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Explore the must-have equipment, take inspiration from the best musicans, and find the best samples. Welcome to Team9.

Who are Team9?

We are a team of passionate Muscians and producers that found a hole in the music space that we could fit, a resource for everything related to Music – by the muscians, for the aspiring to be musicans.

We are trying to be as broad as possible. If you are just starting out, then finding the best beginners kit and downloading some sample packs is your first to-do. However, when you’ve started to get some experience you might want to up the gear, or want to up your performance with extravagant lights.

No matter what stage you are in your Music career, we got your back. We have crafted in-depth buyer guides on wide range of Music equipments. The information provided in these buyer guides is a combination of our experience while working with those devices + comprehensive research online.

We also list the top equipements available in all our buyer guides. The aim is to provide you with actionable input so that you end up spending your money on the best music equipments. Because we know that the decisions that you take in the beginning of your DJing career will either make or break you. We also have a blog section, where in we cover all the tips to help you become a successful musican.

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