Best Cheap DJ Controllers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Numark 2. Pyle PMX7BU 3. Pioneer
Numark Party Mix Best Cheap DJ Controller Pyle PMX7BU Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, Black, (DDJSB3)

With programming applications like Ableton Live on the boom, you can DJ with practically any MIDI regulator. Although there may be several reasons for utilizing equipment like DJ controllers that are crafted explicitly for mixing, the recent features of the best cheap dj controller are sure to catch your attention.


Whether you want to imitate the vibe of conventional turntables, blenders, and CDJs, or the modern pad-based controller, the best budget dj controller in this guide offers skin-tight reconciliation with your favored mixing software. You can have a hands-on experience and get more creative with your library or tracks!

How To Select The Best Cheap Dj Controller

There are a few interesting points to keep in mind while looking for a budget-friendly DJ controller. The first and perhaps the most important checkpoint is your choice of software. If you prefer the Serato DJ software and are reluctant to explore other options, you must look for devices that are compatible with Serato.

Truth be told, most of the DJ regulators will be structured keeping the usual software brands in mind. However, many accompany a specific application depending on the dollars you’re willing to shell out. So, your choice of the device is probably going to be influenced by your app, and vice-versa, especially if it’s you’re jamming for the first time.

You also need to consider whether you’ll require additional sound inputs- i.e, the capacity to associate turntables, CDJs, or other instruments to your arrangement. Most of the controllers mentioned here fill in as an independent mixer, without the need to associate with a PC, which could be another thought.

Additionally, there’s size, looks, compatibility, the cost-the list goes on. In a nutshell, it’s a tough job to single out any of the devices as the “best”, but the least that we can do is present you with a compact list of our preferred best cheap dj controller available in the market.

However, most of the products mentioned here are compatible with Serato, so you wouldn’t have to scout further.

Top 10 Best Cheap DJ Controllers 2021

1. Numark Party Mix

Numark Party Mix Best Cheap DJ Controller

The Numark Party Mix is the best cheap dj controller for beginners. Priced at less than 100$, the Party Mix is bound to make you the soul of any event.

It is a two-deck controller that comes equipped with the Serato DJ software. The simple plug and play controller allows you to mix music on any laptop or PC along with professional controls to loop, trigger, and sample any track that you want to.

The four cue points enable you to enhance your audio with the desired effects. The Pad Mode is specially engineered for creating autoloops of several lengths along with the added effects – like sample drums, bass guitar, or any other instrumental music loaded into the pads.

The additional feature that makes the Party Mix the best budget dj controller is the dazzling light show function. With its small size and brilliant display of lights, the Party Mix may look enticing as a toy to fiddle with, but is actually a powerful and portable controller that you can use to mix tracks from any computer.

Let the LED lights dazzle your floor while others groove to your music. You may leave them on or turn-off as per your need. The ¼ inch headphone jack helps monitor everything on your board.

So if you want all the hoots and cheers in the room, this is the best budget dj controller for you.


  • Unique light panel
  • Pad Mode for looping
  • Automatic syncing


  • Not ideal for those with epilepsy due to the light system
  • Loading files into the pad is cumbersome

2. Pyle PMX7BU


This dj controller is a professional one that is wireless and comes equipped with three channels. It is the best cheap dj controller available in the market that enables you to easily sync tracks from mp3 and other Bluetooth connected devices.

Each of the three channels has its independent crossfader and volume controls that add a variety of effects to your music. The PHONO inputs are a turntable connection for channel 2, while you may use the LINE inputs for connecting tape decks, CD or MD players.

Gone are the days of entering digits to connect to your Bluetooth device – this mixer gives you a hassle-free pairing for any tablet, PC, or IPad. Enjoy your customized mix from Spotify or Pandora on the go!

The mixer also comes equipped with a dual phono RCA audio line, 2 ¼ inch balanced microphones, and a USB flash drive reader. It also features a talk-over control, that allows you to add your mellifluous vocals to the mix.


  • Wireless
  • Talk-over control
  • Hassle-free pairing


  • No light system available
  • Lacks the professional look

3. Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, Black, (DDJSB3)

Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, Black, (DDJSB3)

Equipped with dual channels, the Pioneer DJSB3 is the best cheap dj controller that is specifically engineered for coupling with the Serato DJ Lite software. The autoloop buttons, performance pads, play and cue options- all combine to give a similar layout like the expensive versions.

Crafted by DJ Jazzy Jeff, the Pioneer DJSB3 was upgraded from the DJSB2 with an addition of the unique Pad Scratch feature. This allows you to get hands-on eight of Jeff’s signature scratch techniques. With the DJSB3 you can automatically sync the scratch to the BPM of your audio and add your hallmark.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Unique Pad Scratch function
  • Coupled with Serato Dj Lite


  • Pitch faders are small.

4. Numark NV II

Numark NV II

Bring alive the Saturday night club feels at home with the Numark NV II. The slim and high professional design is what catches your eye.

On-screen gridlines give you the perfect beats in sync along with the colorful display that adds to your feel. Speaking of mix essentials, the Numark NV II comes equipped with 5-inch metal platters with search and scratch modes; 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads accompanied by backlit RGB feedback and extra 10 pad modes.

Not to miss out on the professional cross-fader, inbuilt 2.0 audio interface along with the aux and mic features. Booth outputs and XLR outputs are also there at your use, just in case you plan to make your debut into DJing with the Numark NVII.


  • Professional layout
  • Real-time Serato DJ visualization
  • Good for beginners


  • Price is on the higher end.

5. Numark Mixtrack Pro III

Numark Mixtrack Pro III

The Numark Mixtrack regulators are the absolute smash hit USB DJ regulators available today, utilized by experts and tenderfoots alike because of their elite capacities, lightweight, and convenience. Regardless of whether you’re searching for extraordinary options compared to other modest DJ regulators for your home studio to gig with, or need something to get your DJ starter pack going, the Numark Mixtrack Pro III is a perfect choice.

You have flawless, exceptional jog wheels that permit you to scratch, signal your music rapidly and effectively just as 100mm pitch sliders which permit you to make fine pitch changes in accordance with the rhythm. Devoted channel handles for the 2 channels give precise and smooth control while a natural multi-work contact strip permits you to explore your library and tracks directly on the DJ regulator.

You have Serato DJ Intro packaged with your regulator, which implies that you can plug into your Mac or PC and begin blending straight away.


  • Realistic platters and pitch control
  • 16 pads
  • Professional crossfader


  • Platters don’t move smoothly
  • No individual deck control

6. Korg DJ Controller (MINIKP2S)

Korg DJ Controller (MINIKP2S)

A pocket-size variant of the Kaoss Pad, the mini KP2S is the best cheap dj controller available in the market. Word is, this has fundamentally the same sound capacity but is covered under numerous button presses to compensate for the lack of hardware. The only compromise is that it fits in your pocket, and is overly modest.

Choose anything from among a synth to a phaser, to a deferral, to a vocoder, and control it with the touchscreen to modify impacts like pitch, rate, and so forth. Combine several impacts on one sample, or simply jam outlive by looping the base sample and trail on a lead synth with the touchpad. Loads of alternatives to experiment with.

The unit can record up to 2hrs of music, or any track as long as 2 hours. It naturally switches modes relying upon the length of your recording.

You can chain nearly everything together. The MINIKP2S acknowledges Line In and will overdub existing tracks, allowing you to record utilizing the mouthpiece. Anything that you hear, can be overdubbed and remixed live by adding touchpad effects.


  • Portable
  • Small size, fits right in your pocket
  • High-quality storage


  • Excessive button controls
  • Lacks professional look
  • Lacks advanced hardware systems

7. Denon DJ MC4000

Denon DJ MC4000

Denon has been a very popular seller of the best budget DJ controller for the DJ pros and novices alike and still continues to be the preferred choice.

The MC 4000 is a 2 deck DJ controller that can be coupled with the Serato Dj Lite software. Getting into the highlights, the MC4000 incorporates a duplicate copy of Serato DJ Lite to use with your PC, and you move up to the full version without much of a stretch at a minimal cost. The MC4000 has touch-sensitive jog wheels that permit you to cue tracks and scratch all the more precisely.

Sample trigger pads are there to give you light-display feedback. Pitch faders are another element for controlling sound, and you likewise get adjusted yields for local speakers if you simply want to have a DJ meeting with studio screens as opposed to setting up the entire sound system.

The format of the MC4000 is exceptionally extensive and has a work process streamlined for easy execution. Each channel has its own EQ and FX controls and there are even offset mic contributions with a 2-band EQ, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The MC4000 has a steel body and is very sturdy, giving it a sleek and smooth finish. You can take this almost anywhere and you won’t need to stress over it getting damaged. On the off chance that you have extra MIDI regulators or DJ regulators like Traktor 2, you can likewise associate them to the MC4000 to make your arrangement much greater.


  • Serato DJ software included
  • Better controls for effective workflow
  • Good for traveling with
  • Light display function


  • Can be a little difficult to learn
  • Not ideal for those with epilepsy

8. Roland, Black ( DJ202)

Roland, Black ( DJ202)

Next up we have the Roland DJ-202 DJ Controller. Probably the coolest thing about the DJ-202 is that this realistic Serato DJ Intro regulator uses Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior. So remake the originals with the unbelievable beats of the T-80 and 90 drum machines.

The Roland DJ-202 DJ regulator is a two-channel, four-deck control, USB fueled regulator that is amazingly lightweight with simple handles. It is the best cheap dj controller for voyaging artists individuals who need a fast pick up and go system for unrehearsed gigs because it’s an instantaneous plug and play system.

Devoted Serato controls have been introduced on-board which allow you to hot cue, loop, and trigger samples to give you the customized track.

The Deck Select option allows you to maneuver within the four decks in a jiffy. Likewise, you can also add vocals and other instruments. Courtesy, the ¼” TS mic input which highlights locally available reverb and reverberation FX – ideal for MC’s. A 16-step sequencer, four sample pads, and MIDI, suitable for synchronization with external gadgets, makes your task of including the setup into your system a cakewalk.


  • 16 step sequencer
  • Serato DJ compatible
  • Best for traveling musicians


  • Maybe prone to scratches
  • Not very ideal for beginners

9. Hercules Djcontrol Jogvision

Hercules Djcontrol Jogvision

From a less notable brand, the Hercules DJControl Jogvision is another heavy competitor on this rundown with heaps of pleasant highlights for tenderfoot DJs. The DJControl Jogvision is a 2-channel USB regulator perfect for giving your exhibitions the boost in energy that they need. It includes a duplicate of Serato DJ Lite but is perfect with other programs like Native Instruments’ Traktor Pro and Ableton Live.

It includes enormous jog wheels that are anything but difficult to control, thanks to the instant touch recognition that results in scratch precision. The jog wheels are equipped with in-built displays that show the current playback speed to assist you while remaining concentrated on blending.

Another notable highlight of the Djcontrol Jogvision is the AIR Control feature. The AIR Control highlight lets you control the incorporated low pass channel with no contact, which means your movements produce the audio effects from the channel, including Filter Push, Cut, and Roll.

It utilizes a sensor that recognizes the movement of your hand, so you don’t need to touch the Djcontrol Jogvision to tweak the channel. This is a unique aspect unheard of and undoubtedly makes the Hercules brand the best cheap dj controller manufacturer.

The Jogvision also provides four drum pads that give you control of various blending modes, and an amplifier for performing. Additionally, there is a 3-band EQ, 1 crossfader for consistent mixing of one track into another, and 1 volume fader for each deck.

The Jogvision is a very sturdy model, with an ergonomic plan to diminish the potential for carpal passage and other issues that may emerge after an extensive DJing session. It’s very good for rough usage and is an incredible model to tour with.


  • Unique AIR control feature
  • Great for traveling with
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheels


  • Plastic body
  • Smaller size than the traditional DJ controllers

10. Reloop Neon USB Modular Pad Controller 

Reloop Neon USB Modular Pad Controller

Making its way with a trump card, the Reloop Neon makes for an escape from the usual DJ regulators. It focuses only on pads and other untraditional controls. Pads are extraordinary for performing and their MIDI feature makes for a good choice, particularly on the off chance that you like or need a smaller arrangement and are on a tight budget.

The Reloop Neon is a pad regulator that works consistently with Serato DJ and was specially crafted for coupling with it. It highlights 8 low dormancy, touch-sensitive pads that have an effervescent glow to give you status updates on things like mode data and other updates.

The Neon features 8 pad modes; you can pick between a sampler, cushion FX, slicer, looped slicer, and cue flip. The slicer, sign, and loop function enable you to control four decks altogether.

There are 5 diverse trigger variations for each sample space, including one shot, switch, hold, rehash mode, and sync. A ton of these features have similarities with the Ableton Live, so in case you’re comfortable with Session mode, the Neon’s capacities and controls will feel quite like it and you ought to have no issue finding your way around the equipment.

Further highlights of the Neon incorporate unending push encoders for utilities like volume control, exploring through tracks, and altering loops. It’s a really small regulator, however, it is well-equipped since it’s made to be more portable.

The Reloop Neon is a flawless little DJ regulator that is excellent for leveling up your performances and taking your music on the go. If you want to shift from the conventional brands and go much more advanced, the Reloop Neon gives you ample tools to do this.

We would suggest the Neon if you simply need another regulator to add to your beginner’s collection and wouldn’t prefer an all-in-one set or a MIDI console for performing. Novices are sure to cherish their first experiences of using a dj controller with this product.


  • Easy Pad based control for beginners
  • 8 different power modes


  • Need good wifi connection for importing music from Spotify or Pandora
  • Few pads, not giving much variety

FAQs on Cheap DJ Controllers

Q1. Can I Use A DJ Controller For A Wedding Or Party?

Yes you can use a DJ controller for a party. However, you would need wide ambience speakers to amp up the feel of the house.

Q2. Are DJ Mixers And DJ Controllers The Same ?

No, the two are different devices. A DJ mixer can only combine and shuffle tracks, while a DJ controller is a stand alone unit with which you can trigger, loop, sync, and scratch audios. A DJ controller can perform the task of a mixer, but not vice-versa.

Q3. Do DJ Controllers Have Size Variants?

A plethora of sizes are available for DJ controllers ranging from pocket friendly devices to the large professional ones.

Best Cheap DJ Controllers – Conclusion

This guide has been fabricated keeping in mind the requirements and suitabilities of professional DJs and novices alike, who are on a tight budget but nevertheless, do not want to compromise. While the best cheap dj controller like Hercules and Reloop Neon remain shadowed by the popular labels like Roland and Pioneer, they offer an array of enticing options if you are willing to shift from the conventional.

Nevertheless, isn’t DJing all about adding your mark to the usual records? So make your pick and get jam steady!