Best DJ Controllers Under $500 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Pioneer 2. Reloop Neon 3. Hercules
Pioneer DJ DJ Controller Black (DDJSB3) Best DJ Controller Under $500 Reloop Neon USB Modular Pad Controller  Hercules DJ Control Starlight

DJing is an abstract art form, wherein artists experiment with sounds and other effects that appeal to others and evoke an emotion, which can not be comprehended by mere words. In today’s world, DJing is a trending activity that is admired by all.To master the craft of DJing, it is vital to know the setting of your workplace. Certain basic elements are required to learn the skill of DJing.

Firstly, you must have a good controller. A DJ controller is a lifeline for any DJ. It is a MIDI device, it is used to run various DJ computer software. The primary purpose of any DJ controller is to aid in manipulating and experimenting with various audio tracks to create an artistic mix.


Thus, below are the best equipment under 500 from the leading brands of the industry.

Purpose Of A DJ Controller

A DJ controller is required to access their tracks and mixes, add effects, and to enhance the sound quality.

Further, using computer software, it becomes a problem to operate various windows constantly, which is time-consuming. But, with the help of a controller, DJs can control various elements effortlessly.

Composition Of A DJ Controller

Every DJ controller is an amalgamation of two turntable decks and a single channel mixer. Firstly, the turntable decks do vary in size, and the elements of a channel mixer do change according to the type and size of the actual DJ controller.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A DJ Controller

In order to find the right DJ controller for you, it is essential to consider certain factors that will help you in your decision.

1. Purpose

To find the best DJ controller under 500, the first important thing to consider is the purpose of your equipment. It is key to understand why you want to purchase a DJ controller.

For example, if you are taking your first step into the vast world of DJing, then a basic controller would be suitable. However, this would not be the same for a professional.

On the other hand, a professional requires a more advanced sound system and controller to create mesmerizing music tracks.

Thus, it should be of utmost priority for the DJ to analyze their needs and accordingly purchase their controller.

2. Type Or Model Of The Controller

The next step for any DJ is the controller’s type or model. In today’s technological world, DJ controllers are available in two types; modular and all-in-one.
All-In-One DJ controllers
These types of controllers are, in short, an encapsulation of everything a DJ needs in one single interface.

In layman’s terms, an all in one DJ controller includes mixers, deck gear, and a sound card all imputed in one device.

Further, these controllers are basic in terms of set up and usage. They are especially helpful for beginners who seek to understand the art of DJing.

Modular DJ Controllers
On the contrary, modular DJ controllers require various units of equipment to create a complete DJ controller.

In simpler terms, they consist of separate units such as a sound card, which are all connected via cables to function like a complete DJ controller.

These are more appropriate for skilled DJ artists.

Thus, it is important to know your level of expertise in the field and purchase your controller accordingly.

3. Price

DJ controllers vary across the spectrum in terms of features, which are significantly influenced by their price. Thus, it is important to consider your budget and what features you require.

It is important to consider what you want and spend accordingly. However, we recommend spending less on your first controller, and once mastered, you can purchase the higher-end versions.

4. Software Capability

The next aspect to consider when purchasing a DJ controller is its software compatibility. These days, many DJ controllers come with a software system such as Serato.

However, as a DJ, you need to understand your software thoroughly before purchasing a controller. This will enhance the overall experience of your purchase. Plus, you will be able to learn how to operate the technical aspect of your device.

5. Features

Another factor to consider while purchasing the best DJ controller under 500 is its features. When speaking about features, it is important to consider what your controller exactly has to offer.

A simple way to look at the features of your controller is to analyze its various components such as jog wheels, equalizers, faders, drum pads, and ports.

Also, it would help to inspect the controller’s build quality. The complete construct of your device will help you to understand the longevity of the device. Thus, steel bodies are better compared to plastic due to the extra strength and durability.

6. Aesthetic Appeal

Last but not least, your controller should appeal to you. Your eyes should love the look and construct of your controller. If you don’t love your controller, you probably wouldn’t use it much.

Thus, it is important to consider the aesthetic appeal of your controller.

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, it can be argued that the following are the best DJ controllers under 500.

Top 10 Best DJ Controllers Under $500 2021

1. Pioneer DJ DJ Controller Black (DDJSB3)

Pioneer DJ DJ Controller Black (DDJSB3) Best DJ Controller Under $500

The first suitable DJ controller under 500 is the Pioneer DJ Controller. When talking about the best DJ controllers, you should know that Pioneer is the leading brand in this competitive market.

This particular product is an all-in-one controller, specifically designed for beginners making it suitable for them. It is designed to help them understand the role and function of each control on the system.

Starting from the top, this DJ controller has everything a DJ needs. A smooth composition of jog wheels, cue buttons, knobs, and performance pads. The amalgamation of these tools is used to create a perfect controller.

Further, with the addition of a scratchpad, a DJ can experiment and invent effects according to their liking. In addition, they can also create unique patterns and play with different genres of music.

The common thing about any audio or video mixing is the smooth transitions. Thus, these controllers offer its users the advantage of applying blends and smoother transitions, providing the best quality audio output.

Known for its robust design and distinctive durability, this does provide a professional DJ experience.

When talking about its software composition, the controller is compatible with professional software such as Serato.

However, this device is only supportive of the Sertao Lite. This means, in order to delve into the world of DJing, users must pay an additional expense to upgrade to the premium software. Through this, they can only access a few features. Thus, this does add to the overall cost of the device.

However, this is an affordable yet diverse DJ Controller and tops the list of the best DJ controllers under 500.


2. Reloop Neon USB Modular Pad Controller 

Reloop Neon USB Modular Pad Controller 

The next best DJ controller under 500 is the Reloop Neon USB Modular Pad Controller for Serato DJ. With an encompassment of 8 modes, this controller is perfect for beginners who want to understand the basic modes of DJing.

An additional element for the Serato DJ, this is a classic example of high-performance DJ equipment.

This product’s unique is its inclusion of 8 RGB pads to enhance the quality of the sound. The 8 drum pads are an amalgamation of Pad FX, Cue, Hot Loop, Looped Slicer, Manual Loop, Sampler, Slicer, and Flip.

Also, with the inclusion of the latest flip mode, you can record and hear your tracks and mixes repeatedly without any hassle.

The visual aesthetic of this console is what makes it a must-buy controller. The unique color coding scheme of the pads itself provides users with feedback each time they are operated.

Therefore, the visual appeal aims users to understand the true role of each individual element and their interaction with each other to create a unique sound.

Further, in order to enhance the sound quality and performance, the company has walked all miles to introduce the smart-link feature. In short, this feature enables users to connect this with other controllers without the usage of various cables and USB drives.

Known for its compact nature in terms of size, this is great for users on the go and beginners.

Thus, this product does speak volumes when talking about the best DJ controller under 500.


3. Hercules DJ Control Starlight

Hercules DJ Control Starlight

When speaking about the best DJ controller under 500, it is hard to miss the Hercules DJ Control Starlight. This controller is specially designed for everyone who has the passion and drives for DJing. In short, if you were to describe this product in two words, they would be compact yet stylish.

This controller is known for its portability. It can be taken anywhere along with you. Thus, music can be heard anywhere with this small device.

Further, this product enables users to listen to their tracks and mixes before amplifying it through big speakers. This is all because of the in-built DJ audio annexation.

In addition, this console also includes various filters and equalizers to enhance the effects of the tracks, and make them more pronounced. A classic example of such effects is the bass and filter equalizers.

By turning these knobs, users are able to toggle amongst each other and create a whole new soundtrack, expressing themselves and their story.

Furthermore, with the inclusion of pressure responsive jog wheels, amateur DJs can control the playing and scratching of the sounds.

However, it is important to note that the drum pads are composed of plastic rather than metal. Further, there is no integration of any microphone inputs. Thus, users will face the disadvantage of adding vocals and using their voice to add effects.

In order to truly attain the effect of a professional DJ setting, the company has included an exciting lighting element. With the inclusion of red, green, and blue LED lights, users are able to match the music with the lights.

Therefore, they are able to create a whole new experience for the listeners with the juxtaposition of sound and light.

Thus, this definitely is a must-buy for music enthusiasts and amateurs who are ready to take the first step into the world of DJing.


4. Pyle PMX7BU


Next up on the list of the best DJ controllers under 500 is the PMX7BU Bluetooth Compact DJ Mixer. The unique feature of this DJ controller is its Bluetooth connectivity.

With these controllers, you are able to connect your devices via Bluetooth and start jamming to the music. Further, this enables users to create diverse sounds without the obstruction of cables and wires.

Thus, with the establishment of a proper Bluetooth network, one can share large files effectively and efficiently.

Further, with the inclusion of 3 channel ports, users are able to connect their MP3 files and Bluetooth files and add effects to them.

In addition to its Bluetooth connectivity, this product includes auxiliary inputs in order to connect additional DJ equipment such as turntables, etc. Thus, this is helpful for mixing and mastering external tracks.

Further, this DJ controller allows users to connect microphones, in order to record vocals. Thus, with this, users are able to achieve the true experience of a studio setup.

Renowned for its excellent Bluetooth range, this is a perfect device for those on the lookout for external DJ equipment.


5. Numark Party Mix Complete DJ Controller Set 

Numark Party Mix Complete DJ Controller Set 

The next best DJ controller under 500 is the Numark Party mix Complete DJ Set for Serato DJ. This, in short, is a small package with a big impact. This is best utilized for parties and other big events, this device will surely transport you into a whole new dimension of music.

Firstly, this DJ controller is renowned for its play on luminescence. Light is always used to add drama and character to any artwork. Thus, this device is home to appealing experimentation of light. With the inclusion of the auto synchronization of music and lights, this surely is going to give you a party experience.

Next, this controller stands tall when it comes to mixing controls. The company, Numark, is the best when it comes to understanding the language of DJs. This enhances the quality of products produced. Thus, when speaking of this particular
product, the company has crossed all stops to include the best mixing controls for DJs.

Examples of the perfect controls are crossfade, jog wheels, and pitch fades, to create a piece of flawless and harmonious music.

In a professional DJ setup, users are provided with greater access to enhance controls. But, this device is home to all the professional setup in a single piece. With the encompassment of four pad channels, users are able to play and add flair to their tracks.

One of the key things to consider whilst purchasing the best DJ controller under 500 is software. This DJ controller covers it all. Packed with the Serato DJ Lite software, users can now create mixes of their favorite songs, and set foot in the art of DJing.

However, the only flaw of this device is its gimmick feel, which can throw off certain product consumers.

Thus, with a robust design, this is definitely a device to try out when considering to buy the best DJ controller under 500.


6. Korg DJ Controller (MINIKP2S)

Korg DJ Controller (MINIKP2S)

Another impeccable device that is fit to be considered the best DJ controller under 500 is the Korg DJ Controller.

This controller speaks volumes about the effects it offers to users. Many have wondered how this tiny device performs the functions of a professional DJ controller. Well, to answer that, with the inclusion of buttons, the operation of this device becomes much easier.

Further, this small device is known for its recording facility. With this device, people are allowed to record a maximum of 2 hours of sound.

In addition to its recording facility, this device is compatible with a 16 GB storage card. This enables users to upload and download their tracks and mixes. Further, they can also view and share their files using a PC or a desktop.

These days, many DJs often use voices and vocals to enhance the track. They use them to create a unique sound set. Thus, in order to help with the above, this device has the facility of a microphone, to record vocal effects.

Thus, if you are on the lookout for a small, portable recording console, then this is a perfect choice for you.


7. Denon DJ MC4000

Denon DJ MC4000

Another classic example of the best DJ controller under 500 is the Denon DJ MC4000 Premium 2-Channel DJ Controller with Serato DJ Lite download.

One of the noteworthy features of this is the robust design of it. This particular DJ controller has been designed in such a way wherein the player has access and control to the touch-based jog wheels, and other drum pads to unleash their creativity.

Furthermore, the main motive of this controller is its usability. Denon has designed the player’s structure and composition according to the necessary requirements of a DJ player.

It is important to note that this product is designed to serve a smooth, clutter-free workspace to make the optimum utilization of it.

In addition, the most crucial aspect for any DJ player, be it amateur or professional, is sound quality. Thus, with the encompassment of a two-deck controlling area, this device is sure to give high-quality output.

Further, with the inclusion of the dual system microphone, users are now able to record numerous vocals. Plus, this device is uniquely known for its “ducking” feature. This feature enables users to move voices to various regions of the mix without riding the effects.

Another plus point to see is its software aspect. This particular DJ controller is compatible with the integration of the Serato DJ Lite Download software. With the help of this, users are able to understand the fundamentals of DJing.

However, while we are speaking of software capabilities, you should know that there is limited support, which may act as a hindrance for many.

Therefore, this control checks all the boxes when it comes to functionality, professionalism, and robust design.


8. Roland Black Four Deck with Serato DJ Pro (DJ-202)

Roland Black Four Deck with Serato DJ Pro (DJ-202)

The next best DJ controller under 500 is the Roland Black 4 Deck DJ controller. The company, Roland, is famous for its audio equipment and interface. Thus, it can be noted that this indeed is produced by a well-established brand.

Starting at the top, this DJ controller is renowned for its layout and workflow. By providing players a professional atmosphere, this controller enables users to learn and master the craft of DJing.

Further, this model is an amalgamation of Roland’s previous models, i.e., DJ-808 and DJ-505. Through its flexible and robust design, players can produce and remix beats while in the studio or at a gig. Thus, this is perfect for creators on the fly.

Also, this device is home to a double channel and is 4-Deck-powered through USB. Further, it is a great, compact device that requires minimal efforts for its setup and usage.

Whilst talking about its portability, it is hard not to miss the fact that this device can be used for all types of gatherings and events. For example, it can be used at clubs, house parties, birthdays, etc. Therefore, it is important to stress the build and connectivity factors of this device.

However, it is important to note, this product has an entirely plastic body, and the performance pads are not up to the mark in terms of performance.

Hence, with its overall unique structure and features, this product is indeed one of the best DJ controllers under 500.


9. Ion Discover DJ USB DJ Controller

ION Discover DJ USB DJ Controller

The next best DJ controller under 500 is the ION Discover DJ Controller. This product is compatible with both systems i.e., PC and Mac.

Further, it allows users to mix and master music and audio files from your audio player or Itunes playlists.

With the inclusion of the two platters, scratching is made easier for amateur and expert DJ artists.

Whilst talking about quality, it must be noted that quality is great for beginners. However, as you develop, it is ideal to invest in a piece of highly standardized equipment, so that the true essence of DJing is served.

Overall, this device does check all the boxes in terms of the price range, quality, software capability, and features.

This device requires minimal efforts to set up, making it easy to handle when it comes to maintenance of the product.

Further, with its user-friendly interface, this device makes controlling the speed, tempo, and pitch quick and easy.

However, it is important to note that this product is discontinued by the manufacturer.

Thus, this is a great investment for those who want inexpensive yet high-quality DJ equipment.


10. Denon DJ MC7000

Denon DJ MC7000

The last but not least best DJ controller under 500 is the Denon DJ MC7000. This is an upgrade from the Denon DJ MC4000.

With the inclusion of a 4 channel Serato DJ element, this surely takes the craft of learning how to DJ to the next level.

When you look at other models of DJ controllers, many of them contain only one jog wheel. Well, to beat its other competitors in the market, Denon has launched the DJ MC7000 with the motive of providing users with double jog wheels. This allows them to use both their hands.

Further, the unique feature of this particular console is its integration of two USB ports. This is included to enable multiple DJs to play together in an orchestrated, and harmonic way.

When speaking about tracks and mixes, it is impossible to forget the stylish design. The company has crossed all boundaries by including a dual 6-inch platter to provide the DJ with maximum feedback for enhancing the overall performance of the device.

The unique feature of the all-new MC7000 is its exclusive integration of the matching and changing key. Through this, users can now change the song’s key to match the other audio elements of the track.

Further, with the inclusion of 16 velocity-sensitive pads, this surely amplifies the options for musical and sound effects.

Thus, if you wish to purchase a more elaborate piece of DJ equipment, this is a good option to consider.


Advantages Of A DJ Controller

DJ controllers have their own benefits for the artist. They are quite useful to create fun, zesty, yet diverse tracks to elevate music to another level.

1. Portability

DJ controllers are quite portable. This means that they can be transported wherever you go. Further, they are small in size and can be carried around with you.

Thus, for any DJ, this is a major advantage, as they don’t have to worry about their equipment for their next gig.

2. All-In-One Tool

The best feature of a DJ controller is that it is compact in nature. Traditionally, DJ equipment required individual pieces all joined together to create a mix. However, DJ controllers now have everything that every professional DJ needs right there at his/her fingertips.

For example, some of the basic elements that any DJ would need are software, effects, and soundcard. Thus, the best and greatest invention is the DJ controller. Now, every DJ can access all the items with just one controller.

3. Convenient and Better Performance

When compared to traditional DJ equipment, DJ controllers stand a higher rating in terms of convenience and better performance.

Further, with in-built software, most DJ controllers offer its users high-ended software that allows them to access to new sounds, effects, etc. Examples of software used in most DJ controllers are Serato, Traktor, and Virtual DJ.

4. Price

Most DJ controllers are inexpensive when compared to individual units such as mixers. Thus, they are indeed a great investment for those on the lookout for one.

Disadvantages Of A DJ controller

Like a coin has two sides, it is important to understand the drawbacks of a DJ controller. This is because they do play a crucial role in the overall decision to purchase one.

1. The Requirement Of A Laptop

The first and foremost disadvantage of any DJ controller is the need for a laptop. For any DJ, amateur, or professional, it is key to have access to a laptop. The main purpose of a laptop is to upload and download audio files, understand your audios in the waveform, and edit them accordingly.

Thus, when taking your first leap into the field of DJing, it is essential to have a laptop, as it is the primary source of music and sound.

2. The Latency Of Jog Wheels

Another big disadvantage of any DJ controller is its integration of jog wheels and their functionality. Typically, jog wheels are comparatively smaller than other instruments. This acts as a hindrance when learning to scratch due to the creation of a lag between the tracks.

Structure Of Your Controller

Before you purchase your controllers, it is your utmost priority to understand each component and its role in the entire system. Thus, below are the basic components of all controllers.

1. Cables and connectivity

Firstly, most controllers have ports and junctures to connect your XLR cables, USBs, and any other required cable.

  • XLR Cables

These cables are used to connect a microphone. They are among the major components for any set up regarding DJ equipment.

  • RCA Cables

The next type of cables that any DJ player needs is an RCA cable. These cables are also termed as ¼ Cables. These types of cables are color-coded with colors such as red and white.

2. FX and Equalizers

Next, we have the controls for sound FX. In simple terms, these are the tools to control and modify the sound by adding effects to them. Further, these are also used to aid with the player’s performance on the DJ software. It is often located at the top left of the actual controller.

In addition to the above, we find that most controllers also have temp correctors. These aim at changing the actual speed of the track. A helpful tip is to look for ‘+’ or ‘-’ signs. This means that a user can either increase the beats per minute or decrease it by pressing the buttons, respectively.

Another notable feature is the sync feature. Whilst purchasing your controller, it is important to look for ones with a synchronization key. This helps in blending multiple tracks to create a single track.

Thus, with the help of these keys, one can control the overall harmony of the mix.

3. Jog Wheels

Almost every DJ controller has in-built Jog wheels. The main purpose of such wheels is to produce screeching sounds. Further, they can also be used for matching the tempo of one song with the other. However, they are not ideal for tempo correction.

Some DJ controllers have two wheels, whereas others have 4 or more. Another important aspect to remember is the quality or the materialistic composition of the jog wheels. Therefore, it is important to remember that many professional DJs recommend using vinyl for better performance.

4. Channels

In order to understand the true meaning of channels in DJ, it is important to note that channels stand for the additional devices connected via USB or Bluetooth to the actual controller.

In order to experiment and produce varied sounds, many DJ controllers have multiple input channels. Some of the popular channel inputs include turntables, laptops, CD decks, etc.

Thus, as you grow and develop in the field, it would be recommended to upgrade to a controller with multiple channels. This allows users to spice their creations and showcase their true identity.

5. Drum Pads

Many DJ controllers available in the market today, are home to various pads. These help to add transitions and effects to your track. The common ones available today are listed below.

  • Hot Cue

Hot cue buttons allow users to move to different parts of a particular song. In simpler terms, it is a button that, when pressed, allows you to jump to various regions in a song track.

  • Auto Loop

The next feature is the auto loop button. This button enables users to create ‘loops’ automatically. In the music and DJing, the term “loop” refers to the repetition of a region or parts of a song.

This is, indeed, a good measure to transition in between songs and mix them into a beautiful melody.

  • Manual Loop

As the name suggests, a manual loop is a feature wherein users can manually enter the track to create and form loops of specific regions. The best way to do this is to cue where your start point and endpoints are, and accordingly adjust them.

  • Sampler

The next feature of drum pads in DJ controllers is the sampler. Have you ever heard of a DJ’s name during the original track? Well, to answer that, that is the sampler button in action.

In the field of DJing, the sampler enables users to record and use their original, short sound effects. This could be the name of the DJ, a catchy word or phrase, etc.

It is used to bring out the character and personality of the song creator. Thus, this is an excellent way to add your personal touch to the song.

  • Play And Pause Buttons

The next button that is featured on almost every DJ controller today is the play and pause button. As the name suggests, these buttons help to play or stop the track or your mixes.

  • Cue

In the field of DJing, cue stands for a mark on the track. It is used as a guide to play and pause the track. This cue enables users to play up until a certain point, and when pressed, it allows them to continue from that point.

Further, in any DJ controller, you will find that there are two cues in two different areas. Both have different purposes. For example, one can be used to change the position of the track, whereas others are used to control which component can be played through headphones.

  • Sync

The sync key on any DJ controller enables users to match the tempo, in terms of beats per minute, of multiple tracks. Further, it makes sure that the various individual tracks are joined together to create a cohesive harmony.

6. Faders

Faders are an important element for any DJ controller. FAders often range in 3 types. They are EQ Faders, Crossfaders, and Volume Faders.

  • Equalizer Faders And Volume Faders

First up, is the EQ faders and volume faders. They are an important element for any DJ controller. When you look at any DJ controller, you will notice three knobs. These represent the different levels of Equalizers.

High knobs are the topmost in the tier of equalizer faders. These are often called treble faders. They are used to amplify or muffle the highest frequencies of your soundtrack. In simpler terms, it is the ability to increase or decrease the loudest parts of your track.

Next up are the mid knobs. As the name suggests, mid knobs are used to regulate the middle-ranged elements of your final track. Examples include vocals or those items whose pitch is moderate.

The last but not the least is the low faders. In many tracks, you can notice the permutation and combination of different pitches from bass to high. That’s where the play of low equalizer knobs come in.

Through this, DJs can regulate the lower frequencies of their track.

In short, all equalizer faders aim to regulate all pitches according to the liking of the DJ.

  • Crossfaders

Crossfaders, in the world of DJing, are the controls for determining which channel a DJ is on. It is often used for a smooth, cohesive mix amongst the two tracks.

Crossfaders differ according to the level of expertise one has in the art of DJing.
For example, if you are an amateur, then the basic and simple crossfader is the best fit for you. It will help you to transition from one track to another smoothly and effectively.

On the contrary, if you are a professional DJ, then the best crossfader for you is the quick-cut fader. This is the best suitable for players who transition back and forth. This also aids in adopting various scratching techniques. However, it is important to note that the true value of the crossfader will only be attained once you master the craft.

Helpful Tips And Tricks

As the craft of learning how to DJ is a complex and confusing one, here are certain tips and tricks that will help you to mix and master your tracks effectively and efficiently.

1. Pace

When talking about pace in mixing and mastering, it is important to remember that pace resembles the speed of any element, such as tempo, transition. For example, when it comes to transition, make sure you are never slow until and unless the beats per minute are close together.

2. Tempo

To smoothly transition from one song to the next, make sure you know the tempo of the multiple songs of your mix. This will help you in counting for transitioning, creating a beautiful blend of melodies.

3. Cues

As you know, cues are quite helpful. But, it is essential to understand where and when to mark your cues for a good flow of the song. The rule of thumb to nail cueing is to always start for the first measure or division of the song.

There are various buttons under the cue category. Each of them has its own unique role and function.

  • The Cue Switch

The first swatch under the cue category is the cue switch button. This enables users to play the sound channel which they would like to listen to through their headphones.

  • Cue To Mix Gain

This button provides a similar function as compared to the above, However, the difference is that this allows users to constantly switch between the live mix and the cue itself.

4. Listen

Listening and understanding the sounds, beats, and notes of a song is the perfect amalgamation of good music. In DJing, it is not of primary importance to create a track immediately.

Your first priority is to listen to the tracks and understand the melodies. Through this, you can understand the flaws and be able to correct them easily. But, make sure to keep your ears always open to listen to music.

5. Mixing

For some, especially mixing and mastering a track can be quite confusing. Thus, always remember to put your songs to be played on channels one and two. The other external channels are used to add scratching or loops to the original track.

Further, always elevate your track’s equalizers in parts that are most likely going to appeal to the crowd. A classic example of this is in the beat drops of a song.

6. Practice, Practice, And More Practice

The last and final tip for becoming a good DJ is practice. Practice always makes a man perfect. Without practice and development of the skill, it is quite hard to mix and master your tracks.

7. Select A Genre

Another tip for amateur, young DJs is to select a genre. It is recommended to choose one particular genre of your choice. This gives you ample space and time to truly master it to the fullest.

Difference Between DJ Controller And A DJ MIxer

Many people often confuse DJ Controllers with a DJ mixer. But, in reality, these two are completely different components.

1. DJ Controller

A DJ Controller is an amalgamation of all the components a DJ really needs. It is a collection of decks, tempo faders, volume faders, equalizers, etc.

They also differ in price. Controllers are comparatively cheaper than DJ mixers.

2. DJ Mixers

On the other hand, a DJ mixer is a separate component that is often inculcated in controllers these days. They contain various buttons that can be used to control the tempo, speed, pitch, and tone of the original track.

FAQs on DJ Controllers under $500

Q1. What Is The Best DJ Controller For A Beginner?

As amateur DJs, it is important to find the proper equipment for you. Thus, here are the top 5 controllers which are apt for beginners. They are the Pioneer DDJ-SB2, Reloop Beatmix 2 MK2, Numark Mixtrack Pro 3, Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MKII, and the Gemini Slate 4.

Q2. Can You Use A DJ Controller Without A Laptop?

The answer is yes. A specific type of DJ controllers allows USBs to be plugged in directly without the connection of a laptop. This is known as all in one DJ Controllers.

Q3. Is There Any Free DJ Software?

The answer is Yes. A classic example of such software is Serato DJ Intro. This is compatible with both Mac and PC, offering its users a friendly experience by providing professional features.

Q4. What’s The Difference Between A DJ Mixer And A Controller?

Many people often get confused between a DJ mixer and a DJ controller. Well, a DJ controller is a mixture of all components. On the contrary, a mixer is an individual component that is used to enhance the audios.

Best DJ Controllers under $500 – Conclusion

Based on the above, it is clear that DJ controllers stand to be an essential component for amateur as well as professional DJs. They are used to create an unimaginable experience for the listeners.

Further, while considering your purchase, it is important to analyze certain factors to obtain the best product. These include the model of the DJ controller, price, features, aesthetic appeal, software capabilities, and purpose of the actual device.

In addition, the main DJ controller is, in short, everything in one. With the opportunity of having all elements in the controller, the player has wide accessibility all under one roof.

When looking at the market of the best DJ controllers, you will notice that the top players are Pioneer, Denon, and Roland. These have launched exquisite products to enhance audio for any medium.

Thus, while purchasing your right controller, a helpful tip is to carry out the SWOT analysis. This helps you to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your product. This way, you can make the most out of your money and investment.