between your decks, from 1 to 4. You can switch seamlessly without affecting your tempo and create amazing remixes and mash-ups to make your audience go wild at your performance.

Inputs for Pros

The Numark NV II DJ controller has XLR outputs, Booth / Master RCA outs, and a 1/4-inch mic input. Due to these features, you get a super flexible design.

If you are on a budget and still want a DJ controller that is action-packed and full of features and surprises then the obvious option is the Numark NVII, which has abundant attributes and a dual screen display to keep you engaged with your audience. You get all of this in only 700 dollars. Unbelievable right? You better believe it! If you believe in classic DJing without the use of laptop and you travel a lot than the Numark NVII DJ controller will not disappoint you.


5. Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB Portable 2-Channel Controller For Rekordbox DJ

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB Portable 2-Channel Controller For Rekordbox DJGet groovy with the beat, because we are presenting the #5 in the line of our best controllers of 2021. This is the best choice if you are new to scratching and want to give it a shot.

Let’s jog through the details of why Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB in one of our favorites amongst the best 2021 DJ Controllers:
The Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB is operated through the rekordbox DJ software which is licensed along with the device.

No need for hassles.
The intricately designed jog-wheels, dedicated buttons, keys, knobs, faders, loop buttons, allows you to remix and blend tracks and sounds like a pro. The multiple ergonomically designed Performance Pads allow you to do Hot cues, Pad FX, Sampler, Slicer and much much more. Additionally, there is a Sequence Call button allow you to specifically queue and sequence of your sounds and tracks.

This DJ controller offers a list of options and thus more flexible usage in terms of connectivity with speakers. The DJ can play through external connected speakers or the device’s internal in-built speakers. There is an option to even connect with a wireless speaker. Not just that, there more! This device also allows you to connect to your headphones for cueing.


6. Roland Two-channel, Four-deck Serato DJ Controller with Serato DJ Pro upgrade (DJ-202)

Roland Two-channel, Four-deck Serato DJ Controller with Serato DJ Pro upgrade (DJ-202)Wondering about the details of why we have chosen the Roland Two-channel, Four-deck Serato DJ Controller as our #6 in our list of best DJ controllers of 2021? Well, have a look!

Portability and mobility

The Roland Two-channel DJ controller is super contact and lightweight DJ controller, as a result, you can take it anywhere, making the best if you are our tours. The setup is also very simple to put up. The lightweight and compact design, however, do not affect the quality of features this DJ controller offers. It had two-channels and a four-deck controller to give you absolute control over your sound.

Mixing and Scratching

Scratching, blending and creating innovative sound is not a dream anymore. The large jog-wheels, platters with low latency gives you chance to have control over your music and provide smooth jumping between tracks.

You can easily create hot cues, loops, samplers owing to the dedicated controls and buttons. Not only these, but you also get FX select buttons to refine your blends and beautify your scratching. And with dedicated Play/Pause and Cue buttons, you have the same direct control found on high-end controllers and standalone audio players.

This DJ controller is without a doubt one of the best controllers out there. The sleek and slim design, the low budget, the Serato DJ software, as well as the dedicated hardware options for fluid performance makes this a perfect catch for you future DJs.


7. Denon DJ MCX8000

Denon DJ MCX8000This DJ controller you get the following features that are sure to blow your mind away: This Denon controller has the Denon DJ Engine standalone technology which is a ground-breaking tech in the world of DJing.Along with the Engine playback in standalone mode, this device offers 2 USB inlets for connectivity.

The Serato DJ software which is the reigning champions of all DJ software is included in this DJ controller and has 4-decks.Can be upgraded to Serato DVS readily.

This Dj controller has dual HD display screens which display functions of Engine and Serato DJ. Through this DJ controller, you get flawless mixes and blends owing to the digital mixer that is based on four channels giving it a professional outlook.

Lastly, this DJ controller possesses three in-built effects for Engine playback and line inputs.

Coming to the details! Here are the main reasons for choosing the Denon DJ MCX800o as one of our best controllers of 2021:
Future of DJ controllers with high-tech software.

The MCX8000 enjoys a stand-alone position amongst its other competitors and has introduced ground-breaking technology to the world of DJing. This has raised the bar for its peers.

This DJ controller stands alone in offering its own in-built DJ software and not only that, but it can also work great with Serato DJ software. This is without a doubt the future of HD and high-performance DJ experience. The package includes HD screen displays that concurrently run both Serato DJ and a pro-grade 24-bit 4-channel mixer which makes you limitless.

Runs without a laptop

You read it right! With this Denon DJ controller, you do not need to look at your laptop screen constantly. It is designed to have two HD display screens that means that no laptop/PC is needed for it to function. You can now focus on your performance and crowd and enter into a new era of DJing. Both screens are operated through the standalone Engine 1.5 and Serato DJ software.

Built-in Engine Software

What is the Engine? The engine is the exclusive revolutionary DJ software under the hood of the MCX8000 that enables you to perform without a laptop. This amazing software brings you front and center to play your sets with the ability to just use a thumb drive with Engine.

Easy connectivity

Owing to its in-build standalone Engine Software, you get additional features like good and easy connectivity. With this DJ controller, the DJ need simply connect via USB without affecting the vibe. For Serato DJ, two USB are provided at the back of this DJ controller.


8. Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Professional DJ 4 Channel Controller – Rekordbox

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Professional DJ 4 Channel Controller - Rekordbox

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 is #8 on our list of best DJ controllers of 2021. The innumerous features offered by this ingenious controller have landed it in the spotlight. Here is a glimpse of what we are talking about:

Through this DJ controller’s amazing display you can view only the information you would like to see on the LCD display. This LCD screen which is present in between the jog-wheels has many chromatic options to choose.

You can now easily view playback position, loop points, waveform etc. You can breezily switch between tracks and parts without breaking you tempo and this feature is owing to the sensible layout and well thought-out design of jog-wheels.

With this rekordbox DJ controller, you get millions of movements owing to the high-tech and up to date software processing in this its crossfader and jog-wheel. Add layers and personality to your sound with this DJ controller owing to its Beat FX. There is 4 Beat FX attached in this DJ controller set.

Coming to the outstanding performance pads, you can hit those hot cues, loop points, sampler, beat loop owing to its touch-sensitive performance pads with 16 backlit display. The size is super compact and light so you can carry it anywhere. This compact design makes it perfect to carry it to your gigs and parties.

Cover all your events with style and sheer power with the rekordbox DJ software and the HD LCD screens. The lightning fast speed of the rekordbox DJ software allows you to search and select tracks smoothly like a breeze and jump from one to another fluidly. Bring creative flair to performances with this spectacular DJ controller.

Well, don’t just take our word for it. Here are the detailed features which speak louder than our words that Pioneer DDJ 1000 is one of the best 4 channel DJ controllers:

The customizable chromatic LCD display

Customizable color LCD on Jog Display screens is located in the center of each jog wheel. Only look for the information you would need to give a banging performance. View the BPM, waveform, playback position or Hot Cue and Loop points all on the colored LCD jog display.

Better Faders

This DJ controller is also one of our most durable devices to choose form owing to its Magvel Faders. You can fluidly make greater than 10 million movements with ease due the new and improve Magvel Fader. The rekordbox DJ software makes processing of crossfaders and jog-wheels feel like a piece of cake. These high-tech attributes decrease latency and give a more serene scratching experience.

Perfect for parties

The layout of this DJ controller is user-friendly and the jog-wheels are designed in a manner which makes shifting between tracks and sounds very smooth without affecting the tempo. This is inspired from the CDJ and DJM equipment which are perfect for club DJing. The rekordbox DJ software in the DDJ-1000 set will make everyone’s club night wild.

Performance Pads

Hit the 16 back-lit rubber Performance Pads to trigger Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Sampler, Keyboard Mode, Beat Loop, and Key Shift at a touch.

Easy mobility

With its aluminum and acrylic-finished top panel, the DDJ-1000 looks sleek and professional while still being compact enough to transport easily between events.

Easy connection

You can connect external devices like CDJs and turntables through the 4 input outlets given in this DJ controller. This is had given it a unique spot in our list of best DJ controllers. The device also has a booth, two master, and 2 mic inputs giving a professional tone.


9. Denon DJ AB Box, Clean(AO7), 18.10 x 2.00 x 11.10 (DNMC6000MK2)

Denon DJ AB Box, Clean(AO7), 18.10 x 2.00 x 11.10 (DNMC6000MK2)

The design of this super sleek DJ controller is made for easy mobility and portability owing to its slim tabletop look.
This DJ controller has dedicated buttons on its deck giving it absolute control through this quad-decked system. It has a built-in DVS support and is Serato NoiseMap ready.

Soundcard is provided i.e. USB Audio Interface. (2 inlets and 3 outlets) Jog-wheels are large and of high definition super sensitive touch giving you absolute control and amazing scratching experience.The Pitch Slider is 60mm long and as smooth as a fluid. Like the jog-wheel, the pitch slider is also of high-resolution.

Here is a list of details why Denon DJ AB Box is #9 on our Best DJ controllers 2021 list


Bring out the artist in you and get creative with the Denon DJ A-B box controller. It is designed to have 4-deck mixing to all, the unit’s top panel places all important transport, pitch, EQ, loop, hot-cue/sample, etc. These features allow you to give a powerful and fluid performance.

Connectivity options

This DJ controller brings a multitude of connectivity options. You can connect to CD and Vinyl decks on its tabletop. Furthermore, the aux source can be connected through USB cable giving it more options to choose from in terms of connectivity.

Easy access

The layout of this DJ controller is well-designed. You get all the concerned buttons, keys, and dials at the right position making even the hardest of performances smooth and easy. For every artist, the most important aspect of their journey is to bring out their creativity. With this ergonomic design, you can let your creativity emerge out.


10. Reloop Mixon 4 High-Performance 4-Channel Hybrid DJ Controller For Serato DJ And Algoriddim Djay Pro (AMS)

Reloop Mixon 4 High-Performance 4-Channel Hybrid DJ Controller For Serato DJ And Algoriddim Djay Pro (AMS)

This is the first ever commercialized design which is a hybrid in the DJing world. The design is intentionally made to work with both Djay and Serato DJ through plugging and playing.

The foremost reason we have chosen this controller to be in our Best DJ controller 2021 list is its Fader-start attributes. This supports multiple operating systems like iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and even an iPad Pro.

This controller offers multiple modes for a performance like Pitch Play; unique Makro FX mode to name a few. You can easily combine any of them to any channel and make a performance of a lifetime.

The premium jog-wheels made of aluminum with added LED lighting makes the layout durable and of top quality. Other features include master LEDs, length indication etc. Soundcard has a superior connection owing to the quad-channeled USB. Lastly, the controller possesses numerous input and output and has a Power House interface.

Here is a detailed list of reasons why we are loving this DJ controller

Hybrid design

This powerful DJ controller has landed in our best DJ controllers due to its hybrid design, as it is developed with both Serato and Algoriddim. It is unique because of its ability to function with the 2 leading software currently being used by DJ controllers.

Multi-platform compatibility

This DJ controller works on the principle of multiple platform compatibility, meaning it can support multiple operating systems. Now you can get a powerful DJ set with compatibility with multiple software and platforms. This opens up a Pandora box of mixing opportunities. With the Serato DJ (Mac/PC) you can get novel blending tools and explore more creative options. With Algoriddim djay PRO (iOS/MacOS), you get integrated streaming which in turn gives you control over your music and play tracks from Spotify in the blink of an eye.

Through Spotify, you can explore millions of tracks within moments. Additionally, the compatibility with Android, iOS, and PC gives you the option of using Lightning connectors to connect your devices. No wonder it is one our best DJ controllers!

For the first time in the history of DJing, you enthusiasts can now connect your set with an iPad PRO with the docking station and lose yourself to the sheer power.

Powerful Modes

The Mixon 4 has 16 RGB, velocity-sensitive drum pads resulting in the production of power modes. These spectacular modes include Hot Cue, Loop Roll, Sampler, Slicer, Flip, and Cue & Slicer Loop modes. You become a remarkable drummer and DJ with this Nixon 4, as it provides un-comparable sensitivity of touch in Samper mode. The touch-sensitivity helps you control volume easily depending on the trigger factor of a pad.

Playful and creative remixing

Mixon 4 DJ controller offers backlit LED pads which have many shades. This makes you fully aware of the active, as it acts as a feedback mechanism. Get your creative mode on and bring our artist inside of you with this DJ controller with it remixing tools and options, as it provides access to mixing tones, pitches at various transitions.

You can seamlessly add scratches to your performance without breaking the flow and get a smooth clear sound by activating the SLIP mode and even get perfect loops in auto mode owing to the devoted LOOP option. Beat length can easily be checked and monitored with its LED bar. The customization and remixing options are beyond apprehension with this DJ controller, as it allows the blending of classic filters and several effects.

If you are a DJ looking for more control and creativity in your remixing option, then the Mixon 4 is your way to go.


11. Hercules DJControl Jogvision

Hercules DJControl Jogvision

You can now get a pro-level, top-rated quality and premium built DJ controller which is affordable and light on your pockets. The jog-wheels are designed with the finest metals and luxurious materials.

You will not regret making an investment with your hard earned money, with the durable build of this DJ controller which is made of brushed plastic. All the materials used are durable and of build-quality, The Hercules DJControl Jogvision has huge jog-wheels with an added feature of visual feedback giving you a confident performance and smooth finish.

However, due to the greater size of jog-wheels, the function of pad and loop control are mediocre in this super sleek and inexpensive controller. It is all about what fits your need as a DJ. I want you to want In your DJ controller is to have massive Serato jog-wheels, then you can go for this DJ controller in a heartbeat.


12. Traktor Kontrol S2

Traktor Kontrol S2With this remarkable design and budget DJ controller, you get dauntless performance as well as fewer burdens financially. You get extreme power and seamless audio with the features included in our #12 Best DJ Controller of 2021.

If you are Traktor and want portability then this is definitely the choice for you owing to its compact size and sleek design. This device offers all the functions of Traktor through multiple decks. The Traktor Kontrol S2 provides compatibility with iOS and can be a great option if you are looking for mobility. If you’re a DJ who works iOS, then this is the perfect choice for you.


Entertain the Crowd With the Best DJ Controllers

Going to buy your dream DJ controller can be a nuisance, which is why it is always better to ask for assistance from a pro like us. All you future and current DJs should do your research before making any investment. We hope that our detailed article on the Best DJ controller will help you make this daunting decision and start your DJ journeys with a bang!