How to DJ Your Own Wedding: Follow These Simple Steps to Awe Your Loved Ones With Your Groovy Beats

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Your wedding is the day you will cherish all your life. It has to be perfect. There are infinite preparations – the guest list, the decor, the lighting, the food, the dresses, and most importantly, the music!

Amidst all the commotion, we also keep in mind to save a little money here and there. DJing your own wedding can be a great idea to shake a little burden off your pocket. This article brings you the answer to the question: How to DJ your own wedding?

What You Need to DJ Your Own Wedding

We’ve all seen the heavy equipment professional DJs carry with them. To DJ your own wedding you will also need a few tools. Below is a list of some DJing tools you can easily get a hold of to get ready to roll.

1. A Digital Music Player

Pretty obviously, the first thing you’re going to need to DJ your own wedding is a device that you can save all your music on. It can be an iPod, or more preferably, a laptop. A laptop will allow you to create separate folders/playlists for different varieties of music. You can view and choose the song easily anytime.

If you don’t already have a laptop, you can find a clear list of the best laptops for DJing along with their reviews.

Also, do not forget to bring along your laptop’s charging cable!

2. A Fire Speaker System

Louder for the people at the back! The speaker system should be bang on to even get all the non-dancers, introverts, and shier friends also tapping their feet. Now the speaker system does not only consist of a good set of loudspeakers. You need to get a few accessories to add stars to the amazing sound of your loudspeakers.

3. A Subwoofer

This one is optional but a great add-on if you can afford it. A subwoofer enhances your music dramatically. It produces low frequencies and adds dimensions to your music and makes it a lot more enjoyable.

4. A Mixing Console

As much as a mixing console will make you look cool while DJing your own wedding, it will also let you slide between two tracks smoothly. It will let you merge songs on the spot, add hip-hop beats to a romantic song, and show the crowd your moves!

Check this buyer guide for the perfect mixing console.

5. A Microphone

A wireless microphone or a long wired one is what you need to engage the crowd, make announcements, and tell aunties and uncles at the back to leave the snacks for a while and move a little on the dance floor.

Make sure to get the funniest person behind the microphone!

Building the Perfect Playlist

To perfectly DJ your own wedding you need to have the perfect playlist. A perfect playlist consists of music for every part of the event.

1. The Pre-Ceremony

This is the beginning of your day and the guests are arriving at the venue and finding their seats. The music should be something instrumental. It is best to have the instrumental versions of some famous songs in this playlist so that the crowd recognizes them and sings along as if it’s karaoke. It will kickstart the fun!

2. The Ceremony

This includes the entry of the bride. The song must be of the bride’s choice. It should make herself and everybody else enjoy walking down the aisle.

a. The Cocktail

The songs in this part of the playlist must be enjoyable but also non-disturbing. Guests should be able to talk to each other while enjoying their drinks to the music. Jazz turns out to be the perfect fit!

b. The Dinner

This part of the playlist can be merged with the Cocktail time. It needs pleasant background music that doesn’t disturb conversations.

c. The Special Dances

These songs have to be thought over profoundly. They require perfect choosing. Label the songs reserved for particular dances and enjoy the moments without messing up.

d. The Dance Party

This is where the actual fun begins. This part of the playlist can not be messed up. Add all the fun songs and beats to this one. Ask for guest choices before-hand and add them to the list.

This part of the playlist should be set to entertain all the variety of your guests. From the youngest to the oldest, the music should be enjoyed by everyone while also suiting the taste of the bride and the groom.

Don’t Forget to Test

To flawlessly DJ your own wedding, it is very important that you test all your pieces of equipment a day before the wedding day. You don’t want any technical faults to be dealt with on your special day.

Also, try to go offline. Do not depend on the internet as the connectivity may mess up. Download all your songs.

Entrust a Friend to Be the Emcee

While you enjoy your day, an emcee can take care of the DJing and making the announcements and engaging the guests. This will make it a lot easier for you.

Make sure the friend is tech-savvy and knows all about the equipment and the what and when of your playlist.

He/She will also safeguard your playlist from the guest DJs that non-consensually try to take over the music. And hence, this will make DJing your own wedding super easy.

Have Extra Music

You definitely do not want to run out of music if your events take a little longer than expected. Make sure you have 2 hours of extra music before and after the event.

Handy Wedding DJ Apps

In a world where we have an app for almost everything, why not use one for DJing your own wedding too? Yes, people, there are wedding DJ apps available. The app can help you set up your day easily. It can classify your playlists according to the events and reduce the hassle.

Go for it!
By now you must be feeling prepared to DJ your own wedding or at least you would have an idea on how to DJ your own wedding. It needs proper preparation and once it has that, it is not that hard to do. After all, it’s your wedding. You make it how you want it to be.
Enjoy your day!