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Starting out as a DJ is not easy, it is not one of those common career paths people choose. But if you have decided to become one and are passionate about it, then you are on the right website!

We encourage more people to take up DJing, while the path to success is not easy as it has become a competitive space, it is surely possible to succeed. However, there is a lack of information about the DJ-ing and this can be confusing when you start out.

When you commit mistakes due to lack of information then it does more harm than good. Of course, you can learn from your mistakes, but in the DJing world, the initial mistakes can either make or break your career as a DJ. Hence, it is very important you take every step with due consideration. Be it your first DJ Equipment or the first DJ software, getting the best one suiting your style and needs must be a priority.

This is where Team9 can help, we have two sections on our website which is aimed at helping both beginners and professionals in the world of DJ. In one section, we cover all the equipment a DJ would need to kick-start his/ her DJ journey or to up their current DJ game. The second section covers all the paid and free software which you can use to enhance your DJing, along with some timely DJing tips.

The Main Section Which You Should Follow