Best DJ Headphones Under $100 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Audio-Technica 2. Sony 3. Numark
Audio-Technica ATH-M20 Headphones Best DJ Headphones Under $100 Sony MDR7506 Headphones Numark HF125 DJ Headphones

The craft of DJing requires immense amounts of skill, equipment, and most importantly passion. The drive for music and its various interpretations is essential for any DJ or artist in the field.

Another lifeblood for any DJ is their headphones. DJ headphones symbolize and represent the personality of the artist. With the amalgamation of certain hues and patterns on the headphones, a DJ often reveals their hidden personality.


Thus, the classic, vintage pieces of equipment, such as headphones, unveil the rock and roll character of a DJ. Below, are the best equipment under 100 which may aid your decision of buying one.

Differences Between DJ Headphones And Normal Headphones

However, what makes DJ headphones different from other ordinary headphones available in the market? Well, to answer that, firstly, it is their design. DJ headphones are robust in terms of design. They are specifically used to master the art of DJing.

When understanding the uniqueness of Dj headphones, it is hard to miss out on the following features that distinguish them from regular headphones.

1. Pitch

In music, pitch refers to the loudness of the sound. DJ headphones are characterized by their vociferous and alto nature when compared to ordinary headphones. In short, they are able to play the lowest and highest frequencies of audio.

2. Comfortable

Further, DJ headphones are light-weight and inflict no heavyweight and pressure on the player’s head. This is extremely useful as DJs spend immense amounts of time in gigs playing for the audience.

3. Noise Reduction

One of the unique features of DJ headphones is its ability to reduce background noises from the surroundings of the players. In short, it helps to block out the external noises which may act as an extra hindrance for the artist.

Furthermore, they allow the player to pick up the vibes and beats of the mixes.

Therefore, DJ headphones offer better soundproofing as compared to normal headphones.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Your DJ Headphones

In order to obtain the right product in your budget, it is of utmost importance to consider several aspects that may aid your decision.

1. Sound Quality

The first and foremost factor to consider when purchasing your DJ headphones is the audio quality. The rule of thumb is to buy those headphones that offer the maximum audio quality.

Further, when we talk about sound quality, it is important to note that frequencies and drive play a vital role. For headphones to be considered as the best DJ headphones, it must handle a minimum array of 20 to 20000 Hz. This range provides artists with proper performance in terms of sound quality.

Moreover, drivers in DJ headphones are a common and essential factor to look for when purchasing the best headphones under 100. Drivers are a tool that withstands the high amplification of sounds for a long period of time.

Thus, when in search of good DJ headphones, it is essential to remember that they should have a durable driver of at least 40mm.

2. Durability

When on the hunt for the best DJ headphones under 100, you should look for headphones with a robust build and composure. As a consumer, you are investing an ample amount of money and time for a good quality product.

Thus, it is important to notice the strength of your headphones. Further, the materialistic composition of the actual headphone should be noted. An ideal recommendation would be to purchase headphones made out of metal rather than plastic.

In addition, pay equal attention to the hinges and joints, cable quality, and other aspects of the headphone.

Therefore, it is suggested to contemplate different models with respect to the sturdiness and rigidity of the headphone.

3. Comfort

Another pivotal factor to be acknowledged is the comfort and convenience of the headphones. DJ players often use headphones for a longer time period. Thus, it is essential to keep an eye out for the adjustability and comfort of the parts covered by the headphone.

Examples of such include ear padding, fitting around the head, etc. A helpful tip to find the perfect set of headphones for you is to try and wear different models to understand the fitting and comfort of it.

4. Noise Reduction

The next element to prepense is the ability to reduce external noises. The environment for any DJ player is composed of disturbances. It is these disturbances indeed which may hinder the overall performance of the DJ.

Thus, it is vital for a DJ player to have headphones that will block out all the noises and external disturbances for a full-fledged, energetic mixing of the tracks.

Further, noise reduction headphones are perfect for players as they reduce the noise without the worry of constantly increasing the volume due to these noises.

Therefore, when searching for the best DJ headphones under 100, it is important to look for the feature of noise reduction.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

As mentioned before, DJ headphones are a representation of a player’s identity and personality. Thus, it is advised to purchase those headphones which you like.

Further, it is recommended to search with headphones with a customization option. This enhances the overall look of the headphone, bringing out its elegance and personality.

Examples of the various diverse customizability options available to players include engraved logos, multi-color shields, etc.

6. Testing

This factor may not seem as important but it does play a role in impacting the overall quality of the headphones.

When speaking about testing, we elaborate upon the durability factor of the headphone. In order to determine the strength and endurance of it, the headphone undergoes various tests.

Some of the examples of such tests include bend test, humidity, and temperature test, drop test, etc.

The main motive of such tests is to understand the performance of the headphones under different situational circumstances. Therefore, it is essential to look for headphones that check all the boxes in terms of testing providing the best quality sound.

7. Design Specification

Understanding the model and overall structure of your headphones may help you to make a better decision. When talking about designs, it is hard not to miss the cord design.

For a proper DJ headphone, it is advised to purchase those with a single cord design. The advantage of this is that they are tangle-free and easy to maintain.

Further, many DJ players often recommend coiled cables. With the inclusion of this, the movement of the headphone becomes easier without any damage to the headphone itself.

Hence, look for headphones with a single and coiled cable design when searching for the best DJ headphones under 100.

8. Foldability

As the name suggests, foldability refers to the folding of the headphone. This ensures the safe storage and transportation within a confined space.

When purchasing your DJ headphones, look for headphones that are foldable. This is because as DJs spend ample time in gigs, they often resort to a single year as it is easier for them.

Thus, they require headphones that swivel and fold whilst still being on the ear.

9. Price

Buying the best DJ headphones under 100 requires a proper budget. When planning to buy your headphones, it is of utmost priority to note the price. This way, you can obtain the greatest value for money.

A helpful trick is to understand your true needs and requirements. Accordingly, it is advised to purchase headphones that meet those needs, but still under budget.

10. Closed-Back Design

In order to reduce the background noise effectively and efficiently, it is advised to purchase headphones with a closed-back design.

In simple terms, this type of design has a substantial casing around the ear cups, which safeguards the block of external disturbances.

Thus, in order to enhance the noise reduction property of your headphone, try buying one with a closed-back design.

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, here are the best DJ Headphones Under 100.

Top 13 Best DJ Headphones Under $100 2021

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M20 Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M20 Headphones Best DJ Headphones Under $100

The first set of best DJ Headphones Under 100 is the Audio Technica ATH-M20x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones available in the color Black.

The various characteristics that make these headphones a perfect fit is thrown light upon below.

1. Build

These headphones are very lightweight in nature when compared to other headphones. Thus, the overall durability and composure of the headphones make it suitable for DJing.

Further, the headband along with the ear pads provide proper cushioning yet maintain their sturdiness.

However, it is important to be highlighted that this headphone is composed of a plastic body rather than a metal body, making it easy to break.

2. Cable

When analyzing the features of this particular headset, it should be highlighted that it does come with a single cable. This could prove to be a plus point for many players.

However, the cable is attached from the left ear to the headband. Thus, this may lead to future damage or failure of the headphones.

3. Audio Quality

These headphones have a remarkable sound quality, as they hit all frequencies required for a DJ headphone.
Thus, this is perfect for amateurs in the field of DJing or music production.

4. Comfort

These headphones do achieve a moderate comfort level, but there are other better ones in the market. Thus, it is advised by many professionals to use them but take a break once in a while.

Another unique feature about this product is that it includes a snap-on adapter, which is quite useful to plug the headphones into amplifiers and other devices that require larger jacks.

Overall, these headphones tick all boxes when it comes to the value of money, audio quality, and design, making it a solid deal for the best DJ headphones under 100.


2. Sony MDR7506 Headphones

Sony MDR7506 Headphones

The next best DJ headphones under 100 are the Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones. As we know, Sony stands tall when talking about sound systems and audio devices. Thus, there is no doubt that these headphones pack a punch with boosting sound quality and design structure.

1. Sound Quality

Sony has taken audio quality to another level with the introduction of the Sony MDR7506. With its clarity in bass and loud pitches, it has proved to achieve an equilibrium with these headphones.

Further, with a wider range of frequencies, i.e., 10 Hz to 20,000 Hz, these headphones allow users to create exciting and grooving mixes.

2. Durability

When talking about rigidity, and endurance of the headphone, this particular product speaks volumes with its metal body. Providing proper structure to the body of the headset, the company, Sony, has knocked down all stops in terms of providing a long-lasting product.

3. Noise Reduction

As mentioned before, the ability to curtail background disturbances is what differentiates DJ headphones to regular headphones. Thus, with the inculcation of a closed-back fitting, these headphones are an ideal choice for the best DJ headphones under 100.

Moreover, the thick covering around the ears does block out any noises, so that the track is heard to the fullest.

4. Cable

The distinctive feature of these headphones is its cable quality and composition. The coiled cable, measuring 9.8 feet, provides users with a free movement without the hindrance of the wires.

Furthermore, designed with a gold connector, this headphone jack is perfect for connecting to not only external devices such as amplifiers but also to mobile devices such as iPads, etc.

However, it should be noted that these headphones do tend to get warm with constant usage, as well as put pressure on ears if worn tight.

Overall, despite the negatives, these headphones are renowned for their professional qualities in mixing and mastering music.


3. Numark HF125 DJ Headphones

Numark HF125 DJ Headphones

When speaking about the best DJ headphones under 100, it is hard to miss the Numark HF125 Ultra-Portable Professional DJ Headphones.

In a nutshell, these headphones are the definition of affordable, good quality headphones.

Let us look at the headphones in terms of audio quality, build, and comfort.

1. Sound Quality

As a professional DJ, it becomes your absolute priority to make sure the sound of your mixes is spot on. In short, you should not compromise on the sound of your mix. Thus, this is a great device to help you master mesmerizing tracks.

2. Robust Design

These headphones are a great example of high-quality DJ headphones. With the dual ear cups and their soft cushioning, these headphones are designed to meet the needs of every DJ.

3. Comfort

When talking about comfort, these headphones are quite significant. However, it should be worn in breaks to avoid harm and damage to the headset and the player as well.

4. Cable

Known for its 6-foot durable cable, this headphone is the definition of sturdy, rigid DJ headphones. Further, the set is included with a ⅛ TRS connector to allow easy connection with other DJ equipment.

Overall, this is a great investment for amateur DJs who are in search of high-end yet affordable headphones.


4. Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Headphones

Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Headphones

Another remarkable headset that fits the category of the best DJ headphones under 100 is the Monoprice Premium Hi-fi DJ Style Over the Ear Pro Headphones.

1. Bluetooth Connection

The unique feature of these headphones is its ability to connect to Bluetooth, which may come in handy for the player. This is a classic piece for artists who look for convenience and cable-free headsets for their gigs.

2. Design

Moreover, this set offers its users with an enthralling look that makes it aesthetically appealing. Thus, the stylish design offers a slight advantage over others in the market, making it a good choice to consider.

3. Comfort

As a DJ player, comfort has always been the number one priority. Thus, designed with a light aluminum body, these headphones are characterized for their comfort and foldability for any player.

Plus, due to its compact size, these can be taken anywhere and everywhere.

4. Audio Quality

Integrated with the new Qualcomm aptX audio codec, these headphones offer superior sound quality, elevating music to the next level.

5. Additional Features

Often DJ headphones don’t contain microphones that are inbuilt. However, this is a different one. Enabled with an in-built mic, as well as on-ear controls these help to carry out any emergencies whilst the gig is going on.

Therefore, offering the maximum for your money, these headphones should definitely be considered for your next purchase.


5. OneOdio A71 Over-Ear Headsets

OneOdio A71 Over-Ear Headsets

The next best fit for the best DJ headphones under 100 is the OneOdio A71 Over-Ear Headsets with Boom Mic. With its adjustable mic, sound quality, and overall design, this sure does meet the standards of a good quality DJ headphone.

1. Design

In terms of the structure and composure of the headphones, these tend to withstand long hours of music yet give you the comfort of a soft pillow. Further, with the use of artificial leather, this is an encompassment of comfort and durability.

In addition, the headset comes with a 90-degree swivel mechanism allowing users to store the headphones neatly without it occupying a huge amount of space.

Another remarkable example of an in-built mic headset, this is the home to a 360-degree adjustable boom mic making it suitable for professional music and gaming use.

2. Cables

Another interesting feature of this headset is its jack lock system. This ensures players the safety of the cable to not be pulled out of it and leading to a hassle-free performance.

Further, with the inculcation of an audio control box, this headset allows users to regulate the volume levels accordingly as per their requirements.

3. Audio Quality

Marked for its superior audio quality, this particular headset is specially fabricated for vehement musicians and artists interested in the field of DJing.

Consequently, these headphones are a great investment according to many consumers.


6. Numark Red Wave DJ Headphones

Numark Red Wave DJ Headphones

Another striking product by the brand Numark is its Red Wave Professional Over-Ear DJ Headphones. Designed specifically for DJs, these headphones are fit to capture the entire aura of DJing in a nutshell.

1. Design

When looking at this particular headset according to the overall structure and build, it is hard to miss out on its robust quality. Designed with swivels, this headset is another dimension of flexibility. Thus, this allows for a comfortable single ear usage by the player.

Besides the above, the headphone is designed with soft ear pads, making it safe and secure for longer usage.

As a result, with the incorporation of protein leather, this headphone set stands high in terms of sturdiness, durability, and rigidity.

2. Sound Quality

As aforementioned, the trait of sound accentuates the overall performance of the headphone. Thus, this particular product is a great invention when it comes to premium audio output.

Furthermore, when we talk about sound quality, there should be two aspects that should strike our mind, i.e., frequency and drivers.

When analyzed in terms of these two characteristics, these headphones resonate with a good frequency range, providing users with good audio quality.

Moreover, with an inclusion of a neodymium magnet, as well as a 50-millimeter driver, these headphones guarantee its users with high-quality performance for an affordable price.

3. Additional Products

Unlike other best DJ headphones under 100 in the market, this headset comes with a strong, protective case to store and maintain the actual headset. This may seem like a plus point for many potential consumers.

Overall, this headset checks all boxes when it comes to quality and quantity for the price it is worth.


7. Sony MDR V55 Headphone

Sony MDR V55 Headphone

If you are on the hunt for the best DJ headphones under 100, make sure to include yet another momentous creation by Sony: the Sony MDR V55.

A striking visual masterpiece meeting a premium audio quality, this is yet another impeccable creation.

1. Sound Quality

This headset is known for its treble performance quality. Along with that, it is renowned for its incredible bass capture. This allows players to really dig the lowest of sounds.

However, it should be noted that this is not ideal for professionals. It is perfect for amateurs as a tool to help them get started. In addition, the build of the actual headset is of plastic and not metal adding to a major flaw in the headphone.

Thus, this can be a good tool to start with, but it is recommended to upgrade to a more professional one if you are really passionate about pursuing DJing.


8. OneOdio Wired Bass Headsets

OneOdio Wired Bass Headsets

Next up on the list of the best DJ Headphones under 100 is the One Odio Over the Ear Headphones which are wired. The unique feature of this headset is its ability to share. With the inclusion of the share port technology, this headset offers its users to connect a variety of headphones to one constant tool.

1. Durability

Further, its durability and rigidity are unbeatable when compared to other competitors in the market.

2. Comfort

As comfort is a crucial factor for DJ players, the company has walked all boundaries with providing users with a soft cushioning buffer to protect the ears. In addition, the headset is foldable to increase the comfort levels of the players as per their requirements.

3. Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, these headphones speak volumes and instill even the slightest bass for clearer audio.

4. Cable Design

With the introduction of a dual-duty cable, the headset stands strong to provide a hassle-free and clean environment for the artist.

Overall, this headset is definitely a must-buy when looking for the best DJ headphones under 100 as they are affordable, and a great value for your money.


9. American Audio DJ Headphones

American Audio DJ Headphones

Another impeccable device that is fit to be considered for the best DJ Headphones under 100 is the American Audio Hp700 Professional Foldable DJ Headphones. This headphone does hit all the notes when looking for that one perfect headset.

1. Sound Quality

This headset offers a unique and incredible frequency range, hitting all the high and low notes of the track.

Furthermore, when analyzed in terms of bass, this offers optimum coverage for the players.

2. Comfort

Secondly, this headset is light-weight on the head and almost feels like a feather for the user. Composed of a light mix of rubber and artificial leather, these headphones make a big impact in a small package.

3. Design

Known for its flexible and robust design, this headgear is compact and easy to move around without any hindrances.

Therefore, this is a great buy for those who seek to find an affordable piece of headgear to start with.


10. Behringer HPX2000 DJ Headphones

Behringer HPX2000 DJ Headphones

The next best DJ Headphones under 100 is the Behringer HPX2000. If you are looking for a high-definition sound system mixed with comfort, then this is the perfect choice for you. Let us look at each aspect which makes this entire product a must buy.

1. Sound Quality

This headset is an encapsulation of high-end audio performance. With an inculcation of 2 rotating ear cups, these are sure to project each and every nuance of your track.

2. Design

When you look at the headset, you will immediately notice the strong, robust design. With an amalgamation of aluminum and copper, this reduces tangles and provides maximum strength.

3. Cables

When it comes to cable design, this contains a ¼ connector, allowing the device to be compatible with all other equipment such as mobile phones to controllers.

On the whole, these headphones give users the ultimate sound experience and transport them into another groovy world.


11. Sony DJ Headphones

Sony DJ Headphones

Another classic example of the best DJ headphones under 100 is Sony DJ Headphones. These headphones are one of the best-selling headphones available in the market. Known for its longevity and overall performance, these headphones stand tall in the competitive market.

1. Sound Quality

Firstly, as frequency and drivers play an important role in determining the headset’s sound quality, it is critical to analyze the ranges.

Therefore, this particular headset is composed of a 40mm Neodymium driver, amplifying the audio performance of it.

2. Design

Inbuilt with a closed-back design, this is a perfect fit for reducing any background sounds yet providing comfort at the same time.

These headphones are foldable due to a wide diaphragm, adding to the robustness and rigidity of these headphones.

3. Cable

When talking about the headphone’s cable design, it is important to not forget about its distinctive 9.8 feet, gold-plated cord. This makes the usage hassle-free, and easy to use.

Consequently, these headphones rank the best when in search of effective, strong headsets to jam to your tunes.


12. Sennheiser HD 205-II DJ Headphones

Sennheiser HD 205-II DJ Headphones

Next up on the list of the best DJ headphones under 100 is the Sennheiser HD-205-II Studio Grade Headphones. In a nutshell, these headphones are another exemplary choice for high audio quality.

Let us delve into the unique characteristics of these headsets.

1. Audio Quality

Anyone who is looking for the best headphones for mastering the art of DJing, it is essential to note the quality of the audio. Thus, these headphones elevate the audio, making sure each frequency range is thoroughly heard. Even from the slightest to the loudest pitch can be heard, using these.

2. Noise Reduction

The unique feature of these headphones is its ability to curtail the external hindrances for a good gig. Once you wear these headphones, the sound is all that overtakes you, making you feel each and every beat.

3. Build

When you look at these headphones, in terms of its design and build, you will notice its durability. These headphones are designed for rough and tough purposes, without any damage.

Thus, if you are looking for the longevity of the product, this does fit the description.

According to many past customers, these headphones are game-ready and can give an unbeatable fight when compared to other competitors in the DJ headphones industry.


13. SMS Audio Street DJ Headphones

SMS Audio Street DJ Headphones

The last but not the least item on the list of the best DJ headphones under 100 is the SMS Audio Street DJ Headphones. Available in a charcoal black color for its users, this definitely checks all the boxes when it comes to aesthetic appeal, design, and audio quality.

1. Portable

These headphones offer their users the advantage of taking them anywhere without it being a barrier for them. Offering a studio-quality sound, these are compact, small, and portable in nature.

2. Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is predominantly seen in these headphones. With its inclusion of the passive noise cancellation feature, these headphones create an enjoyable experience for its users.

3. Additional Features

The unique feature about these headphones is the inculcation of a detachable cable mic, along with other maintenance tools such as a cleaning cloth, adaptors, and a protective case.

Overall, these are the top 13 best selling DJ headphones under 100, which are ideally recommended for purchase.


Helpful Hacks In Using DJ Headphones

The following are a few helpful hacks to obtain the best result from your DJ headset.

1. Wearing

The first tip is to understand how to wear your DJ headphones. Many professionals often wear one ear headphones to truly listen to the tracks of the monitor.

However, it is recommended to practice and experiment with different methods to find what is correct for you, and accordingly adjust it depending upon your comfort.

However, for amateur DJ players, it is ideal to not wear headphones when the mix is ready to be played.

2. Usage

Now that you know how to wear your headphones, the next step is to understand how to connect the dots. In simpler terms, the next step is to figure out how to mix tracks through headphones. By following these simple steps, you will surely crack the code of proper mixing via headphones.


Firstly, make sure to set your volume in such a way that no noise or sound is heard from the main sound system i.e the speaker.

It is recommended to set your volume to a level where you can hear the track with full clarity.


As a DJ controller has multiple channels, it should be your responsibility to select the appropriate channel for cueing your next track. In order to cue your song, press the right cue knob, which will light up once pressed.

Afterward, put on your headphones and get cracking to cue your tracks.

Prepping For Your Cue

The next step in cueing your mixes via headphones is to close all other channels which are unnecessary for your track. This will ensure that what you want to hear is being heard.

Cue Up Your Mix

Now that you have set up your tracks and the appropriate channel to be heard, the last and final step is to get ready for cueing.

3. Beat Mixing

Another crucial usage of DJ headphones is to mix and master the beats of the track. In order to become a professional DJ, it is vital for you to ace the skill of beatmatching.

A helpful knack for this is to use your cue mix as a guide for matching the beats. The cue mix can help you identify areas which require amplification and those which need a decrease in pitch.

Thus, understanding the cue mix helps you to create an equilibrium amongst the multiple channels used in your mix.

4. Equalizers

Another important role for DJ headphones is to understand the equalizers of your songs. When using your headphones, you are able to find areas that require special effects as compared to others.

For example, some may require a crossfade effect whereas others do not. Thus, through headphones, one can add the correct and proper adjustments to one’s audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should I Look For In DJ Headphones?

When picking the best DJ headphone, it is important to look out for its comfort, closed-back design, sound quality, durability, aesthetic appeal, single cord design, and its materialistic composition.

2. Why Do DJs Only Use One Headphone?

Many professional DJs use one ear cup rather than both. This is because they want to listen to the master audio i.e those sounds coming from the monitors, in a free and comfortable way.

However, it should be noted that they use both ear cups only when they would like to cue their tracks in a precise and timely way. A classic example of this is in large area venues such as stadiums.

3. How To Choose The Best Headphones And Earphones?

In order to find the right fit for you, a helpful trick is to try on different models of DJ headphones. Try to get a feel of how the audio will sound like. Experiment with different options to understand its bass levels, and other pitch levels.

4. Which Headphones Do Professionals Use?

Some of the high-quality headphones that many professional DJs recommend are Sennheiser HD280 Pro, Extreme Isolation EX-29, and the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro.


From the above discussion, it is quite clear that DJ headphones drastically differ from regular headphones. Regular headphones are made for everyday usages, such as listening to music.

On the contrary, DJ headphones are specifically designed for the craft of DJing. They differ with regular headphones on the basis of durability, sound quality, composition, comfort, price, flexibility, aesthetic appeal, price, and various testing methods.

Many people ask why DJ headphones, specifically, are tested. DJ headphones are tested to understand how they perform in different situations, as a DJ player is exposed to various circumstances.

Some of the helpful tips to make effective use of headphones for mixing and mastering your tracks is to make sure you wear your headset properly. Try testing multiple ones to find the right fit for you.

Secondly, understand the role and interaction of the various controls, to truly understand the function of each part. When you know what each part does, it becomes easier to adjust it according to your liking.

Thus, when purchasing your headset, lookout for the best in all of these factors in order to obtain the maximum value for your money.

Overall, these headphones are some of the best-selling headsets which are recommended by professionals.

A helpful tip is to assess each headphone set in terms of build and composition, rigidity, and quality of sound as these are the primary bases for all headphones.